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The second largest Banyan Tree in the world grows on the Edison Estate of Thomas Edison Winter Home and Museum in Fort Myers, Florida, USA. This Banyan Tree - Ficus benghalensis - is the second largest of its kind in the world. It is 400 FEET around the base of this tree! This tree is botanically famous for sending down prop roots to support its wide-spreading branches, and the result is a single tree that looks more like a grove of trees. The only bigger one in the world grows near Calcutta, India, and this is one is monstrous indeed; the one tree covers more than 40 ACRES by itself! Banyan trees are closely related to common Rubber Trees, or Rubber Plants, that you may have in your living room right now

The Praying Hands


People suffering from all kinds of
life troubles or problems,
even childless couples....

WEBINDIA123.COM: Etaunja (UP) | May 28, 2005 1:34:44 PM IST

In today's jet age when one hears of things like people praying to a banyan tree, it is believed as superstition.

But to the villagers of Etaunja, some 40 kilometres from Lucknow, things certainly are different. The residents of this village have been praying to a 250-year-old banyan tree for generations. They believe that whosoever comes and prays here, gets his or her wish fulfilled. People suffering from all kinds of trouble or problem, even childless couples come and pray here, say the villagers. And if that is not all, they have also built a small temple near the tree. The tree is spread over an area of 72,000 square feet between mango trees.

"Whoever comes here Harbans baba blesses them and fulfils all their wish. Everybody believes in this. People come and pray here", said Raghuram, a local.

There is also a belief among people that nobody can cut this tree. Once a man tried to cut it but he died. So people are even more afraid of it.

Villagers however, say that praying the tree is not superstition and cannot be termed so, as Banyan tree has its own significance in Hindu mythology.

"Nobody says that it is superstitious. When people who are highly educated come here they say that praying to a banyan tree is mere superstition. But if people sit here and observe they will come to know that there is nothing superstitious about this tree. Banyan tree has its own place in the Hindu mythology", said Sumitra Devi, another local.

The Indian fig tree or Ficus bengalensis, is a tree whose branches root themselves like new trees over a large area. The roots then give rise to more trunks and branches. Because of this characteristic and its longevity, this tree is considered immortal and is an integral part of the myths and legends of India.

Even today, the banyan tree is the focal point of village life and the village council or the panchayat, meets under the shade of this tree. (ANI)

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Humanity always prays regardless of whom it believes in as a Creator or a higher power which controls life or even when it does not have this belief . The non-believers just need a life threatening or destructive incident when they feel humanly helpless and instantly they resort to praying in their own way..


As per Merriam Webster's Third International Dictionary the word PRAYER means the following divinity meanings:

  • a solemn and humble approach to Divinity in word or thought usually involving beseeching, petition, confession, praise, or thanksgiving as in "devoted a moment to silent prayer before beginning his task"

  • prayers - plural : earnest good wishes as in "whatever you decide you have my prayers"

  • the act or practice of praying : the addressing of words or thought to Divinity in petition, confession, praise, or thanksgiving as in "public prayer was then an accepted custom" or "friends and neighbors gathered in prayer for the dead"

  • a religious service consisting chiefly of prayers often used in plural as in "had regular family prayers "

  • a set form of words used in praying : a formula of supplication, confession, praise, or thanksgiving addressed to God or an object of worship as in "a book of prayers for different occasions"

  • something prayed for : a subject of prayer as in "God granted their prayer"

  • a slight or minimal chance (as to succeed or survive)

  • PRAYER implies that the request is made to one in authority or power and usually suggests humility and fervor as in "a very long distance between what the Department of Justice asks for in its prayer for relief and what the courts will grant in the form of a remedy"

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(from veDik texts)

  • Prior to the start of creation cylce of 4.32 billion years called klp in vEDik time reference, Creator bRH`m manifests HIMSELF in the form of a child  called mHaa-viSH`ANu. This child is seen resting on a leaf of banyan tree on the surface of the deluge which empowered all the creations of the previous creation cylce to be absorbed back into pRjaapti bRHmaa. Why the leaf of banyan tree?

  • siD`DHARth GOUtm, who is known as BuDH`DH BHgvaan and ninth avtaar of viSHANu-DEv, roamed in search of the understanding of  sorrow and suffering in this sNsaar (worldly life of birth-death cycles). At gyaa, a village on the banks of the river nirnjN, he sat in smaaDHi (mediation on Creator bRH`m) under a banyan tree for 49 days. He performed this smaaDHi and attained enlightenment there, and became known as the buDH`DH. The spot began to be referred to as the throne of wisdom, and the banyan tree is now known as the eternal wisdom tree, the aKSHy bODHivRUKSH.

  • In vaalmiki raamaayAN, in the fifty-third chapter in the aayoDH` KHND: On the first day of SHRii raam's exile to 14-year vnvaas (stay in the forest) demanded by his step-mother kEEkEyi-raaANi, it is evening. SHRii raam, his wife sitaa-DEvii and his brother lKSHmAN are resting for the night under a n`ygRODH tree ( a banyan tree), in the jungle, on their way to BHrDvaaj aaSHRm at pRyaag. The two brothers had hunted earlier during the day, killing four kinds of deer, and at sunset have sought whatever comforts the banyan tree could offer for the night. After finishing their sNDH`yaa (one of the 3 daily  worships at dawn, mid-afternoon and evening), SRii raam reminds his brother lKSHmAN that it is his  first night alone, without his wife sumNTRaa, away from aYODH`yaa. And then, he tells him he should not worry about that because all the happening was due to himself. Why was SRii raam telling his brother not to worry about anything when raam knew that their father would be dead simply because raam followed rules and regulations of DHARm in the relation between a mother and a son?



  • There lived once s`vEtkETu aruANEy, grandson of aruAN, who was the great-great grandson of pRjaapti bRH`maa. His father, uD`Dlk-muni, the son of aruAN, was explaining what aat`maa (soul) and prmaat`maa (supreme aat`maa = Creator bRH`m) in the creation and what we call life are:

    uD`Dlk asked s`vEtkETu to get a fruit of the banyan tree and told him to break open the fruit.

    "What do you see there?" asked the father.
    "These tiny seeds." replied s`vEtkETu
    "Break one of the tiny seed and tell me what you see" instructed UD`Dlk
    "I do not see anything in the seed" replied s`vEtkETu.

    The father said:
    • "If you do not see anything in the very tiny seed then were does the big banyan tree with its roots, trunks, branches, leaves flowers and fruits come from?
    • All these come from THAT is which you do not see. THAT which you do not see is the very thing in the great banyan tree which makes it exist.
    • In THAT unseen thing all creations exists.
    • And THAT unseen thing is the One (Creator bRH`m)
    • THAT is the aat`maa, and s`vEtKETu, you are THAT aat`maa."

    Why in this a seed of a banyan tree is mentioned as an example of the existing of Creator bRH`m?

Durer's Praying Hands

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PRAYER that from this 
(TRUE knowledge of
Creator bRH`m and yourself )
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