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Restored Brahma Deity
To Be Reinstalled At
Thailand Erawan Shrine

THAILAND, May 1, 2006: The restored image of the four-faced Lord Brahma will be reinstalled at its Erawan Shrine at Ratchaprasong Intersection in the next 10 days, said caretaker Deputy Prime Minister and Culture Minister Surakiat Sathirathai yesterday morning, following an inspection of the progress of the repairs to the holy Deity, which was completely destroyed by a mentally ill man on March 20. "I'd like to publicize [the event] and invite faithful Thais and foreigners to join the ceremony together in the next 10 days," said Surakiat.

The auspicious date and time for the installation ceremony will be computed by brahmans and experts after the restored image of the famous four-face Hindu deity, which is made from the remains of the old Deity, is covered with gold leaf.

On that day, the image of Brahma, locally known as Than Tao Mahaprom, will be carried to the Erawan Shrine in an elaborately decorated car procession that will pass several significant places in Bangkok like the City Shrine, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Giant Swing, to allow people to worship it.

Following the installation, the Culture Ministry will carry out a gold-casting ceremony for the production of another image of Brahma that will be made from auspicious nine metals and kept at the National Museum. The image of Brahma was originally built in 1956 with plaster and covered with gold leaf. It is deeply respected by Thais and foreigners.

People offer colourful flower garlands, lotus, incense and candles. Often, if a wish has been granted, people thank the spirits by donating teak elephants or commissioning the classical Thai dancers and live orchestra.


bRH`maa-DEv golden idol at Erawan Shrine in Thailand

bRH`maa is one of the TRI-muARti trinity of bRH`maa-viSH`ANu-shiv who respectively creates, sustains and cyclically recreates all that exists in a bRHmaaND (universe). All the three of the trinity have to exist simultaneously as they are the manifested ruup (forms) of rjs, st`v and tms guno of mHaa-maayaa and these three guno cannot exist by themselves. Also none of the trinity is greater or lesser than the other.

PVAF on this web site has published a lot of information on each one of the trinity on vED page and in articles in archive of AASHRAM NEWS.   Please click on the yellow hilite to educate yourself about the trinity of fundamental creation and life.

There are only a few temples dedicated to the worship of bRH`maa in populations living by the sciences of vED....However there are innumerable temples dedicated to the worship of viSH`ANu and shiv. The reason for this is the curse of shiv on bRH`maa when bRH`maa used aDHARmik means to prove his superiority over shiv....

(The above write-up has been contributed by SHRii Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada....who has also shared tremendously the original knowledge from his vED library on all pages on this web site...)


Please click on the next line to learn more about the Erawan Shirne and look at pictures of worship in motion of bRH`maa-DEv....Also read about the understanding in Thailand peoples about bRH`maa DEv who ares the vEDik TRI-muARti Trinity of bRH`maa-viSH`ANu-shiv.....


Brahma San Phra Phrom or Erawan Shrine
The Brahma History
(from web site reachable by clicking on the yellow hilite)

San Phra Phrom or Erawan Shrine was created as a spirit house connected to the Erawan Hotel, which has now made way for the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel.

The forces of the typical Thai spirit house didn't seem effective enough during the building of the hotel, so spiritual persons advised that it should be replaced with the four-headed image of Brahma or Phra Phrom in Thai. There have been no further hitches since then, and the shrine has became famous for bringing good fortune. The name Erawan comes from Brahma's thirty-three headed elephant.

The Brahma History

According to the bible of the Brahma religion there are three gods each possessing differing moral principles, greatness, and miracles.

The three gods are directly responsible for human welfare; they are collectively called "Tree Murati" and consists of Vishnu, Siva, and Brahma.

Brahma is believed to be the Creator of all things of the world. He is the "Sayampoo" meaning one who originates himself. He is cool-tempered and possess the highest moral principles.

He is full of kindness, mercy, sympathy, and impartiality. These four precepts comprise the "Conscientious Behaviour" corresponding to Buddhist teaching which instructs Buddhist of the four Dharma. Besides creating the world, Brahma also creates heaven and human beings.

The origin of Brahma is a rather complicated story because each legend has its own version. Some say that Brahma originated inside a golden egg; some say that He originated inside a lotus sprouting up from Vishnu's navel while the latter was sleeping on the back of the Naga King at Kasean Ocean; some say that Brahma is the split-up person of Vishnu at the time he was to create the world.

Brahma has a red torso; is four-headed or four-faced. However, according to one Hindu book initially Brahma has five faces but He once enraged Siva by making an insulting speech. Siva, using miracle, opened his third eye (Siva has three eyes;

Whenever his third eye opens, an event of great magnitude is bound to happen) and started at the first head of Brahma and thus flamed it to tiny particles. That is why Brahma has only four faces.

Brahma has four hands (some say eight); one hand carries a walking stick, one carries two spoons, another carries a pot, and the last one carries a bible. A bead string hangs from His neck. He is armed with a bow called Paraweeta and has a hansa (a while horse in the version of the Lama sect story) as the beast of burden.

The abode of Brahma is called Brohmbharuenatha situated that the Brahma abode is higher than heaven and Brahma is divided into many types viz Material Brahma and Non-material Brahma. The Material Brahma has 16 levels. The 16 levels Brahma has only men and no women. The Brahma himself sits forever still.

The Non-material Brahma is even higher. It has no matter but has only mind. There are all together 4 levels. Those who are to be born to be Brahma must have practised basic meditation from Primary Chaan till Panjama Chaan. Who is to live in which Brahma level depends on his/her Chaan practised in each activity.

The Brahma wife is Sarasawadee who has created by Brahma himself. Brahma has good disposition: cool-tempered and gives blessing to whoever asks for it.

He is full of the four Dharma viz kindness, mercy, sympathy, and impartiality and extends his benevolence to all animals.

At the time the Lord Buddha rose to heaven to preach his mother who lived in the second level heaven, it was Indra's and Brahma's wife is held by brahmins as the goddess of the intellect and technical matters. She is the mother of Phravet and invented the Thevanakree alphabets.

Sarasawadeeis a beautiful woman with soft-white torso. She has four hands: on her right she carries a bouquet for worshipping Brahma in one hand and a palm-leaved bible in another, on her left is a pearl necklace called Sivamala in one hand and a harp in another. She is usually enthroned on a lotus dais or a peacock back and sometimes uses the hansa as her beast of burden.

Brahma together with Sarasawadee helped create everything on this earth and Sarasawadee was the creator of the Thevanakree alphabets and Sanskrit language. She also loves and supports the Arts and Sciences.


You can see when you are near the shrine because you will see them selling lots of stuff for the shrine.

She is praying and showing respect to the shrine, wishing herself good luck in the future.

The close-up of Phra Prom = Brhama who has four-faces and four hands.

Everyone puts garlands on the fence and this man has got to clear it up. It's a boring full day job.

Copyright information: All pictures by Nattawud Daoruang. Information from 'Than Tao Mahaprom Foundation' published by Erawan Hotel. Additional information by Richard Barrow and Nattawud Daoruang.

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The man who is praying is the one who paid for them to dance.




Maybe a wish he asked for came true. He had to pay 710 baht for all 8 dancers. The dancers dance many times a day. They must be very tired. However, not every is needed. Some people only pay for 2 dancers as it is cheaper.


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