HINDUS IN SPAIN CELEBRATE jnmaaSH`tmii IN 2006.......
Posted by Vishva News Reporter on September 16, 2006


Hindu Temple in Benalmadena, Spain,
Celebrates Janmastami

Hinduism Today: COSTA DEL SOL, SPAIN, September 14, 2006

The Hindu Temple of Benalmadena, on the Costa del Sol near Malaga, Spain, recently celebrated Krishna Janmastami. The temple is located by the Parque de la Paloma (Park of the Dove).

The temple has a total area of 1,993 square meters and is single story with five domes.

SHRii kRUSH`AN & raaDHaa

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Hindu Temple of Benalmadena located by the Parque de la Paloma (Park of the Dove)
Costa del Sol near Malaga, Spain


3 Devii - paaARvti, lx`mi, srs`vti


lxmAN, Shree raam, sitaa-Devi


Devotees praying


JnmaaSH`tmii Celebration with prayers by children



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