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Previously PVAF has published news about the 1200 year old temple of SRii Venkateswara, who is commonly known as SRii viSH`ANu bhgvaan in veD texts. This temple is located at Tirupati in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India. Today PVAF continues to share more knowledge on who SRii viSH`ANu is and about his shk`ti (powers) to perform the functions He is ordained to perform in each creation cycle in each bRHmaaND (universe).....These powers are what draws humanity in huge number to His temple as seen at Tirupati in the last 2 weeks. Last 2 weeks were the first 2 weeks of the veDik month of faalguAN and will continue in the next month of vaeeshaaKH. According to Chapter 123 of vraaH puraaAN, SRii vraaH, the 3rd avtaar of SRii viSHANu says:

"On the 12th day of the shukl-pKSH (first half of a veDik month) my devotee should offer variety of coloured and fragrant flowers that bloom in the spring to me as per the prescribed vidhi and with supRiitaen-aNtr-aatmaa meaning with exceeding delighted aatmaa which resides in oneself with the following mNTR and with a purpose of purifying the mind: 'nmo naaraayAN; aum namo vaasu-Daevaa bearing conch and chkR; nmoastu to the ONE who is the lok-naath and pRviiraay (lord of the 14-lok in the universe and who is most distinguished, strong, powerful, heroic). You lord of trees, look at all the flowers that have blossomed with fragrance and juice at the advent of spring.' One who performs this puujaa in the month of faalguAN and vaeeshaaKH as per the prescribed viDHi will not return to this sNsaar but will go to my abode in vaeekuNTH"

viSH`ANu bhgvaan is the first manifestation of creator bRH`m as an self-born infant lying of a fig leaf at the start of a klp. At this time the cycle of creation restarts after completion of pRjaapti bRH`maa's klp-night of 4.32 billion years during which all that was created in previous klp day-cycle was dissolved back into pRjaapti bRH`maa at the end of bRH`maa day of 4.32 billion years of sARj (continual creation, s`thiti (sustenance of created) and ly (cyclic re-creation in birth-death cycles called sNsaar). The child SRii viSH`ANu becomes viSH`ANu-Daev after giving self-birth to pRjaapti bRH`maa in a lotus born out of the navel of child SRii viSH`ANu. viSHANu-Daev is ordained to sustain and protect from harm or destruction all that is created by pRjaapti bRH`maa and His sub-creators together with his shk`ti called lKSHmi-daevii. viSH`ANu-Daev does his ordained function by protecting DHARm who is a mind-born son of pRjaapti bRH`maa. DHARm is ordained to provide sustenance to all creations through the universal laws and regulations called DHARm with which the entire creation is supposed to co-exist and operate harmoniously and mutually supporting each other. It is for the protection and preservation of DHARm that SRii viSHANu takes 10 avtaar during every 4-yug cycle of 4.32 million years.

SRii vraaH, the 3rd avtaar of SRii viSHANu, describes in Chapter 124 of vraaH puraaAN how SRii viSHANu's shk`ti derived from creator bRH`m called maayaa does all that He is ordained to do to sustain all that is created.

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Above: Sage Bhrigu approaching Sri Maha Vishnu and Sri Maha Lakshmi; Below:  Sri Adi Varaha bringing up the Earth on His tusks

Top picture: Sage Bhrigu approaching Sri Vishnu and Sri Lakshmi resting on the coiled lap of shaeSH-naag;
Bottom picture: Sri Adi VraaH (3rd avtaar of Sri Vishnu) bringing up the Earth on His tusks.

This posting is part of learning veD at PVAF and will form a serial for the next while...

The knowledge in this serial will also be compiled on the veD page on this PVAF web site for a complete reading in one go and easy future reference.....



From vraaH puraaAN: Chapter 124:

124.1:   suut-muni said: After hearing the prescribed kARm for six seasons in a year pRUthivii (deity presiding over pRuthvii-lok) asked naaraayAN (SRii vraaH) again.

124.4-5:   viSH`ANu, I  am very anxious to know the most top secret which also is for my benefit if you are pleased to tell me. Daev, explain to me what you always call "my maayaa". What is that maayaa?. What does it look like? viSH`ANu, why is it called maayaa? From your answer I wish to know the great mystery about the meaning of maayaa.

124.6:   On hearing her words viSHANu, who is like a bamboo box carrying this maayaa, with a smile looking bright and splendid  answered vsuNDHraa (pRUthivii) with a sweet speech:

124.7:    bhuumi (pRUthivii), do not ask  questions about that maayaa least it may torment, afflict and molest with distress  bhuumi. You should not wish to know, understand, comprehend  maayaa

124.8:    Even to this day RuDRR, InDRR or pitaamH (bRH`maa) do not know my maayaa which pervades extensively and with great eminence similar to an aatmaa, then vsuNDHraa why do you ask about its same st`vM (nature, essence, being, existence, virtue, truth, strength, energy, inherent power)?


aum bRH`myae nmH:

This imparting of GNaan by SRii vraaH to pRUthivii is very simplistic knowledge about maayaa which any one can understand when one knows from actual life observation of how the world functions with very scientific and mathematical regulation, accuracy and predictability.

The explanation of SRii vraaH is verifiable by anybody through the empirical observations in every day life and does not require scientific  understanding of the background operational complexity of the powers of maayaa.

Creator bRH`m has said so many times in veD texts that no creation of His can or is suppose to understand "my maayaa" but everybody has to be bound by maayaa to exist as a creation and do kARm ordained for a creation.

We will continue to study maayaa in small steps and straight from the original text as presented in the left hand column in the days to come...

om tt st....on shaanti shaanti shaanti....

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