SRaaDH`DH: Names of the 15 days in bhaadrvo maas
Rites and Rituals: Vedik prescription to keep the mutually beneficial interrelation of gods and humans going
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry. Last updated on September 3, 2003.


Since brahmaa-dev created pitru-devo and mrutyu (death) at the beginning of this creation cycle of 4.32 billion years humans have performed vidhio which are rites, ritual and ceremonies to acknowledge our relationship with being called pitru...pitru means ancestors of a creation or family lineage... and humans also have been acknowledging the relationship they have with their pitruo with a variety of offering through various rites, rituals and ceremonies...

 In vedic lifestyle this relationship based on offerings of SRaaDH`DH to pitru-devo and pitruo starts with the sixteenth and last sanskaar (life term sacrament) of a life term which is called antyesti sanskaar meaning funeral ceremonies when one moves on to the next life term....performance of offering of SShraaDdh continues for seven generations in a family lineage.....shraadh will continue to be offered for the next 7 manvantra of this kalpa (creation cycle) which is for about 2.16 billion years......Please learn more about SShraaDdh  in other postings on the VED PAGE on this web site for........

The following are names of the 15 days of SRaaDH`DH in bhaaDrvo maas:

1st Day:     bhaadrvo vD 1               =  Ekam or padvaa SRaaDH`DH
2nd Day:    bhaadrvo vD 2               =  biij SRaaDH`DH
3rd Day:    bhaadrvo vD 3               =  trij SRaaDH`DH
4th Day:     bhaadrvo vD 4              =  choth SRaaDH`DH
5th Day:     bhaadrvo vD 5              =  paaNcham SRaaDH`DH
6th Day:     bhaadrvo vD 6i             =  Ccath SRaaDH`DH
7th Day:     bhaadrvo vD 7i             =  saatam SRaaDH`DH
8th Day:     bhaadrvo vD 8               =  aatham SRaaDH`DH
9th Day:     bhaadrvo vD 9               =  nom SSRaaDH`DH  + avidhvaa nom
10th Day:   bhaadrvo vD 10             =  dasam  SRaaDH`DH
11th Day:   bhaadrvo vD 11             =  ekaadashi SRaaDH`DH  
12th Day:   bhaadrvo vD 12             =  baaras SRaaDH`DH
13th Day:   bhaadrvo vD 13             =  teras SRaaDH`DH
14th Day:   bhaadrvo vD 14             =  SShraaDdh for those who have died by
                                                                           accident or with weapons

15th Day:     bhaadrvo vD 30           =  amaas SRaaDH`DH

(This shastra-gnan has been compiled by SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai miisTRii from the gnaan left for the benefit of humanity by many rushio, munio and gnaanio in the naam (name) and ruup (form) of our creator, brhmah in the form of shruti and smruti. The mission of this presentation  is the continuation development of ved offerings through Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation on this web site as gnan -daan.) brhmah namah....pranaam our guru brhmah.... tat shaanti shaanti shaanti......

Posted: September 2002

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