SRaaDH`DH: = Exists In humanity of all cultures on planet earth......
Rites and Rituals: Vedik prescription to keep the mutually beneficial interrelation of gods and humans going
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry. Last updated on September 24, 2003.

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SRaaDH`DH Offering


In his continuing study of veD = SCIENCES OF LIFE our resident veD student SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai misTRii is discovering that all humanity on this planet earth has veD = SCIENCES OF LIFE encoded in its DNA....the currently evolving Western sciences have also proved to a limited extent that genetic memory is carried in each goTR = family lineage for as long as the family lineage survives....for example those who survived the European plague 500 years ago has encoded the formula to fight such viruses in their descendants and thus these descendants alos have immunity to current AIDS diseases....

Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF), as per its primary mandate of finding, spreading and sharing knowledge, has requested SRii chmpklaal to share with the entire humankind his knowledge of veD = SCIENCES OF LIFE which portrays that all races and tribes of humanity on this planet earth had the same knowledge base called veD....

As a starter on this PVAF yaaTRaa = holy journey of simply learing why we do a lot of things we do in is the write-up from SRii chmpklaal enlightening us about the upcoming SRaaDH`DH celebrations:

SRaaDH`DH celebrations annually occur in veDik lifestyle  in the 11th lunar month of bhaaDrvo or bhaaDRRpd of veDik calendar system.

SRaaDH`DH celebration is practically every day but the period of 15 days starting from bhaaDRRpd vD 1st every year is specially dedicated  in veDik lifestyle  ...would it surprise YOU if the essence of SRaaDH`DH celebration in different races and belief systems of mankind is basically the same:

  •  SRaaDH`DH  is called:
    • HALLOWEEN in North America...
    • O-BON in JAPAN  ...
  • and they are all celebrated in the period between August and November of every year in current times....

WESTERN ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES: SRaaDH`DH = HALLOWEEN DAY which is defined in the Webster's Third International Dictionary as follows:

"the evening preceding All Saints' Day : the evening of October 31 which is often devoted by young people to merrymaking (as with jack-o'-lanterns) and playing pranks sometimes involving petty damage to property"

The following is the description of SRaaDH`DH belief system TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND HONOUR ONE'S ANCESTORS AND RELATIVES in various countries and human will be surprised how the root essence is so similar in all mankind.....:


The veDik peoples of bhaart deeply and firmly believe in the continual connections of the living humans to the ancestral souls stretching back to known lineages and alos to the head of the goTR at the time creation cycle starts in each veDik time concept of  bRHmaa-klp of 8.64 billion years and each 4-yug creation cycle of 4.32 million years.

And with this belief the veDik peoples continually acknowledge, pray to and honour and revere their ancestors in all their daily activities and rituals of life through SRaaDH`DH ceremonies and celebrations. In addition to the daily SRaaDH`DH ceremonies, 15 days of the kruSHAN pKSH (dark half) portion 11th lunar veDik calendar month is dedicated for performing special vidhio = veDik rites for various types of relationship of their ancestors and various modes of their deaths. These are called SRaaDH`DH vidhio and are meant to bring welfare for the departed ancestors and also recieve from the departed ancestors blessing of welfare for themselves and their current and future progeny.

There is a lot of information posted on this web site on VED PAGE regarding SRaaDH`DH...


The English children celebrate Halloween Night on November 5th of every year with bonfires and parties. However, in England the belief is to celebrate the foiled attempt by Fawkes and his fellow conspirators to blow up the England's parliament on November 5, 1605.


The Germans believe that the spirits of their relatives return to visit them on October 31st every year. And the Germans welcome the visiting spirits of their relatives with rituals of their families. On this day the Germans take special care to keep all the knives out of sight in their homes so that the visiting spirits of their relatives would not be accidentally hurt by the knives.


Among Ireland's Celtic people, there is belief which is recorded since 5th century B.C. that the souls of their dead return to visit them in the next 12 months on every Halloween Night on October 31. Celtic people attempt to keep these soul visitors away from themselves by:

  •  keeping their homes colder than normal by putting out whatever system they use for heating their homes; and  
  • dressing in frightening costumes and parading around making loud and frightening noises.   


The Japanese call the remembering and honouring of  their departed ancestors and relatives as O-BON festival. O-ben is celebrated in August every year throughout Japan. Japanese guide the souls of their dead ancestors and relatives to their homes by hanging special lanterns made for the occasion in and outside their homes. The light of the lanterns is believed to light the path of the visiting souls. Food is also offered to the visiting souls with a ceremony and ritual in each home.  


Halloween Day is called the Day of Dead among Mexicans. On this day the families visit the cemeteries to clean up and decorate the graves of their dead family members. They dress up with colourful Mexican clothes and the decoration of the graves is alos very colourful with flowers and banners. The local alcoholic liquor Tequila is drunk while playing Mexican music. 


Halloween Night is celebrated as a fun evening  for children as follows without much of a belief system:

  • Homes put up lanterns made from pumpkin or other material portraying frightening bodies of spirits and ghosts;
  • Children and youth dress up in all kinds of theme costumes and with make up to portray themselves as ghosts, goblets, monsters, witches, magicians and nowadays alos as famous Hollywood characters of this earth as well as aliens from outer space;
  • children then go around homes for trick-or-treat ritual whereby a child will knock on the door of the home and when the door is opened the child will say trick-or-treat and usually as nobody wants to be tricked the homeowner will give the child a treat of candies, fruits or any other packaged eatables.  


(NOTE TO THE READER FROM SRii chmpklaal: YOU are welcome to add to the above if YOU have information of similar celebrations to acknowledge the existence of souls of ancestors among any race or tribe on this planet earth. You can email the information to be posted to PVAF  by clicking on the preceding red highlite.) namah brhmah....
....our guru brhmah.. tat shaanti shaanti....

Posted: July 2003





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