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NEW: aDHDHyaatmaa of REINCARNATION = avtaar = punARjnmn ....
Last updated on May 13, 2003.


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---------------om bRHmHye nmh:......................

aadhyaatmaa of
incarnation = avtaar = punARjnmn
in sNsaar cycle of birth-death
 with a new body each time

Humankind has known about and believed in incarnation since creation started....however in every time cylce of veDik time era called yug and in every sub-cylce and mini-time cycles therein the knowledge level of humankind varies...and here we are talking about knowledge of creation and its creator..

..for example right now we are in kli-yug of this 4-yug mHaa-yug. The 4-yug mHaa-yug is the smallest time cycle and is of 4.32 million years....this 4-yug cycle comprises of the following 4 yug:

  1. krut-yug or satya-yug     =   1,728,000 years

  2. TRaetaa-yug                    =   1,296,000 years

  3. Dvaapr-yug                      =     864,000 years

  4. kli-yug                              =       432,000 years 

71 of these 4-yug cycles make a mnvNTR.....14 mnvNTR makes a bRHmaa-din (day of life of bRHmaa-daev who is the grandfather creator of all creations in this bRHmaaND (universe)..

The mnvNTR we are presently living in is 7th mnvNTR called vaeevaasvt mnvNTR of the total of 14 mNvNTR. In this vaeevaasvt mnvNTR we are in the 28th mHaa-yug of the total of 71-mHaa-yug.

Presently we are in the 5104th year of kli-yug of 28-mHaa-yug. This kli-yug which started on February 13, 3102 BC.   

This year is the 195,588,104th year in the present klp. A klp is equal to a veDik time duration of 1 bRHmaa's day plus night in creation cycle. 

1 bRHmaa's day = 1 bRHmaa's night = 1000 mHaa-yug = 4.32 billion years = a creation cycle. In this creation cycle of 1 bRHmaa-din, all creations are created during the day of bRHmaa-din and re-absorbed in bRHmaa himself during the night of bRHmaa-din. 

om tt shaanti shaanti shaanti.....


(This presentation is prepared by SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai misRTii who acknowledges his eternal RUAN (debt) to guru bRHmaa-Dev, vyaas-muni, naarD-muni and saarsvat-muni for their transmission of original veD GNaan in sNskrut version of sknd puraaAN. The above presentation is based on sNskrut to English translation of sknd puraaAN by shree Dr. G. V. Tagare, G. P. Bhatt as published by Motillal Banarasidass Publishers to whom SRii chmpklaal and PVAF acknowledges a debt with offering of pRANaam for facilitating the re-learning of this forgotten viDyaa. The above presentation contains additional veD text to the original puraaAN text for ease of understanding and learning without corrupting the original text and its original GNaan. Explanatory text from other veD sources is also added to further facilitate the understanding and learning where it is deemed necessary)       




Backgrounder To
 the science of aatmaa (soul)

All the rushio and munio of vedik lifestyle were inspired to reveal to humanity all the knowledge of creation, sustenance of creation and absorption of creation back into the sub-creators and ultimately into the creator bRHmH.

This knowledge is called veD. 

SHRii kruSHAN says in the beginning of Chapter 4 of bhgvD gitaa that his knowledge called veD which is being forgotten by the mankind because it stopped being handed down from father to the son during the end stage of dvaapr-yug. End of dvaapar-yug was when SRii  kruSHAN said the above to arjun on the day of the start of the mHaa-bhaart war some 5000 years ago. The loss of veD increase in the present era of kli-yug which is only 5104 years old this year and has another 426,896 years to go before sty-yug of the next mHaa-yug dawns. In the present era of kli-yug veD is being revived and remembered through to a physical extent through what we call current or modern science.

Our creator bRHmH inspires us with veD knowledge when we pray. Those of our parents who live veDik lifestyle inspires their children when the parents and the children stay continually connected with each other and serve each other according to DHARm of each with respect, reverence and gratitude. Our teachers inspire us continuously when we offer ourselves as students whose DHARm  is a wish to have continual, uninterrupted and unending desire to learn for the sake of acquiring knowledge. Our spouses inspire us continuously when we stay connected to them continually for mutual respect, reverence, gratitude, love and care and for upholding the mutual DHARm of gruHsth-aaSRm through our married life. Our children inspire us continuously when we stay continually connected to them for nurturing and guiding their life growth through the DHARm  of parenting, guiding and friendship.

Everyone in the entire creation inspires us if we continually co-exists in titiKSH mode based on compliance to ritt and sty. Compliance to ritt means living live by abiding by the universal laws which sustains all creation based on DHARm  which is the operating and controlling system of creation to sustain itself. Compliance to sty means living life based on what is truth of not hurting anybody anytime through thoughts, words and karma (actions). Co-existing in tittksh mode means to co-exist with each and everyone of the fellow creations respecting the fellow creation as it is with its own characteristics given by creator bRHmH and letting the fellow creation lead its own life in its domain given by creator bRHmH. titiKSH mode is to live and to let live mutual without mutual interference.

In order to live veDik lifestyle in a titiKSH mode one need to have knowledge of veD

Therefore, Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF), in continuing to implement its mandate of inspiring to attain knowledge in all humans presents every day on this Aashram News page articles on practice of veD knowledge in one's life ....All this with a prayer to creator bRHmH to bless us with a happy today, happier tomorrow and future of progress, prosperity and well-being with use of knowledge about oneself which is called aadhyaatmaa - the knowledge about one's aatmaa (soul) and aatmaa's relation with our physical body and aatmaa's relation with its creator bRHmH and all His creations....


...the eternal knowledge of... 

has beginning.... middle....
 and end...

om bRHmHye nmh.....

veD is the knowledge of the entire creation. veD imparts to each and every creation how creation is created, how it is sustained after creation, the purpose of each creation, how each creation has to co-exist with all other creations and the grand scheme and meaning of this creation. In this process of imparting knowledge veD also subtly informs about our creator brhmah and the brhmah's relationship with all creations singly and collectively.

To get all knowledge through the study of veD is a monumental task ...which could not possibly be completed in one life a life time most of us can get only a degree in one field of science or arts or commerce or medicine or get all the knowledge of ved will take infinite years as the knowledge itself is infinite....

.....But then our creator brhmah, knowing our limitation of the life cycles, has given us a small life manual in which the basics of creations, its processes, its relationships and its purpose are outlined in about 700 to 750 aphorism like messages of few words at a time......this manual of life is has been given a name "bhagvad gitaa"....Similarly for those who desire to have detailed knowledge veD has 14 major vidyaa. A vidyaa is a specific knowledge base similar to what we currently know as engineering, medicine, law, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, grammar......and all the vidyaa is in 4 ved, 6 vedangaa, 108 upnishad and 108 puraano......

....Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) has a primary mandate to facilitate all humans to acquire knowledge per se...PVAF believes that studying any part of veD is a good start on this path to acquire let us pray that we study daily tt st...

At present on this planet earth we have various faith systems leading to a Creator...each faith systems has its own name and also a name for whatever it believes as a Creator....but surprisingly all faith systems have one message to all its follower...knowledge shall set you free....let us then get this knowledge....may the Creator bless us to walk on this path no matter how we stumble, fall or sometimes give up....but we are continually blessed by our Creator to have the strength and the means to get up once more and keep the pursuit of knowledge.... tt shaanti shaanti shaanti...


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