vivaaH = Marraige: spt-pdi (seven steps) Ceremonty
sNskaar = veDik rites and ritutal needed in birth-death cycle of an aatma (soul) sNskaar: veDik rites and ritutal needed in birth-death cycle of an aatma (soul) with a human body
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spt-pDi viDHi
vivaaH sNskaar

vivaaH (marraige) is the 15th of the total of 16 sNskaar a personal living vEDik lifestyle person undergoes from conception to death. A sNskaar is a rite ceremony performed on a person as prescribed in vED and shaasTR to pass from one stage of life to another such as conception, pre-birth, birth, first haircut, first eating of food other than mother's milk, starting and completing education....sNskaar ceremonies include acknowledging and requesting with prayers, yGN, offerings and mNTR continuing relationship with DEv (gods) and DEvii (goddesses) who provide all the functional powers and sustenance a physical human body needs to live, piTRUo (ancestors) who bless the family lineage with prosperity, guru (teachers) who provide education and knowledge and parents.....

spt-pDi viDHi consists of bride and bridegroom walking seven steps together making seven commitments to each other by which they would live their wedded life. This viDHi (rite) is performed towards the end of the vivaaH and completion of this rite sanctifies and seals the vivaaH as valid under the prescription of vED and shaasTR which prescribes the sciences of creation and life and by which all humanity should live their various lifestyles and life stages for harmonious co-existence among humanity and with all other creations.    

In this spt-pDi viDHi the bridegroom is assumed as the manifestation of viSH`ANu who is the protector and sustainer of the world.


 "om ekmise vishnustava nayatu"


 "om ekmise vishnustava nayatu"


STEP 1: 

"I ask you to step into the first circle to request you to look after my household property including all the sustenance stored in there".

"You are putting under my care whatever wealth and sustenance you have in your house. With this responsibility, I will truly serve your parents, sister and other relatives". 

"I ask you to step into the second circle  to strengthen me in every kARm to be performed by me. "

"My husband, you now look stronger than ever before. Therefore, I will be respected in my father-in-law's family

While nurturing and nourishing your family, I will make the foundation of the family sturdier. I will always be sweet-tongued. I will never utter a single biting word. In adversity I will be forbearing. In your happiness I will be happy. In your unhappiness I will be unhappy." 


"I ask you to step into the third circle for prosperity.

I, your husband, who is for you  an embodiment of viSH`ANu, expressly herewith make you the mistress of my property"

" I will always stay pure in my mind for you and you will be my only kaam-saathi (lover). No other man will ever enter my mind." 

"I ask you to step into the fourth circle for our mutual happiness.

Whatever is conducive to my well-being is now totally dependant on you". 

"All my adornments will all be to please you and for our mutual kaam-kriyaa (activities of pleasures and recreation).

These adornments will include the chaandalo, the sixteen kinds of make-up with flowers, jewellery, clothes, perfumes, etc".


"I request you to enter the fifth circle for the well-being of my power, property and means to provide for my family's lively-hood, growth and prosperity.  

You will be the care-giver to that power, property and the means I possess".

"I, along with my friends, will always zealously worship and pray for your well-being and the well-being of your power, property and means to provide for our family."  

"I now want you to step into the sixth circle for you to always enjoy pleasures of the six seasons".

"Wherever you are, either performing yaGN or kARm, I will be there to serve you and render you all possible help".

"I request you to step into the final seventh circle thus becoming my friend forever. 

As my friend, I request you to represent me in this world and also in all the seven worlds. You will represent me with your pti-vRt (fidelity), DHARm (righteousness) and nmRtaa (humbleness), lj`jaa  (sacredness) and mARyaaDaa (limits of DHARm).

You will represent me with your  pti-vRt (fidelity), DHARm (righteousness) and nmRtaa (humbleness), lj`jaa  (sacredness) and mARyaaDaa (limits of DHARm) and thus be famous among all for this".


O, pti-DEv ( epithet for husband), today my joys have no bounds because:
  • "All those present here are witnesses to our marriage today; and  
  • "That today you became my husband at this viDHi performed strictly in accordance with vEDik injunctions ordained by bRH`maa". shaanti tt st....

om shaanti tt st....



1. The above is life educational preparation by SHRii Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry, PVAF Chair for Education Development from "The Vivaah" by Pundit Bhaiyaram Sarma, Translated  by R. C. Prasad.

2. These mNTR for spt-pDi viDHi are as collected and compiled by Ramdata from sNskrut  into Hindi in accordance with prskr grHy-suTR

3.. The presentation above is of "draft" nature and the final version is being prepared for more refinement of understanding the meaning and essence of the viDHi. However, the essence of the principles of viDHi remains unchanged. The refinement will be for including more sNskrut words in the text with equivalent English meanings as many sNskrut language words can not be translated directly into English due to lack of the concepts thereof in English culture and lifestyle.

4. All sNskrut words in bold, italics transliterated into English. The pronunciation of the transliteration can be studied in the transliteration table on this PVAF web site under VEDA page by clicking here

5. Original Posting: August 3, 2006: Update:

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