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Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry. Last updated on September 3, 2003.


When to offer SRaaDH`DH

As per naarD puraaAN the following is the information regarding the time and occasions of offering SRaaDH`DH:

Every grahastha (householder meaning a married person) should offer SRaaDH`DH at the hour called kutap. This time is the eighth muhurat after sunrise. A muhurat is of 48 minutes duration. Therefore SRaaDH`DH should be performed 5 hours and 36 minutes after sunrise. This is the time granted by brahmaa-dev to pitruo to receive SRaaDH`DH.SRaaDH`DH offered to pitruo at the wrong time goes to rakshaso and does not reach pitruo. In this case of SRaaDH`DH offered at the wrong time, the offerer and the partaker of the shraadh bear the fruits of an a-punya or paapi karma which usually fructifies in hell.(naarD puraaAN 1-28-21 to 25)

The second or vad fortnight of the lunar month of bhaadarvo-maas is entirely devoted to offering SRaaDH`DH to aadi-devo, pitru-devo and pitruo on a daily basis. aadi-devo are a special class of devo (gods) who are eternal and are not affected by the times of pralay. aadi-devo continually perfrom sevaa for the well-being and sustenance of all creations from devo to a tiny atom. as they exist eternally and before anybody at the time of a creation cycle aadi-devo are called pitru-devo. A pralay is re-absorption into brahmaa-dev at the end of 4.32 billion year creation cycle. The day of SRaaDH`DH offering in this fortnight for one's pitru is the tithi (date) on which the pitru continued to the next life journey.

SRaaDH`DH is also offered on the actual day of the death anniversary of a piTRu.

One shall perform a hospitable greeting to one's father and mother as SRaaDH`DH once every year. He shall perform this SRaaDH`DH without reference to devo and offer one piND (a ball of rice or a lump of rice offered in SRaaDH`DH) (naarD puraaAN: 1.24.78).

The ninth day of this SRaaDH`DH fortnight is called avidhvaa-navami when SRaaDH`DH offering is made to the aatmaa of women who have died before the death of their husbands. This avidhvaa-navami may also be called a widower's day on which the aatmaa of the departed wives is adored and tune with all the other family days we have in current times. If the widower has a second wife, then this second wife performs pranaan and namah to the departed wife and inwardly wishes that she may be also fortunate to die before her husband ........

Other rules, methodology and essence of offering SRaaDH`DH and information on pitru-devo will be offered in other write-ups on this page..........

(SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai miisTRii, the compiler of the above GNaan, convey pranaam to our guru Dr. G. V. Tagore from whose English translation of the sanskrit naarad puraan we have been blessed with the above knowledge of when to offer SRaaDH`DH to pitruo for fortune of having prosperity with a progeny to continue our lineage.......the above slok are expanded with explanatory prose to make our learning and understanding easier...also explanatory prose in included to give backgrounder ved knowledge to provide supplementary explanation for increasing the depth of our knowledge of life sciences...... ) namah brhmah....
....our guru brhmah.. tat shaanti shaanti....

Posted: September 2002

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