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In 1999, Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) was blessed by creator bRHmH to start an EDUCATION PROGRAM with the following vision, goals and objectives:

  • To  REMOVE ILLITERACY among humankind which is the prime cause of all the suffering and poverty;
  • To continually expand KNOWLEDGE through learning, teaching, sharing and research;
  • To empower humans to attain KNOWLEDGE which will help them to produce WEALTH to support, sustain and evolve their lifestyle in the present day and for tomorrow;
  • To empower humans to create environment and tools in their homes with the acquired KNOWLEDGE and WEALTH  to create well cared for and sustained family units;
  • To empower each family unit with KNOWLEDGE and WEALTH to continually progress and prosper from generation to generation;
  • To empower each family unit with KNOWLEDGE and WEALTH to remove suffering created by illiteracy and poverty and bring welfare, well-being and happiness;
  • To empower each family with KNOWLEDGE and WEALTH to create a collective of such families into communities for collective and communal living of sharing and helping each other in life;
  • To empower each family with KNOWLEDGE and WEALTH to individually and collectively support the transmission of KNOWLEDGE from generation to generation;
  • To empower humans to use KNOWLEDGE AND WEALTH to live by DHARm and to uphold DHARm to co-exist harmoniously within the family, within the community. DHARm is defined as that system of knowledge using which:

    -    one never hurts any body else in thought, word and action in the lifestyle one chooses to live;
    -    one co-exists with all of the fellow creations in harmony and mutual support for existence;
    -    one co-exists with all the fellow creations with respect of each creation's self-identity, self-belief, self-codes, self-values, self-morality;
    -    one co-exists with the fellow creations supporting each fellow creations to exist as per its own lifestyle without imposing it on anybody else;
    -    one returns service provided by others with greater service. 
  • To empower community with KNOWLEDGE and WEALTH to  have harmonious relations with the communities beyond theirs;
  • To empower humans to use KNOWLEDGE AND WEALTH to co-exist with the rest of the creations in harmonious interactions with respect for the right to exist by other creations with their self-identity, self-belief and self-lifestyles;
  • To empower all communities with KNOWLEDGE and WEALTH for furthering mutual welfare, well-being, prosperity and progress.    

The above PVAF EDUCATION PROGRAM is a long list of visions, goals and objectives. The extent of humanity on this planet earth is very large. The latest count of humans who would fall under this program is over 5 billion on this planet earth.

The above is a tall order for PVAF.

PVAF started with inadequate resources to develop and implement the full education program.  The program will be continually expanded as the resource base increases.

PVAF had to also start somewhere on this planet earth with the EDUCATION PROGRAM. The start point was picked as pRjaaptio in gujraat in bhaart (India).

Why this pick?.....

Simply because the majority of PVAF volunteers live in western countries but have their genetic roots in communal tribe called pRjaapti who live in the state of gujraat in bhaart (India). The choice was also an acknowledgement and a token of human gratitude to the lands and communities of the forefathers of the PVAF volunteers.. And thus was born the name of the program:




  1. To provide resources to empower parents who suffer from illiteracy and poverty to acquire KNOWLEDGE through EDUCATION  for themselves and their children.

  2. KNOWLEDGE is defined as education and skills training which will empower the parents and their children to be employable in the current markets and foreseeable markets. This employment should be such as to provide income adequate for providing all life necessities of a family. The necessities of life include:
    -     a place for family to live,
    -     food and clothes,
    -     transportation,
    -     keeping good health,
    -     recreation,
    -    community interaction;
    -    participation in community,
    -    continuing education for the parents;
    -    providing education for children in the family;
    -    generally meeting all the personal, family and communal obligations as per the heritage, traditions, stipulations and norms of the lifestyle codes, values and morality which are collectively termed herein as one's DHARm.  

  3. The education is to encompass all learning that is necessary from kindergarten level to any level reaching university degrees. The education must teach skills for living life and earning a living to sustain life of oneself and one's family.

