aat`maa: EMBODIMENT IN pRkRUti....WITH pNch-kaosh
Adhyaatma: The Science of Aatmaa (Soul)
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry. Last updated on March 25, 2004.


aat`maa (soul) of a creation is the reflection of the chaeetn`y of creator bRH`m in pRkRUti.

chaeetn`y is the primary shkti (power) of creator bRH`m by which all creations are provided with consciousness of GNaaNM (knowledge of creator bRH`m), kriyaa-shkti which is powers of creation, sustenance and cyclic recreation and v`yaapk-shkti which is the power to be in any place in creation....

pRkRUti is the form created by icchaa-shkti (power of a wish) when creator bRH`m wished to be many and also to be bhok`t (partaker of what is created as many). pRkRUti is created when the kriyaa-shkti (power of performing kARm or actions) of creator bRH`m manifested as mHaa-kaal (Time in the form powerful shkti) and destabilized the 3-gunao of mHaa-maayaa. aat`maa then becomes puruSH (male form) and performing yog with pRkRUti creates infinite number of bRHmaaND (egg of creator bRH`m).

In each bRHmaaND creator bRH`m creates all creations as per HIS wishes to be many and to be bhok`t.

creator bRH`m becomes many by creating many bhok`t-aat`maa out of the one aat`maa by restraining the inherent powers of chaeetn`y of each aat`maa with what is called as ml . This retaining is called niyt. This aat`maa and restrained by niyt is then provided with pRkaash (knowledge) of viD`yaa (16 types of knowledge of the sciences of physical world) to each aat`maa restrained by ml. ml is the kARm-fl each aat`maa accumulated as it journeys through sNsaar which is the cycle of birth and death of the body of an aat`maa as it realizes the original wish of creator bRH`m to be many and to be bhok`t.......kARm-fl is the result of each kARm an embodied aat`maa performs in each sNsaar cycle. Each kARm-fl has to be partaken by an aat`maa in the avtaar (an embodied form) in future times . kARm-fl is also known as bhaag`y or niyt or destiny or future....

Each aat`maa (soul) of each living being with a naam (name) and ruup (form) is encased in invisible pNch-kaosh (equivalent translation "5 sheaths") progressing from inside to outside as follows: (English equivalent of the subject notion in brackets):

  1. aaNDmy-kaosh ("sheath of aaND which is pure bliss meaning happiness which is not followed by customary pain upon exhaustion of happiness and which is one of the three tt`v (essences) by which creator bRH`m is described with")
  2. viGNaanmy-kaosh ("sheath of viGNaan which is the knowledge of sciences of physical world")
  3. anaomy-kaosh ("sheath of mns which is loosely translated as mind-heart and which empowers a living being to perceive the knowledge gathered by the 5 GNaanaeNDRRiyo which are organs of gathering knowledge of the objects perceived in the universe and 5 kARmaeNDRRiyo which are the organs which produces action and motion in a living being")
  4. pRaaANmy-kaosh ("sheath of pRaaAN which is the vital force is the form of breath of a living being which animates the living being")
  5. an`nmy-kosh ("sheath of an`n meaning food which nourishes the physical body of a living being)

These invisible pNch-kaosh has a resemblance to the actual physical body of a living being as each kaosh correspondence to the powers which makes the physical body animate and live. The above knowledge is contained in various puraaAN, veD, aayuARveD which are the SCIENCES OF CREATION AND LIFE.....

(Compiled from veD text and posted by SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai misTRii with pRANaam to guru bRH`m and as anugRH (grace) of guru bRH`m whose many avtaar, kalaa and aNsh-kalaa in the naam (names) and ruup (forms) of rushio, munio, daevtaao and humans has left the knowledge of veD for the welfare and well-being of humanity and all creations: March 25, 2004)

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