BHAKTI: we all do it. But what is it and how to do it vedikally?.....Part 1
Adhyaatma: The Science of Aatmaa (Soul)
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(Sanskrit words are in italics. English equivalent of Sanskrit language is very difficult as a lot of Vedic science and words do not exist in the European languages in a word form. A glossary of Sanskrit words is being continually prepared and posted on this web site  for the understanding of  the readers who do not know Sanskrit or its derivative languages in use in present day India.)


OM TAT SAT........shiv bhagvaan was once asked by his shakti paarvati-devi about why she should believe that shree raam was brhmah Himself because shree raam behaved like a mortal throughout his entire life. shree raam's behavior showed attachment to father, mother, wife, brothers; feelings of joy, sorrow and pain; longing for possession and endeavors of getting back what his lost possession......all effects of maayaa, ahankaar and three guno.......para-brhmah is not is never affected by his own maayaa, ahankaar or guno...........

shiv bhagvaan tells paarvati-devi about the meeting between shree raam and saabri. saabri was a woman of the caste of hunters. saabri was serving in the ashram of matanga-rushi as a sevak of matanga-rushi and his disciples. saabri performed sevaa (service) to all these rushio for several hundred years and also learned ved from them. Performing sevaa  is one of the part of performing bhakti

bhakti is devotion through adoration to someone with strong passions and love emanating from  one's anta-karan and entire mortal body. anta-karan is a processor organ in a human body consisting of aatmaa (soul), manas (heart and mind), ahankaar, buddhi and chit. bhakti is the only way to attain mukti (freedom) from the cycles of this sansaar (worldly life of joy, sorrows and pain) and attain the aanand (bliss) with brhmah. brhmah  is un-manifested gnan (knowledge) and shakti (energy) of  the supreme creator and sustainer of all the universes.  What bhakti is and how to perform bhakti is explained by shree raam to saabri. shree raam also proves to saabri as to what are the phal (fruits) of bhakti. All of this is told by shiv-bhagvan to Parvati-devi as transcribed below. The transcription of this dialogue between shree raam and saabri is from aadhyatma ramaayan (Chapter 10: slok 16 to 32) as translated from original sanskrit to English by Swami Tapasyananda.

saabri asks shree raam:        " Even the rushio, who were my teachers, had not the good fortune of seeing Thee. O Thou of immeasurable Being! I am an ignorant and low-born woman. I have not the qualifications to be the sevak  (one who serves) of Your sevako. What then to speak of my qualification to serve You. How is it that I am able to see You with my eyes in your true form of mahaa-vishnu (brhmah) - You, who are beyond the ken of mind and speech. Oh raam, You are the Lord of all devo. I am not capable of praising You with a hymn. What am I to do? Bestow Your grace on me."  

shree raam replies to saabri: "  The state of being a man or a woman or belonging to a particular varna of brahman-kshtriya-vaishya-sudra-or mixture of all these varna or ashram of life (brahmachaari, gruhastha, vanaspara or sanyaasi) or bearing any special name is not the qualification for my performing my bhakti. Performing bhakti is the only qualification. If a person has no bhakti towards Me, neither yagna (sacrifice) nor daan (charities), neither tapasya (penance) nor the study of ved and performance of vidhio (rituals prescribed in ved) can help one to see Me. I am attained by bhakti alone. Therefore O good lady, I shall now speak to you about the means for the attainment of bhakti:    

 The 1st and foremost of these is association with holy men who have and remembers knowledge of ved and practice vedik way of life .

 The 2nd is the recital of accounts about Me.   

 The 3rd is the singing of My glories

 The 4th is the hearing and exposition of My teachings.

 The 5th is the sincere and devoted service of the teacher, seeing Me in the teacher.

The 6th is the practice of meritorious habits, the control of the inners senses, the observance of external rules of purity and devoted ceremonial worship of Me .

The 7th is the devoted repetition and contemplation of My mantra with all its parts.

The 8th is the worshipful service of My devotee, seeing My presence in all beings and the cultivation of non-attachment for all external objects combined with practice of self-control and other inner virtues.

The 9th is the investigation of My true nature with all passions.

shree raam continued: "Whoever has the above nav-vidyaa bhakti ( bhakti of these nine types of learning of knowledge) is eligible to worship Me. Whoever is endowed with these nav-vidyaa, whether it be a woman, man or cruel and adharmic human, that person will have bhakti characterized by intense prem (love). When such bhakti is generated, the truth about My nature will dawn upon the bhakta. Realizing Me in that way one will attain mukti in this very birth. Therefore it is firmly established that bhakti is the cause of mukti. If a person has succeeded in attaining the first of these above noted nav-vidyaa , namely, the association with holy men, then the others will follow one by one. Therefore, it has been declared that bhakti is mukti. You being thus endowed with bhakti towards Me, I have come before you. It is certain that you will attain mukti, because you have bhakti. I have Myself come before you."

............TO BE CONTINUED IN A SERIAL OF........... "NAV-VIDYA BHAKTI" .......To understand more about BHAKTI......The only way to attain MUKTI  from this maya-jaal of sansar for sukh (joy) and dukh (pain) cycles...........and have eternal aanand (bliss)................................. 



A  Prayer from Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry: 

"I am blessed for the bhaagya (good fortune) to do my bhakti At Prajapati Vishva Ashram. My bhakti herein is of transmitting to my fellow humans the above Ved teachings I have been bestowed upon by the grace of Para-Brhmah. This Ved teachings are as received, preserved and transmitted to this srushti (universes) by devo and ruhsio-munio-saadhuo-santo  who are eternally serving this srushti through this mahaa-kalpa  which is a  creation cycle of 311 trillion and 40 billion years. Therefore, we pray to them to bestow their graces on us;..... for us to learn, understand and practice Ved...... TO WALK WITH FULFILLMENT ON THE LIFE PATH WE CHOOSE........ OM TAT SAT...........










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