  4. The resources that will be provided by PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM to empower parents to acquire knowledge for themselves and their children are as follows:

    -    Advisory services for life planning and then mentoring for the deployment of life plan so that the vision, goals and objectives of life plan to acquire KNOWLEDGE through EDUCATION knowledge is realized;

    -    Financial assistance to acquire KNOWLEDGE through EDUCATION;
    Financial assistance will be need based meaning the amount of money needed to acquire KNOWLEDGE through EDUCATION and will include but not be limited to the following costs:

            -    Tuition fees;
            -    Text Books;
            -    Supplies such as reading and writing materials:
            -    Tools of learning such as computer, internet service, hand held calculator, trade tools;
            -    Living in a suitable accommodation if location of education institution is far enough from home to make daily travel impractical;
            -    Daily Food if location of education institution is far enough from home to make daily travel impractical;;
            -    Daily, regular and occasional extracurricular activities to develop personality and life skills;
            -    Daily transportation;
            -    Regular communication with family including visits by parents to the education institution if location of education institution is away from home base;
            -    Regular communication stipulated by PVAF with PVAF;
            -    Transportation from home base to location of education if the location of education institution is far enough and make daily travel impractical;
            -    Any special item which is necessary for proper learning and personal development while being a student which will help in future life;
            -    Any stipulation of PVAF for proper learning and personal development.

  5.  The financial assistance to be  provided by PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM to parents and students will be determined and provided by the following criteria:

    1.    The actual costs of all the items outlined in the need based resources listing estimated item by item.

    2.    The total cost to be shared by parents and PVAF. The cost sharing ratio will depend on the income of the parents and the family of parents consisting of all children who are earning a living and staying with the family or separately from the family. This family income will be evaluated to determine the need of the family income to support the family and to educate the student to be financed by PVAF. The cost share by parents will be waived if  PVAF determines the inability of the parents to cost share.

    3.    The finances to be cost shared by PVAF will be made available for the full extent of the education and till the student completes the education to be employable to make a living. This financing will only be provided at the discretion of PVAF upon evaluation of the student's application by PVAF and for the duration decided by PVAF.

    4.    The finances to be cost shared by PVAF will be provided only if PVAF has funds in reserve to meet its commitment to the students to be financed.

    5.    This financial assistance is provided by PVAF at its own discretion and free will and thus PVAF is not obligated to anybody for such financial assistance at any time.

    6.    The financial assistance will be remitted to the student and/or to the student's parents and/or to the institutions providing the services to the student as decided by PVAF.

    7.    The financial assistance will be remitted at the beginning of each learning period in a education year in the manner decided by PVAF.

    8.    The actual cost of the financial assistance provided by PVAF will be verified by the recipient by submitting to PVAF the actual official receipts of the major items of expenditure as the expenditure is incurred. The non-compliance with this requirement will delay and/or stop the remittance by PVAF to the recipient in the following term of the education program.  


  6. The receipents of the resources provided by PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM as noted in this program must conform and comply to the following stipulations. Non-conformance and non-compliance will result in discontinuation of the resource assistance. In such a case of discontinuation, the receipents will be required to pay back all the monies received by the recipient to the date of discontinuation.

    1.    The recipient must dedicate fully to learning and completing the education program that is being financed by PVAF without distractions of any kind which may negatively affect the student to learn and complete the education program..

    2.    The recipient must continue to study in the program and the institution for which PVAF had approved resource assistance.

    3.    The recipient must regularly report and communicate to the PVAF mentor and/or PVAF official allocated to the recipient upon approval of the resource assistance.

    4.    The recipient must participate in the activities of PVAF and PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM as stipulated by PVAF from time to time.

    5.    PVAF wishes this PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM to continue for ever. Thus, the recipient must commit to participate and offer resources received to others who are in need after the completion of participation in the program. This commitment would be through participation in PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM as a donor.  The commitment will be for a minimum donation equal to the resources received by the recipient plus a percentage to offset the cost of inflation at the time the donation is made. However, an offer of a greater commitment than the minimum will be left to the heart and DHARm of the recipient. This commitment to PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM can be fulfilled by the recipient on a schedule to be agreed with PVAF upon the completion of the recipient's program. This schedule of fulfilling the commitment by the recipient will be agreed with PVAF with an objective of assisting the recipient to settle down in life without the commitment severely and negatively impacting life. PVAF will choose through its process the needy students to be assisted through PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM.

    6.    The recipient must participate in the activities of PVAF and PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM after the completion of the participation in the program so that others who need similar help in breaking out of illiteracy and poverty gets the same chance as the recipient got. This is the law of DHARm on which PVAF was founded on and this is the DHARm on which PVAF will exist on for ever.

For any questions or for applying to participate in  PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM please send an email to:

 write to
 Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation
 3103 89 Street
 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6K 2Z1.

Please note that the above details of PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM is periodically reviewed for updates to conform to the actual and changing life conditions prevailing at the locations where the program is implemented.  Therefore the latest version of the program will be applicable to all program participants at any time. PVAF will make adjustments needed in providing resources to the participants already in the program to conform to the latest version of the program.

Date of Issue: March 17, 2003.

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