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evening sky conjunction:

From Doc Searls Weblog: Right now there's a dance going on in the evening sky, between two planets on the far side of the Sun: Saturn and Mars. Right now they're about as close as they ever get — from our perspective, anyway. The graphic above is a close-up of how they looked yesterday evening, here on the West Coast of the U.S. They'll be drifting farther apart over the next several days. If you're also lucky, you can also spot Mercury down near the horizon, below and to the right of Saturn and Mars, and below and to the left of Castor and Pollux, the twin stars in Gemini.

As it happens, the conjunction of Mars and Saturn is happening next to the Beehive cluster in Cancer, an otherwise non-recognizable constellation. Very pretty in binoculars or telescope. Leo, which actually looks something like a lion, also appears to be chasing all three planets toward the Sun.

By the way, the bright "star" overhead for the next couple months is Jupiter, which is relatively close to us at this point. If your eyes are especially sharp, you can spot some of Jupiter's' four brightest moons, which appear to be stars close by the giant planet.


Mars and Saturn In Conjunction:

Sunday, June 18, 2006: NewsKerala

Two bright planets, Mars and Saturn will have a very close approach on Saturday evening.

On the occasion, Saturn and Mars squeeze to a mere 0.6 degrees apart from each other and it will be one of the closer planet to planet groupings of the year.

In reality, the two are millions of kilometres apart. But viewed from Earth, it will appear as if they are touching. They will be about half a degree away from each other, that is a little less than the width of a little finger held against the sky at an arm's length.

This will be the closest that Mars and Saturn have been in the evening sky since 1978. Pale orange Mars will rise toward yellow Saturn and then continue upward after they appear to pass each other.

The Red Planet will appear to pass just to the north of Saturn, the brighter of the two. The planets will appear side by side about one hour after sunset.

After Saturday, June 17, 2006, sky gazers can watch the two planets start to move apart.

Astronomers say that People in India, even some areas in Asia and Africa will witness the rare phenomenon provided the sky is clear.

According to Dr. Rathnasree, Director, Nehru Planetarium here, the conjunction of Mars and Saturn would have not any adverse effect on human life.


Maksutov's Avatar

The conjunction will be visible after the sun sets, because the two planets are to the east of the Sun. The best time for observation lasts for 60 minutes. On the evening of June 17, Mars is to the west of Saturn; on the evening of June 18, Mars will be to the east of Saturn.

People can start observation 40 minutes after the sunset.

If you look at Saturn with your binoculars, you'll see a lovely cluster of stars below it. That's the Beehive and it's virtually the only item of interest in the constellation Cancer the Crab.

However if one believes in Astrology than it has another story to say as every planetary combination has a personal effect depending upon the horoscope and overall impact on various nations depending on the horoscope.

Since Mars and Saturn conjuncts in that of Cancer, therefore it could effect in the following ways.

  • Countries close to the sea will have problems.
  • In India places like southern side of the country Tamil Nadu, Kerala and western side also can have problems.
  • Mass death, fluctuation of markets, conflicts and differences between the UPA partners will be problems.
  • As such June 15 to 24, 2006 will be problematic.
  • The frequency of mass death will increase. Most will be less than 5,000 people range.
  • Chinese people refer to it as "ghost fire" as in ancient China, people believed that the spirit of the dead could enter that star cluster.
PVAF is posting this news article a few days late for the actual event of Saturn-Mars conjunction which happened on June 17/18, 2006....but YOU will still be able to observe some sort of closeness if you hurry up tonight....PVAF is publishing this event news as astronomy and astrology is very much an inherent part of learning vED = SCIENCES OF CREATION AND LIFE....As a matter of fact astronomy, astrology and all the mathematics connected with them is in jyotish-shaasTR which is one of  six vEDNgaa (ancillary part of vED)....And vED states that all creations in the universe affects one another...just like Confucious said that a butterfly fluttering its wings on this planet earth is affecting some part of the universe......

(from the vED library of SHRii Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

In vEDik astrology and astronomy, nine planets are mentioned which affect all creations in their lives with good and bad vibrations. The nine planets mentioned are: Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun, raaHu and kEtu.....

Are these nine planets the same as the nine planets in the solar system that the current astronomy knows?

Please share your answer with the rest of the humanity by clicking on the POST A COMMENT button in the header of this news item and write away....

Please click on the next line to enlighten YOURSELF more on the Saturn-Mars conjunction from around the world and also see some wonderful photos of the heavens with these planets....


