Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry. Last updated on July 9, 2003.

The primary mandate of Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) is to empower all humankind with EDUCATION....This EDUCATION is a sure way:

  • to change life of poverty into prosperity with employment which gives adequate income for more than basic life support;
  • to improve standard of living and to make life progress  with surplus wealth from good employment;
  • to improve life through better health, recreation and social activities,
  • to live by the universal rules of DHARm in all daily activities of life - this is easier once there is adequate income to support all the necessities of life.....   

PVAF started the GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM in 1999 with awarding full 4-year scholarships to bright students who could not get university education due to lack of money. To date PVAF has awarded 4 full scholarships through which 4 students will change their lives and lives of their parents and brothers and sisters from extreme poverty to a future with a lot of earning potentials....

PVAF needs YOU to share your good fortune of not being poor with the 125 students who still need funds to study at the university level...There are number of ways YOU can donate to PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM as detailed on this website under PVAF PROGRAMS section.....

Here is another way called DONATING A PLANNED GIFT TO A STUDENT....please click on the next line to review this method and PVAF prays that YOU will participate in supporting needy students in PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM.....


Most of us have a will made out in our life time...the will is for the distribution of one's wealth when one continues the eternal journey in sNsaar after the present life journey comes to an cannot take one's wealth to the next life journey...but as per veD = SCIENCES OF LIFE,  one can take the puANy (personal rewards) which one gets in giving away one's surplus wealth as Daan = Donation....So include in your will PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM....

YOU do not have to wait till you complete this life term to donate as noted above....YOU can start donating even before YOU complete this life term....


  1. YOU can simply put a clause in your will to donate your entire or part of wealth to PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM.
  2. YOU can include in your insurance policy as the beneficiary or one of the beneficiary PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM.
  3. YOU can name PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM  as a owner or beneficiary of YOUR  life insurance policy.
  4. YOU can make gifts of your investments such as shares, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, property investments...This has usually double benefits: one YOU reduce your capital gains tax....and secondly YOUR estate will also not be taxed after YOU complete this life journey. 

For more information on the above or for planning and setting up the "DONATING A PLANNED GIFT TO A STUDENT" please write an email to PVAF by clicking on the next highlited words..."HOW TO DONATE TO PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM"...

Issued: July 9, 2003.



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