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Presently all the cash donations received for PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM of Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) are used for the following education programs:

  •     Full education and skills training course completion of an apprenticeship or college or university program which will lead to employment in the current and foreseeable market for students selected by PVAF; .or
  •     Education from kindergarten level to high school for students selected by PVAF; or
  •     Provision of badly needed items in an existing education infrastructure selected by PVAF; or
  •     Education programs and students selected by a donor and to be administered by PVAF.    

The donated funds for  PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM are not used for investment or any other purposes at PVAF.

All the donated funds for PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM are given out as financial assistance as detailed in the posting on this web site titled PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM DETAILS as application are received and processed.  

The students who apply for financial assistance from PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM are from very poor families. The parents can barely have enough earnings to feed and cloth the family. Such students are given financial assistance to cover the cost of housing, food, tuition fees, books, tools and equipment needed in studying, transportation and extra-curricular activities for the full term of their education at a recognized education institution. The program a student studies for has to be such that upon completion of the education program the student can obtain a good employment to eliminate poverty at his/her home. 

There is no administration cost  at PVAF presently for PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM. All administration of PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM donations received is done by PVAF volunteers by their personal contribution of labour and resources needed.

Presently, some PVAF volunteers and PVAF patrons offset the cost in operating PVAF.  Examples of such operation costs borne by PVAF volunteers and patrons are:

  •  The cost of hosting PVAF web site on internet;
  • The cost of continual development of PVAF web site and maintenance of the web site;
  • The costs of trips by PVAF volunteers to gujaraat for setting up PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM or representing PVAF at functions in gujraat is borne by the volunteers themselves;
  • The costs of fundraising at various locations around the world is borne by the fund-raisers themselves.
  • The costs of long distance telephone and other charges for communicating and conferencing with the PVAF volunteers and scholarship students in gujraat.

ISSUE DATE: March 17, 2003.

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