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KARm: Life action that gives one pleasure and pain in sNsaar (birth-death life cycles)
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The following is explanation of Daan by saars`vt-muni from s`kn`D puraaAN slok 1.2.54-83 and includes explanation of technical sNskrut words and text insertions for easy understanding without corrupting the original sNskrut text from which the translation in English is done:

om guru bRH`myE nmH...

" t`ps`vio and yogio (ascetics including rushio and munio) perfrom tps`y (meditation). bRaaHmANo perform hvn or yGN. Daan is given.

All these kARm are eagerly pursued for the sake of obtaining pr-lok ( worldly domains in a bRHmaaND (universe) in additional to the domains of mortals which is BHuu-lok and which are BHuARv-lok, svarga-lok, mHr-lok, jn-lok, tps-lok and sty-lok )."

kaatyaaym-mini asked:

"Of these two kARm, namely daan and tps`y, which is more difficult? Which yields greater benefit after death?

saarsvat-muni replies:

There is nothing more difficult to perform in pruthvi-lok (domain that support mortal living beings) than Daan. This is perceived directly with the viSS`v (universe) as the witness.

Abandoning their own dear life for the sake of wealth, mankind enter the oceans, forests and mountains out of lOBH (greed). They face the great dangers therein.

(Regarding the need for wealth: In st`y-yug all that humankind needs is attained by mentally desiring. In st`y-yug all that is desired is used for the daily performing of tps`y, BHk`ti, yGN and Daan as an offering to creator bRHm and/or all His manifested shktio which makes the entire creation functional and sustainable. But with the lessening of living daily life as per rules and regulations of DHARm starting in the 4th quarter of st`y-yug, mankind needs wealth created by its own self. And this need to attain wealth by one's own labour gives humanity the trait of loBH (greed) It becomes harder and harder for humanity to get wealth for its sustenance from st`y yug to kli-yug. And with that lOBH keeps on increasing in mankind. In kli-yug lOBH predominates and becomes a prime daily trait in life. Living daily with predominance of lOBH trait means one stops living daily life following the rules and regulations of DHARm. And not to live by DHARm means one is committing paap (sin). This means lOBH is the reason one commits paap.)

Others or some of them adopt sevaa (service to further others welfare and well-being).

Others pursue agricultural activities involving great strain and much violence.

Because of lOBH, it is very difficult to give up the wealth for the following reasons:

  • Wealth has been acquired with great pain and strain;
  • Wealth has been obtained by means of hundreds of strenuous exertions;
  • Wealth becomes more important and beloved that one's pRaaAN (five vital breaths) (because of the effort required in getting wealth where as breathing as in pRaaAN is an automatic function of the body)

Whatever a rich person gives by Daan or whatever he consumes (for his sustenance) is the real asset of the rich person. When the rich person dies, other persons amuse and enjoy themselves with the womenfolk and the riches left behind by this rich person.

(This means what has been left behind rather than giving out in Daan is a waste and becomes ultimately a non-asset of the person though he worked so hard to get the wealth. Only daan stays with the dead person as an asset as explained further)

That wealth which is being given as Daan is not wasted.

Wealth given as daan increases more and more.

This process is similar to that of a well from which when water is pumped out, the well becomes pure and also shows that the well has abundance of water which comes from the water in the ground stream which continuously replenishes the water in the well.

One gives up thousands of births for the sake of suKH (pleasure, joy and happiness) in one birth.whereas a GNaani collects and stores all the sukh of a thousand births in a single birth. (A GNaani is person with GNaan = knowledge of Creator bRH`m and His relationship with all that He creates)

A foolish man does not give wealth as Daan because he is afraid of poverty in this world. Whereas a GNaani gives away wealth because he is afraid of the poverty in the other world.

What will those persons resorting to their bodies that are fragile and brittle do with their wealth? The body for the sake of which one desires wealth is not permanent.

In previous times (previous life-journeys or previous days), those who did not wish to give their wealth as Daan repeated continually two syllables "naa-s`ti" meaning "it is non-existent or there is no wealth"'. That false saying had become the enemy of such people in subsequent life when they have to say the two syllables "DEHi" meaning "protect for I need protection from the suffering of poverty.

All the people who use the two syllable "DEHi" enlighten a miser thus:

"Give. I am asking because I did not give in previous times. May you also not become like me if you give."

It is for helping the Daani (donor) himself that the SHrAN-aARthin (one seeking refuge or protection, in this case from poverty) says "Give me".

If the Daani (donor) gives then he goes to svARg (heaven) and the receiver of donation stays in pRUthvii-lok (domains of the mortals)."

The following persons are born as described below, because they did not give anything in Daan in their previous times and lives:

  • poor people;

  • sickly people;

  • foolish people;

  • people who run errands for others.

The above people are always victims of DuKH (pain, suffering and unhappiness)."

These two types of persons should be thrown into water after tying a big rock around their neck:

  • a rich man who does not give Daan,

  • a poor man who has not become a tps`vi ( a tps`vi is one has developed self-control and self-regulation of one's iNDRRiyo (10 senses) and mns (mind) and has started performing daily tps (meditation), BHk`ti (worship), yGN (offering to DEvtaao) and Daan to be enlightened about the reasons of one's state of poverty.

(Being thrown in water is a figurative way of saying in vED that as these two kinds of people should take re-birth in the same life with enlightenment of GNaan as they are not living their life as per the rules and regulations of DHARm and SHaasTR. This lifestyle in turn will incur paap and be futile to achieve the puruSHaaARth (objectives) of life which are attainment of aARth, kaam, DHARm and moKSH. (See write up on puruSHaaARth by here)

One in hundred is born as a heroic warrior;
one in a thousand is a born as a scholar;
one in a hundred thousand is born as an orator; but
a person who will be a Daani (donor) may or may not be born."

"pRUthvii-lok is sustained by these seven creations:

  • cows,

  • bRaaHmANo,

  • vED,

  • women who observe pti-vRt (meaning who are devoted to only one husband as specified in sTRii-DHARm in veD and SHaasTR),

  • persons who live by DHARm of st`y ( meaning, always making a statement of actual Truthafter discriminating between DHARm and aDHARm and also giving a statement without causing pain to others of what has been seen, heard, inferred and experienced by oneself.),

  • persons who are not l0BHi (greedy) and

  • persons who continually give Daan.

pRjaapti brahmaa-DEv confirmed the above as st`y (truth) from saars`vt-muni and adds : (slok 1.2.83):

" Daan protects yGN (in the sense without giving Daan after completion of yGN makes the purpose and fruits of yGN void).

In this world, all living beings obtain livelihood from Daanio (donors).

Living beings broke down enemies through Daan. Enemies becomes friends through Daan,.

Everything is founded on and is sustained in Daan.

(The sustenance provided by Creator bRH`m's st`v-guANi manifestation called viSHANu-DEv and lKSHmi-DEvii depends on the foundation and operation of DHARm which has four paaD (supports): Dyaa (compassion), Daan (donations as prescribed in vED), st`y (Truth) and tps`y (meditation with performance of bhkti, yGN and Daan).

Hence living beings speak of Daan as the greatest kARm in the practice of living by DHARm. "

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The present compilations is through the study of available original sNskRUt veD texts and their English translations supplemented with the study of available gujraati and Hindi translations thereof by SRii chMpklaal Daajibhaai miisTRii....who offers eternal pRANaam and acknowledge his eternal debt to all creations from grandfather of all creations, pRjaapti bRH`maa, to the blade of grass....all those who have relayed the vED knowledge to all creations since the creation started about 2.2 billion years ago in this creation cycle called klp of a total of 4.32 billion years.....with a prayer to

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