A Note on Mars/Saturn Conjunction
From vEDik Astrology

ByChakrapani Ullal

It is not uncommon to see two or more planets very close together in a chart. It is called an astrological conjunction. A conjunction brings about a significant interaction of the involved planets’ energies. The effects can be malefic or benefic, depending on the nature of the planets involved.

Due to current events, I will be discussing the dynamics of a conjunction with regards to the planets of Mars and Saturn as they will be conjunct in the next few months of 2002. This conjunction is universal to our whole planet. All nations, cultures, and individuals will feel the effects of this conjunction. The magnitude, intensity, and variance of these effects will differ relative to a nation or individual’s chart.

Mars and Saturn are said to be in conjunction when they are in the same house, especially when they’re close to one another. They influence each other. For example, in this case of Mars-Saturn conjunction, Mars is a planet of energy, aggressiveness, anger, conflicts, dispute, and agitation. Whereas, Saturn is the planet of suffering, trouble, delays, obstacles and obstructions. Such influences of the planets are tempered by the sign in which they are located. These are further tempered by the sign in which they are situated. For example, Mars in Aries has a different nature that Mars in Taurus. Similarly, the Saturn is also influenced by the sign in which it belongs.

When such a combination exists in a chart, it is generally considered destructive But there are always elements of positive influence that manifest. While you are aware of the destructive nature of this planetary configuration, I can list some of the benefits that it can bring:

This combination enhances the ability to think, and brings logic, diplomacy and strategy which will help anybody to survive.

The combination increases the person’s ability to take challenges and does not allow them to feel defeated. Therefore, it makes the person rise to the occasion and fight it out and not get a sense of defeat, even when defeated. The Spirit becomes optimistic.

While it gives tremendous experience in dealing with life, by making the person go through all kinds of difficult experiences, these very experiences enable the person to rise above the circumstances and become successful. Things which are difficult to change can be changed. It is because of this planetary combination that people or countries can make radical changes which would otherwise take ages. These changes ultimately bring progress. These planets remove laziness and promote action and busy-ness. This planetary connection promotes hard work, which is always good.

Mars, when aspecting the Saturn, gives power to Saturn. The power of Mars is energy and action. It makes people awaken to the challenges of life and become action oriented.

People who have a restricted boundary of thinking and who are afraid to go beyond these limitations created by themselves, when under pressure of the Mars Saturn conjunction, are forced to break the barriers and go beyond.

Apart from the Saturn Mars conjunction, similar types of results can also be expected, when Saturn and Mars are in mutual reception or in opposition. Meaning they are aspecting each other but in another way. The results of the Saturn Mars conjunction or aspects are different for different rising signs therefore one has to make adjustment in understanding their influences. When the Saturn Mars conjunction or aspects exist in an individual’s natal chart, the impending transit carries the dominant influence for those individuals; no matter what house or sign they are in transit. If the conjunction is not present in the natal chart, when they are just transiting in the sky, they may not make much impact especially when the Dasha Bhuktis are favorable in the individual chart. But in the case of countries or nations, the results may be viewed differently.


Our solar system

On April 5th, Mars enters the sign of Taurus. Saturn is already transiting Taurus. Mars will stay in Taurus until May 19th 2002. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is a benevolent planet. It also rules the second house of the zodiac. Taurus is represented by the bull. So the planets, when they transit this sign, are influenced by the qualities of the bull. It is also influenced by the nature of the second house, which is the house of wealth and happiness. In this case, since two malefics are transiting Taurus, it affects the wealth and happiness of the people concerned. Generally this affects most people, but specifically people whose transits are negative (for example if you are a Taurus rising).

To view the chart of this celestial event, please click here

In addition to that, the current transit of Saturn is also suffering from another major setback which increases its malefic tendencies. It is suffering from what is known as Rohini Shakata Bheda; Saturn passing through Taurus at a specific angle. At some point in the future we will be explaining this phenomenon, as it is an article in itself! This transit of Saturn in Taurus with its position in Rohini Shakata Bheda is unique and will only happen in the same sign in about another 30 or 60 years as case may be. In the past, this conjunction associated itself with war events like the First and Second World War as well as the Vietnam War.

This unique transit of Saturn is going to be difficult from many points of view. One can see acts of sabotage, fire, accident, war-like tendencies, natural disasters, etc. One can see this in the months of April, May, June and July, in many countries of the world. This will also tend to affect economic progress. Therefore, this is not a good time for investment activity. There could be bearish tendencies in many different industries. It is a time for caution.

It will be interesting to note that in the month of May and June there are many planets coming together like Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Rahu, Moon and Sun. Naturally when this many planets are together with malefics like Mars, Saturn and Rahu, no doubt you can anticipate some fireworks.

