aatmaa: IN YOUR BODY:....HAS 3 STATES...jaagrut (WAKING), s`vp`n (DREAM) AND suSHUp`ti (DEEP SLEEP)
Adhyaatma: The Science of Aatmaa (Soul)
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry. Last updated on October 13, 2003.

om nmH bRHm......

Each living being in this world we know as planet earth consists of an aat`maa (soul) and the body of the soul called shrir. Thus aat`maa of each living being is called embodied meaning living in a body. aat`maa is the reflection in pRkruti of a shk`ti of creator bRH`m  called chaeetn`y . chaeetn`y is also called chit-shk`ti of creator bRHm`H which animates pRkruti which is itself jD or inert-inanimate. aat`maa is created as noted above when a iCH`CHaa (wish, desire, thought of something or to do something)  emanates in creator bRHm'H Himself. As creator bRHm'H is unmanifest His iCH`CHaa  is manifested through His manifestation called aat`maa.

aat`maa exists in an embodied form as a living being in three major states :

  1. jaagrut state = wakeful state: in this state aat`maa is resident and operative in the s`thul-shrir which is visible physical body of a living being and is called vaeess`vaanr. jaagrut state has 4 sub-states:
    1. biij-jaagrut state = seed state or beginning state of wakefulness: In this bij-jaagrut state aat`maa has the notion of aHNkaar or "I-ness" and due to viKSHaep-shk`ti  of maayaa think all other creation as "all these in this world";
    2. ati-jaagrut state = great wakefulness state: In this ati-jaagrut state aat`maa has the memory of previous incarnations.
    3. s`vp`n-jaagrut state = dream wakefulness state: In this state aa`tmaa's fully awake to its existence as a living being of the current incarnation with the vaasnaa  which exhibit as thoughts and ideas to perform kARm in the current life form)... vaasnaa are latent behavioral characteristics and tendencies acquired cumulatively as life forms in the previous incarnations and which are continued in the current life form state)...
  2. s`vp`n state = dream state: in his state aat`maa is called taeejs and is resident and operative in the suKSHm-shrir part of its existence as a living being  ... suKSHm-shrir is the invisible body made composed of 10 indriyo (5 GNaanaeNDRRiyo or cognitive senses) and 5 kARmaeNDRRiyo or conative senses), mns (faculty of a living being which shows the intelligence in a living being)  and pRaaAN (a shk`ti or a force with energy-power which empowers all voluntary and involuntary functions in a living body to keep it alive)...this suKSHm-shrir travels with aat`maa in its transmigration from body to body in life-death cycles called SNsaar or life journeys ...In this s`vp`n state of the embodied aat`maa can experiences two sub-states:
    1. s`vp`n state = sleep state: In this s`vp`n or sleep state the embodied aat`maa experiences false notions of its previous experiences which is called s`vp`n or dreams. These false notions of its previous experiences appear real in the s`vp`n or dream-sleep state.
    2. s`vp`n-jaagrut state = dream-awake state: In this s`vp`n-jaagrut state the embodied aat`maa recalls past experiences as if they are real at that moment of dream-awake state.
  3. suSHUp`ti state = deep sleep state: in this state aat`maa is called pRGnaa meaning pure GNaan or knowledge of creator bRHm`H  and resides and operates in kaarAN-shrir which is the body of what causes aa`tmaa's manifestation which is called pRkruti as noted above. In this suSHUp`ti or deep sleep state the body of embodied aat`maa becomes inert, inanimate and devoid of the normal behaviour during the jaagrut or wakeful state.

(The above compiled from CHNDyog upniSHD and vashiSH`TH's yog  - 3.117-118 and supplemented with explanatory texts from learning of veD = SCIENCES OF CREATION AND LIFE as part of learning and sharing what is learned with the rest of the humanity on this PVAF web site......

pRANaam guru bRH`m....om tt st....om shaanti shaanti shaanti

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