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Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry. Last updated on February 25, 2002.

vishva-karma-dev is one of the prajaapati in vedik sciences of creation. a prajaapati is one who performs the function of creating creations in this universe with the shakti given by brhmah. The first prajaapatio were the ten mind-born sons of brahmaa-dev who is also the grandfather prajaapati. vishva-karma-dev is designated as a prajaapati as he is the architect of all things needed in the domains of devo. In the universe he is the shakti of brhmah, which during the creating mode of brahmaa-dev, gives rup (form), aakaar (shape) and gati (motion) to each creation. 

vishva-karma-dev is the son of prabhaas who is one of the eight vasu-dev in the primary 33 devo in this creation. These 33 devo are comprised of 12 aditya-devo, 11 rudra-devo, 8 vasu-devo and 2 ashvini-devo. Their king and leader is indra-dev who is one of the 12 aditya-devo. These 33 devo are basic protectors of the entire creation of prajaapati brahmaa-dev. 33 karor (330 million) devataao created out of these primary 33 devo and also by prajapaati brahmaa-dev are the shaktio (powers and forces) of prakruti (nature) which empowers all creations to have their designated voluntary and involuntary functions to exist as creations.  

vishva-karma-dev's mother is varastrii, who is the sister of brhaspati-rushi, the guru of all devo. varastrii before marrying prabhaas attained yog-siddhi through tapas on brhmah. yog-siddhi is the knowledge of brhmah, knowing which everything else in creation is known and with the krupaa of brhmah one can be bestowed with many of His shaktio.

vishva-karma-dev had many children of whom five sons and four daughters have been mentioned in purano as prominent sevako in this srushti (creation).  The four sons of renown in purano are: nala born as monkey who created the bridge to lankaa to help shree raam rescue his wife sitaa from raavan in lankaa.; ajaikapaat;  ahirbudhnya; tvashtaa; and rudra. Out of rudra were born 100 rudra who serve as the various functionary devo in the three worlds. The four daughters of renown in purano are: sanjnaa, chitrangadaa, suruupaa and barhishmatii. sanjnaa is the wife of surya-dev of whom sons yam-dev and manu and a daughter yami were  born. yam-dev is the presiding dev of pitru-lok (domain of ancestors)  and narak (hell). The other three daughters from their marriages have produced sons who are the rulers of 14 manvantra (= 4.32 billion years of a brahmaa day) and famous functionaries in the creation. There are lots of anecdotes in purano about vishva-karma-dev and his sons, daughters and grandchildren and sons-in-laws. These anecdotes teach the history and the science of creation.        

As an architect and an engineer, vishva-karma-dev himself created palaces of indra-dev and other devo, the city of lankaa for kuber-dev, vehicle for devo which are self-propelled and controlled by driver's mind - the most famous of which was pushpak which was used by shree raam to return to ayodhyaa from lankaa as described in ramaayan. vishva-karma-dev serves in the assembly of brahmaa-dev and indra-dev. His well known creations are the weapons sudarshan-chakra of vishnu-dev and the trii-shul of shiv-bhagvan. Both these weapons were made out of the trimmings left over when vishva-karma-dev had to trim down the brightness his son-in-law surya-dev.  His daughter, sanjnaa, had requested this trimming of surya-dev's brightness as it was unbearable to her as surya-dev's wife. 

vishva-karma-dev is dedicated in temples in the form of wearing aksha-sutra.

prajaapati peoples of vedik lifestyle believe vishva-karma-dev as their ishta-dev (presiding deity). 

(This compilation of knowledge of creation by shree champaklaal daajibhaai mistry of Edmonton, Canada is posted here with pranaam to all those possessors of vedik knowledge such as rushio, munio and gnaanio (mortal scholars) who have transmitted this ved (knowledge) in shruti, smruti and text forms to us during the present brahmaa's day of 4.32 billion years. To date in this kalpa we have lived just over half a brahmaa's day. This ved, the knowledge of creation, is vital to our existence as individuals and for harmonious and dharmik co-existence with the rest of the creations. The words in italics are sanskrit words - many of which can be found in the ever expanding Sanskrit Glossary on this web site)

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