Added to this is a major solar eclipse on June 10th which intensifies the malefic nature of this combination. The results arising out of this eclipse could be anticipated anytime between June to December 2002. Generally the eclipses are bad. Indications are for politics, politicians, and countries, when the eclipse is taking place in unfavorable houses for those countries and those politicians. It will also affect individuals especially those whose Sun, Moon, rising sign, etc, are either in Taurus or Scorpio. This eclipse is also considered bad for the environment because during the eclipse, there is an increase carbon dioxide and a decrease in oxygen (the life-giving force) thereby weakening the immune system of those people who are already affected by weak immune systems.

So therefore it would be appropriate for people to be careful about their health, not to be in a hurry, avoid accidents, cautious about risky investments, and travel only when it is necessary. Most of all, watch your immune system.

Ultimately, all these planetary conjunctions are a challenge to our strength and therefore that is the beginning of gaining a handle on our lives to rise above and face better times ahead. Unless we are challenged by the circumstances of life and thereby gain experience, we cannot learn to live with confidence and ease.

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download 
 the highest resolution version available.

The Ecliptic Plane
Credit: The Clementine Project

Explanation: The Plane of the Ecliptic is well illustrated in this picture from the 1994 lunar prospecting Clementine spacecraft. Clementine's star tracker camera image reveals (from right to left) the Moon lit by Earthshine, the Sun's corona rising over the Moon's dark limb, and the planets Saturn, Mars, and Mercury. The ecliptic plane is defined as the imaginary plane containing the Earth's orbit around the Sun. In the course of a year, the Sun's apparent path through the sky lies in this plane. The Solar System's planetary bodies all tend to lie near this plane, since they were formed from the Sun's spinning, flattened, proto-planetary disk. The snapshot above nicely captures a momentary line-up looking out along this fundamental plane of our Solar System.

Mars/Saturn conjunction June 17/18, 2006

From Astrolink:

Greetings all,

Mars and Saturn (in Leo) now engage in a t-square with Chiron retrograde opposing (from Aquarius) and Jupiter retrograde (in Scorpio) sits the apex point.

Mars will form an exact conjunction with Saturn around midnight June 17, 2006 at 8:46 Leo. Jupiter in Scorpio retrograde (currently at 10 degrees) will square Saturn all month, Chiron is currently retrograde at 9:26 Aquarius. Jupiter retro and Saturn come to an exact conjunction June 23, on June 18, Mars forms an exact opposition to Chiron retro and an exact sq to Jupiter retro Saturn opposes Chiron retro on June 20.

It’s not surprising if you are already feeling the pressure of this intense configuration – especially so as today’s moon in Scorpio activates the tsquare. Those with planets around these mid degrees (about 5 to 12 degrees of the fixed signs) are certain to feel overly saturated or confronted by the moment.

Mars and Saturn bring ending and/or culmination points; they are a frustration duo and also traditionally deal with war and death. If you have been working hard toward a goal, you could see successful attainment, if you have been hanging on for dear life despite an obvious expiry date, then you may wasting at least one your most precious resources (TIME, that is.) Jupiter in Scorpio intensifies the overall experience and offers great potential for major change and transformation. Jupiter in retrograde is suggestive of deeper forces from within that are “pulling the strings”. Jupiter and Chiron as part of the current configuration both single out this moment as an extra-ordinary threshold, - with both in retrograde, their influences can be likened to the underground rumblings of a volcano about ready to erupt.

As a special messenger, Chiron’s influence points to what is keeping you awake – it represents an “excitement” point (a stimulant) and also pulls the attention/energy toward a specific (important/special) goal. Chiron in Aquarius retrograde “liberates” from the “inside out” – the experience can be one of shattering or of attainment (and often some of both.) (the retrograde experience can create inner divides or inner illuminations –perhaps it’s a chaotic inner experience, perhaps inner rebellion, perhaps it’s a time of inner “light-bulbs” flashing away.) Much that is experienced through Chiron’s intensification point also mirrors/re-energizes the crises and (potential) healing points of key past lifetime experiences. Yep, it’s all familiar terrain and it’s all been done before. When it comes to repeating of the past or to moving it forward - Jupiter in Scorpio retrograde sits at the point of the “coin toss position”.

Jupiter in Scorpio retro provides a more direct access to deeper soul urges. Jupiter in Scorpio retrograde relative to Chiron in Aquarius in retrograde will shine a light into that which was previously hidden from view..../clue you in to hidden agendas - those of your own soul urges or you'll see it played out externally. This is a time of great revelations - those "ah, ha" moments that can suddenly arrive but that have probably been in the works for quite some time. (is it rude awakening time or do you feel that are the hands of the clock in just the right position?)

