DHARm = What does it mean?
DHARm: Operating Microsoft system of life
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry. Last updated on September 4, 2003.

om bRH`myae nmH:


All the entities in creation from brahmaa-dev (one of the primary god trinity of brahmaa-vishnu and shiv) to an atom is the manifestation of brhmah. brhmah is unmanifested. brhmah through his shaktio (powers) of omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence pervades, animates, sustains all that is created.  brhmah also gives laya (dissolution back into the creator) to all created. laya is the repeated cycles of birth and death or pralay at the end of 4.32 billion year creation cylce when everything is dissolves back into brahmaa-dev or mahaa-pralay at the end of 3.11 trillion year creation cycle when everything including brahmaa-dev is dissolved back into brhmah.....

The sustenance of all created is based on DHARm. DHARm is the operating system which makes all creations co-exist in harmony. dharma operates conforming to the cosmic and universal laws called ritt and is guided by sty (truth). DHARm is like Microsoft operating system. No computer can operate without an operating system; so is dharma's role in creation. brhmah safeguards DHARm continuously and eternally. This safeguarding sometimes needs for brhmah to manifest directly in the form of a creation....such  manifestation is called an avtaar. brhmah takes an avataar through visnu-dev whose function is to safeguard DHARm when it is threatened to destruction....which could mean destruction of the universe....

DHARm is a shkti of creator bRHmH. This shkti is manifested right at the start of any creation cycle in our bRHmaaND (cosmic egg or universe) for empowering grandfather pRjaapati bRHmaa-Dev to do his work of creating creations. DHARm is part of primary creative ttv called buDHDHi which is created out of ttv called mht. 

DHARm is the shkti which gives foundation to the sustenance provided to all creations through the process called sthiti. Without the foundation of DHARm creations will not be able to sustain itself and will thus perish. viSHANu-Dev is ordained by creator bRHmH to establish, protect and make sure that DHARm is upheld by creations. To establish, protect and uphold DHARm is one of the primary reasons for viSHANu-Dev has to take the 10 major avtaar (incarnations) in this mhaa-yug of 4.32 million years and thousands other aNsh-avtaar which are partial or secondary avtaar.

DHARm has 4 components: dayaa (compassion), daan (charity), tpsy (penance) and sty (Truth).  

As is a must in creation science, DHARm has an opposite shkti called aDHARm.

Every body is familiar with aDHARm in this current veDik time era called kli-yug...with corrupt governments, corrupt stock markets, corrupt trade systems, violent societies, unjust societies....DHARm shkti is only at 25 percent of its full power in kli-yug and hence the tendency of humankind to commit all that is unpleasant and injurious in life is predominant.  DHARm will decrease as kli-yug  progresses. This year is only kli-yug's 5014th year and has another 426,986 years to go before mankind will start living again in krut-yug or sty-yug, In sty-yug DHARm shkti operates at 100 percent strength and thus one can live in svARg (heaven) in this pruthvi-lok (earthly domain)....

Grandfather pRjaapti bRHmaa-Dev, the creator of everything in the bRHmaaND we live in,  has this to say about DHARm in skND puraan slok These slok are expanded with explanatory text to facilitate understanding of the veDik concepts from other veDik texts without corrupting the original sNskrut text of the slok. We extend eternal pRANaam and are eternally indebted to our guru in the form SRii Dr. G. V Tagare for his English translation of skanD puraan from original sNskrut text which has been used for sharing the knowledge herein with all humankind:

"Without wealth, the tenets of DHARm can be fulfilled in life through the following practices:

  • By taking snaan which is bath as prescribed in shaasTR, in tiiARth which are places of pilgrimages dedicated to 33 million different Devtaao (gods), and/or
  • by performing of jp, which is repeated recitation of a mNTR or a name of a Devataa, and/or
  • by helping others who are in need of help in sustaining life and progressing in life, and/or
  • reading, saying or speaking of prayers, veD, puraano, itihaas.

From DHARm, meaning activities of DHARm, wealth arises spontaneously.  Even without a specific means of earning wealth, wealth certainly is produced from DHARm. Hence, giving up the worry for creating wealth, one should focus and devote one's life to the fulfilling of tenets of DHARm alone in daily life.

Wealth is obtained through undertaking the life activities based on DHARm and complying with DHARm. From wealth one can obtain kaam which is all the activities which gives recreation, pleasures and all that fulfills one's desires of having sukh (happiness) in life. All sukh in life comes from kaam. Even the sukh of svARg (heaven) is easily obtained through the fulfillment of one's DHARm in daily life."  

..........om nmH our guru bRH`m....
.........om tat sat......om shaanti shaanti shaanti......

(This shastra-GNaan has been compiled by SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai miisTRii from the gnaan left for the benefit of humanity by many rushio, munio and GNaanio in the naam (name) and ruup (form) of our creator, bRH`m in the form of shruti and smruti of veD knowledge left on this planet earth for all humankind. The mission of this presentation  is the continual development of ved offerings through Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation on this web site as GNaan -daan.)

Posted: September 4, 2003

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