Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry. Last updated on July 9, 2003.


January 29, 2003:

Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) is slowly and steadily progressing towards its goal to award 125 full university education scholarships to needy prajaapati students in gujraat...and with blessing from creator bRH`m,  PVAF has just awarded the 4th university scholarship to SRii ashwin vinodbhai mistry from lilaapor near valsaad.

ashwin is studying for the final year of MECHATRONICS degree at BVM College in Vallabh Vidya Nagar.... aswin lost his father when he was in standard 11 in high school and as an only son has been supported in education by his very wise and hard working mother who believes in the fact that EDUCATION IS THE ONLY SALVATION FOR HER FAMILY AND HER SON ....this unemployed mother with no marketable skilled has not only worked hard to provide sustenance for herself and her son but has also piled up a crushing debt to make her son become university educated with skill for good life time employment prospects...

..This scholarship to ashwin has been made possible by the kind and generous donation form SRiimaaan dineshbhai jagjivanbhai mistry from Golden, British Columbia, Canada. SRiimaan dineshbhai is a medical doctor with specialization from South Africa of  m.b.b.ch.(wits), m.f.g.p.(s.a.), dip. obstets.cog.(s.a.) and further studies of  l.m.c.c.(canada).....

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