Pay close attention and hone your observational skills. The play-out of circumstances will show you whether your soul currently wants more knowledge/experience that plummets you into the depths of the taboo experience (ie: knowing what isn’t in your best interests but going after it anyway), or whether your inner orientation is directed toward a more freeing and transformative experience (without requiring the walk through hell first.) Both directions will produce the intentions of the moment – that of some very significant surpassing and a radical shifting of gears.

Of course, the collective experience is greatly intensified now too. While it’s difficult to “direct the spin”/be truly effective as an individual when these larger forces are operative, it’s all a matter of how we respond to the larger experience – and in order to respond to the greater good of all, we first have to recognize the interconnectedness of everything that we now experience. We each contribute to the collective undercurrents through our thought patterns, fears, hopes, apathy, ambitions and through our every moment exchanges with each other.

Don't forget to breathe!

Namaste to all,

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Saturn hugs Mars, astrologers squirm

TIMES OF INDIA: Neha: Sunday, June 18, 2006

NEW DELHI: Saturn will hug Mars on Sunday night in a celestial embrace astronomers term conjunction. While skywatchers prepare for a visual feast, astrologers are calling it a disastrous encounter.

Soothsayers have warned that the conjunction is bound to upset the usual order of things. For instance, Brazil, scheduled to play against Australia in a FIFA World Cup tie at 9.30 pm, could be in for a surprise.

In fact, astrologer Bejan Daruwalla predicts the FIFA World Cup will have an "unusual" winner and the Rakhi Sawant case will further flare up. All because of the planetary hug.

Saturn and Mars will come closest on Sunday night and appear to touch each other.

"In reality, the two are millions of kilometres apart. But viewed from Earth, it will appear as if they are touching. They will be about half a degree away from each other, that is a little less than the width of a little finger held against the sky at an arm's length," says C B Devgan, of SPACE, an NGO.


Venus Square Neptune, Sun Opposition Pluto, Mars Conjunct Saturn Square Jupiter, and Uranus Stationary Retrograde

Aquarius Papers-Global Astrology: June 15, 2006: by Robert Wilkinson

We've entered the storm zone, so heads up and stay aware of this sequence of heavy duty aspects over the next week. The Venus square Neptune crested this morning, showing us the winds of destiny and forms of future blessings. It will take courage to "part the curtains leading to a sacred pathway," and enter into the unknown. Find a way of connecting to the source of life and light, strengthen your self-discipline, deepen your insight, and hold on to your great realizations while cultivating self-confidence through forms of purification, however that applies to your life.

I've already spoken extensively about the Mars conjunct Saturn with both square Jupiter in this article. The Jupiter square Saturn will last quite a few months, so don't forget that will bring ongoing lessons of mindfulness, imagination, and generation of goodwill without rigidity or extravagance through November.

Uranus on its station always brings major shifts and changes in the world at large, and with the other dynamic aspects, I'm sure we're in for a shift in tides very soon across a broad spectrum of worldly affairs. Expect that to happen in your lives wherever mid-Pisces falls in your charts, as well as the house areas of Capricorn and Aquarius, as Uranus is the spiritual ruler of those signs.

The only thing I'll add is that the lessons accompanying the last Full Moon show that we need to know the truth, tell the truth, and not allow that which is inferior or undermining to seize power by accepting it so easily. Resist the negative right up front, and if appropriate, find the right helper or superior to move your affairs forward.

Definitely know what is commanding you, or what you need to send out a command about, even as you are led toward less hassle. If you're moving into conflict, get clear, be willing to compromise as far as you can without jeopardizing your integrity or the integrity of the situation, and find someone who can end the hassle amicably.

If you're at the beginning of an enterprise, consider the trends each believes to be their own, and make sure they harmonize. If they don't, you're seeing the seeds of future conflict. Carefully consider all factors and beliefs and duties and responsibilities, and make sure each holds up their end of the bargain. We're moving into a very pressured time, so stay clear and consider a lot of it rehearsal for things to come.


From top to bottom: Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter line up for a rare meeting forming an equilateral triangle in the sky above the storm clouds on April 11, 2000 at dusk. A sight like this will not be seen for another 80 years. Photo taken from Big Creek Lake north of Des Moines, Iowa, USA- 20 sec exposure using 28-80mm lens @f/3.5 on Kodak Elitechrome 200 film. (google image)


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