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Four horses and the Charioteer

YOUR aat`maa (soul) is the charioteer of
YOU body which is a chariot

The following is the sharing by SHRii chmpklaal DaajiBHaai misTRii from his vED library as a reflection on understanding how and why the news items such as this one today happens in the lives of humanity........

In the study of any text of vED, it is learnt that:

  • There is only ONE CREATOR GOD which remains unmanifest but manifests in different ruup (forms) and naam (names) which humans call creation.
  • This ONE CREATOR GOD Himself resides in all creations as the powers that make the body of the creation functional and live.
  • This ONE CREATOR GOD Himself  uses all the manifested bodies whether visible or invisible to the human eye and all other cognitive and conative senses of the body as a rth (chariot) to travel anywhere and every where and do all the things that one does starting from breathing when one is born to thinking, perceiving, remembering, talking, moving, all voluntary and involuntary body actions and functions. procreations, experiencing joy, pleasure and suffering and dying when one completes a life-travel with a body.
  • This  ONE CREATOR GOD Himself takes the form of the saaARthi (charioteer) of the chariot in the form of aat`maa (soul) and drives the manifested body to perform all that it performs during a life-travel.
  • The first 3 manifested forms of this ONE CREATOR GOD which are bRHmaa, viSHANu and shiv are equal to one  another and cannot exist without one another in the trinity form.
  • The rest of the manifested forms of this ONE CREATOR GOD which humans calls by 330 million names of gods and goddesses are only its specialized functional powers which manifests in bodily forms to perform dedicated and specialized functions that keeps the creation in the cycle of eternal creation, sustenance and de and re creations. 
  • And YOU yourself is also a manifested form of this ONE CREATOR GOD as a combination of YOU as a human being acting as saaARthi driving the rth in YOUR this life-travel and infinite more to come......

The above is stated in vED as snaatn st`yM meaning ETERNAL TRUTHS......and can be fully understood as SCIENCES OF CREATION AND LIFE and called vED.....

Without the understanding of vED humanity will face the situation that they are facing in their various man-made belief systems to cognize this ONE CREATOR GOD.....

And classic example of the resulting suffering and pain through the lack of vED knowledge is the news items such as this and the present world-wide conflicts between different races created by this ONE CREATOR GOD....and the root of the conflicts is the UNTRUE  understanding of this ONE CREATOR GOD in the various systems called religions....


Temple By-Laws:
Examples and Advice


We received several responses to our request for temple by-laws.

There are several available on the web: Nebraska Temple, here; Calgary Temple, here; Hindu Temple of Arizona, here; and Kentucky Hindu Temple, here.

None of these has been evaluated for "recommendation," only given as examples.

There is an account, here, of the difficulties faced by the Ganesha Temple in Flushing, New York, over a dispute about their by-laws.  For full details please click here to read the report on PVAF Aashram News Archive.

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Over the years, several issues have surfaced with regard to temple by-laws which we summarize here:

Board of Directors:

  • Is the board democratically elected or self-appointed?
  • The Flushing temple dispute is in this category, with one set of by-laws providing for election and a subsequent one for self-appointment.
  • Both methods are legal (usually), and the temple should be clear what is intended. In an extreme example, one temple board which is self-appointed is also claiming they can pass their position on to their children.
  • Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami recommended that the head temple priest be included on the board.
  • The by-laws can also spell out the general policies to be followed by the board with regard to money, such as limits on the taking of loans.
  • Priorities can be established such as the promotion of Hinduism among children and youth.


  • In some temples, it is not clear if a member has to be a Hindu or not.
  • If non-Hindus are allowed to join, then some criteria should be stated.


  • There is a general inclination to include more Deities over time, beyond the original ones installed in the temple. This can go so far as to change a temple originally with a Saivite orientation into one with a Vaishnavite orientation.
  • The by-laws should state which Deities are intended to be installed and a procedure, if any, for adding new ones so that there are not future debates.
  • Click here to read from the AASHRAM NEWS ARCHIVE an article, from Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami which lists out the key historical, philosophic and procedural elements he recommends each temple clearly define for itself. These can then be incorporated in the by-laws.


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