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5 Types of

dharma-raajaa alias yam-dev (god of death) explains in naarad puran slok 1.14.79 that there are five types of SRaaDH`DH:

  1. nitya SRaaDH`DH:    performed daily as one of the five panch-mahaa-yagna known as pitru-yagna in which water is offered to pitruo at the end of bath in the morning which is called tarpan;
  2. naimittik SRaaDH`DH:     offered on certain occasions such as the birth of a son or celebration of important events in life such as acquiring wealth or graduating or achieving some important desires;
  3. kaamya  SRaaDH`DH:    offered in appreciation of attained some desired goals or objectives in life;
  4. vruddhi  SRaaDH`DH:     offered when some event which brings prosperity or progress or change in life occurs to evolve the family to another level of existence;
  5. paarvaN SRaaDH`DH:     offered on new moon day or any parva or festive occasions or celebrations.


(SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai miisTRii, the compiler of the above GNaan, convey pranaam to our guru Dr. G. V. Tagore from whose English translation of the sanskrit naarad puraan we have been blessed with the above knowledge of how SRaaDH`DH  offering to our pitruo is to be done ......the above slok has been expanded with explanatory prose to make our learning and understanding easier...also explanatory prose in included in brackets to give backgrounder ved knowledge to provide supplementary explanation for increasing the depth of our knowledge of life sciences......) namah brhmah....
....our guru brhmah.. tat shaanti shaanti....

Posted: September 2002

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