KARm: kARm-fl = Fruits of kARm: What is its genesis
KARm: Life action that gives one pleasure and pain in sNsaar (birth-death life cycles)
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry. Last updated on September 5, 2003.

om bRH`myae nmH:

Genesis of kARm-fl

veD defines kARm is any action voluntary or involuntary performed by a creation from conception to birthing to breathing to letting an old lady sit on a bus to saving a life to praying to lying to killing to dying to doing nothing and all things possible and impossible ....... 

kARm-fl translated into English as fruits of kARm, is the reward one has to recieve by performing a kARm. This reward of a kARm is received by the doer immediately or in immediate future or in future life times....the reward of a kARm is of totally equal value meaning it will be the same as to what that kARm did to any creation who was affected by that kARm.....it is all in Newton's 3rd Law:

"Every action (kARm) has equal and opposite reaction (kARm-fl)"......

ved teaches us that anything that happens in this universe has a genesis. The genesis of a event tells us why the event happened as it did. The genesis of anything happening at a moment in time in a current existence is usually residing in the long past. The long past could stretch over many preceding life times of  a creation who is experiencing an event in the current time. The event usually inter-connects a whole bunch of creations as all creations co-exist at all times. The genesis of a current event is usually the kARm-fl of the past kARm performed by a creation.

The genesis of a current event could also lie in some accidental or intentional curse on a creation by another creation. A creation could be cursed by another creation through an intentional or unintentional kARm.

All of the above means that a current event is not because of the current kARm. It is the kARm-fl  of so many past kARm stretching over may a stretch of time in the universe. This stretch of time in the past could be many lives each equal to mortal life spans of living beings which could have many cycles of birth and death. Such birth-death cycles can last the creation cycle periods of 432,000 years kali-yug to a bRH`maa-Daev's day of 4.32 billion years or to a bRH`maa-Daev's life duration of 311 trillion years. 

The event being currently experienced will be also in the similar situation of its happening in the past. .This means the current event happens as had happened in the past within the following parameters: 

  • in the similar environment and place,

  • in similar mode with similar  methodology,

  • for similar purpose, and

  • with similar means that the kARm was performed by the creation in its past history. 

All of the above means a current event is a kARm-fl. Majority of the events happening in one's present life is kARm-fl of one's previous kARm in many many preceding life cycles of birth and death. That is why one should never say:


Instead one should say:


The kARm-fl will be enjoyable if the kARm performed had beneficial and non-injurious effects. The kARm-fl would be painful if the kARm performed had painful and injurious effects. Thus, kARm-fl  one experiences is just like the cliché or sayings all of us have heard: 

  • "you get what you dish out"' or 

  • "you pay for it now or later" or 

  • "what goes around comes around" or 

  •  "do unto others what you wish other to do to you". 

So kARm-fl will be all one dished out and of equal value. Sometimes kARm-fl  may also include compounded interest charge if interest charge was included in the original kARm.

The above kARm-fl rule applies to all manifestations of bRH`m from bRH`maa, viSHANu, shNkr to all Daevo and Daevio (gods and goddesses) to mankind to animals to plant life to the smallest organism imaginable and existing.  Basically kARm-fl rule applies to all creations who perform kARm without any exceptions of no waivers, discounts or pardoning.....next time one is born one must partake the  kARm-fl according to the rules of maturation of kARm-fl. The rules of place and timing of disbursement of kARm-fl by ym-Daev (god of death) are described in another posting.

An example of the above no-exception rule that kARm-fl has to be partaken and experienced is the 10 some of avtaar of vishnu-dev such as the 7th avtaar of SRii raam.

The kARm-fl also operates as per the rules of DHARm.

..........om nmH our guru bRH`m....
.........om tat sat......om shaanti shaanti shaanti......

(This shastra-GNaan from veD = SCIENCES OF LIFE AND CREATION  has been compiled by SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai miisTRii from the GNaan left for the benefit of humanity by many rushio, munio and GNaanio in the naam (name) and ruup (form) of our creator, bRH`m in the form of shruti and smruti of veD knowledge left on this planet earth for all humankind. The mission of this presentation  is the continual development of ved offerings through Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation on this web site as GNaan -daan.)

Posted: September 2002.

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