chimaa Scholarship
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry. Last updated on July 9, 2003.


October 17, 2002:

With creator bRH`m's blessing, PVAF has learned that bhavin champaklal mistry of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada will be administering a chimaa SCHOLARSHIP in the name of his 4th great-grandfather to be awarded to needy students participating in the PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM.

chimaa SCHOLARSHIP is intended to be an evergreen scholarship for generations to come.

chimaa SCHOLARSHIP awarded the first scholarship in the PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM in 1999. This scholarship award was also the first one in the PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM.

Subsequent to the first award, chimaa SCHOLARSHIP has been awarded to the 2nd and 3rd students who were awarded the full 4-year university PVAF scholarships under PVAF GUJRAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM.

All at PVAF and the website visitors know bhavin mistry as the young pRjaapti who started the PVAF web site in 1997 when he was 21 years old and studying computer technology. Since then bhavin has been the PVAF web master donating his time and expertise in continually upgrading the PVAF website to service the increasing demand. bhavin is the elder son of SRii champaklaal Dajibhai Mistry and SRiimati hansaaben of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. bhavin has this month gone back to study a 2-year course in computer system technology while running his own IT business. bhavin's younger brother, dipesh, is studying for a law degree after completing B.Com with a Gold Medal in 2000 and will be completing his law degree in April 2004. Dipesh is PVAF's Operations Board member. More details on this chimaa SCHOLARSHIP.

PVAF and the receipents students pray for bhavin and his chimaa family lineage for this vidyaa-daan to PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM.....

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