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The greatest myth about the common cold is that susceptibility to colds requires a weakened immune system.....And more scientific information is click on the site WELCOME TO COMMON COLD

In order to learn about the latest medications to help you to fight against cold in this kli-yug era which we live in PVAF has published an article from Edmonton Journal for your immediate handy tool...Please click on the line outside this box and enlighten yourself...

But before you do that please read the right column of this news item which is a sharing of vED sciences from his vED study and vED library by SRii Champak Mistry of Edmonton, Alberta....

As nature makes it happen every year, since December 22nd, the northern hemisphere of this planet earth is in winter season. And one of the most common affliction experienced by humans in winter is common cold. Current science can transplant a human heart but has been unable to have any medication to kill the virus which causes common cold in humans??!!!

aayuARvED which is the science of preservation of life is a small part of vED which is the total science which creates, sustains and cyclically creates life in a eternal time frame.....aayuARvED states that diseases which afflicts humans were created part of life creation. The ultimate purpose of a diseases is to terminate life to preserve the eternal birth-death life cycle called sNsaar. But diseases serve many purposes such as:

  • create DuKH (pain and suffering) as part of paapi kARm-fl (fruits of sinful kARm);
  • the first purpose of its creation by pRjaapti bRHmaa-DEv was to create death to avoid overcrowding which was occurring when HE first started creating as per HIS ordained duty as creator of all that exists in each of the infinite bRHmaaND (universes)
  • awaken human beings to avoid committing paapi kARm (sinful acts) and avoid DuKH with the constant presence of potential of having a diseases;
  • A disease is defined as anything or any malfunction of a body which threatens the loss of life.....

Based on the above vED knowledge one got to wonder why the present humanity is so engrossed in wiping out all diseases for a healthy and long life....when the solution is so simple: DO ONLY puAN`y kARm (non-sinful kARm which does not cause any harm or any pain to anybody. This by the way is also the basic rule of DHARm...and thus to follow DHARm every day in every act is the simplest solution to avoid diseases.

PVAF offers as much a forum as you wish to study, teach and share the SCIENCES OF CREATION & LIFE which is called in sNskRUt language vED.....For more information please contact PVAF by sending email by clicking here or write in the POST A COMMENT feature in the header of this news item...just click on it in the header and write away....


Colds: Winter's hot topic
No cure yet,
but a range of natural remedies
 help relieve symptoms

VANCOUVER: Amy O'Brian, CanWest News Service: December 26, 2005:

With the exception of the weather and maybe hockey, the details of our runny noses and scratchy throats -- and the remedies that supposedly cure them -- seem to seep into more winter conversations among Canadians than any other topic.

Everyone has a hand-me-down recipe or wonder-remedy they're eager to share, ranging from the unpleasant-sounding nasal douche to the tasty hot toddy.

But while every remedy has an advocate, not all remedies are created equal.

Dr. Art Hister, a regular commentator on health issues on radio and television in B.C., is skeptical of pretty much every natural remedy out there.

"I just don't think there's a whole lot of proof that they work, but on the other hand I don't think there's any downside to them," Hister says.

"I am a big fan of chicken soup, so that's a natural remedy.

"The more of it you take in, the better. I mean my mother's main phrase in life is, 'Ess, ess mein kind.' Eat more, eat more. That'll fix everything."

Despite his skepticism, Hister is willing to try new products if he thinks they're worthy.

So when a study was published in late October in the Canadian Medical Association Journal showing COLD-fx -- a Canadian ginseng-based supplement developed in Edmonton -- is effective against colds, Hister decided to try it.

Participants in the 323-person study took daily doses of either COLD-fx or a placebo for four months during the cold and flu season. The results showed that those who took COLD-fx had fewer upper respiratory infections during the trial period and their colds were shorter and less severe than those who took the placebo.

There haven't been any studies showing the effectiveness of COLD-fx if it's taken when the first symptoms appear, but Hister tried it and believes it may have had an effect on his most recent cold.

"I must say, I was skeptical about this stuff. I mean when Don Cherry is promoting something on TV, you've got to wonder," Hister says.

"On the other hand, I must tell you, I took it this last time because I got a cold just about the same time the study came out and again, I may be so easy to convince -- I should probably become a hypnotist's subject -- but hey, my cold was shorter than it has been in the past."

Allison McCutcheon, president of the Natural Health Product Research Society of Canada, says there are preventive benefits to several herbs and natural remedies, but none of them does much of anything once you're in the throes of a nasty cold.

McCutcheon acknowledges evidence on the benefits of echinacea is a bit cloudy, but believes it works well as a preventive measure against colds.

"It's really key that as soon as you get that first symptom, you start taking it, right away," she says.


DRIPPY                          SNEEZY

"If you're already two or three days into a cold and then try it, it's not going to do anything. No point. Save your money."

But unlike COLD-fx, echinacea is not meant to be taken daily throughout the course of the cold season.

"It's not recommended really to be taken all winter long to prevent a cold because after a while, the immune stimulant effect actually gets suppressed," McCutcheon says.

"So if you want to use it as a preventive, you should be taking it when you're at high risk, like if someone else in your family has a cold or if you're going to be on an airplane or if you're going to be cooped up for a long time with other people who probably have a cold."

It's common sense to avoid squeezing yourself into small spaces with a bunch of sickies, as is dressing warmly during the winter.

New research shows there is at least some science to that age-old mothers' admonition that you'll catch your death if you don't wear a warm jacket during the winter.

Researchers at Cardiff University's Common Cold Centre recently completed a study where they paid 90 subjects to sit for 20 minutes with their feet immersed in icy water. In the days following, 13 of the students reported symptoms such as runny noses or sore throats. Only five of the 90 students in the control group reported similar symptoms.

"The theory is that it isn't that the exposure to cold actually produced a cold in these people, (but that) it stimulated viruses that are all over the place to grow more easily," Hister explains.

"Hey, my mother always said, 'Don't go out with wet hair 'cause you're going to catch double pneumonia' ... and you know what? Maybe she was right."


A few natural cold remedies that may (or may not) work for you:

- Echinacea: The jury's still out on whether echinacea works, but many people swear by it. The plant extract is most potent when taken in liquid form. Allison McCutcheon, president of the Natural Health Product Research Society of Canada, says it's most beneficial when taken at the very first sign of a sniffle or when you know you're going to be exposed to sick people.

- Zinc: This mineral is essential to proper functioning of your immune system and may be effective in reducing the length and severity of a cold if it's taken as a preventative measure. Nearly all drug stores and health food stores sell zinc lozenges that also contain vitamin C -- another contentious cold remedy.

- Andrographis: This natural herbal remedy is fairly new to the North American market, but has been used by Scandinavians for the past decade or so to ward off colds, and has been used for ages in India (it's also been dubbed "Indian echinacea") and other parts of Asia for gastrointestinal problems and other ailments. McCutcheon says there is some indication andrographis is even more beneficial when combined with ginseng.

- Hot Toddy: Hot drinks -- whether alcoholic or not -- are comforting and can soothe sore throats and coughs. Add a little rum or whisky to your lemon and honey concoction and you'll likely sleep better too.

The Edmonton Journal 2005


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