Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on July 4, 2001

Today is the second day of the 5-day Jayaa-Paarvati vrat. During these five days, those performing the vrat will be offer intense bhakti to Paarvati-maataa. Part of performing a bhakti is to remember the glories of the devataa to whom bhakti is offered. Let us know some of the glories of Paarvati-maataa today........

Parvati-maataa's basic nimmitt has been to protect its bhakto and the shrusti so they can serve Brhmah. Here is some of her krupa to her bhakto:

1. Arjun of Paandavo brothers in Mahaabhaarat was constantly guarded by Paarvatti-devi during Paandavo's 13 year van-vaas (exile in forest).

2. Krishna-bhagvaan during his avatar once propitiated Paarvatiji and obtained boons to have sixteen thousand wives; Krishna to have a handsome form, get affection from his relatives and have prosperity to offer food to seven thousand atithi (guests) daily.

3. Paarvati-devi expounded to Gangaa-devi the sva-dharma of women during their various aashramo in life which then became the standard for all women.

WARNING: It is adhaarmic and dangerous for one to offend any devataao and especially Paarvatti-devi. The devo can never bear sons by their own wives because of a curse of Paarvati-devi on them. The curse resulted from anger in Paarvati-devi when devo asked Shiv-bhagvan to not bear a son of Paarvati-devi because the whole world would not be able to support a son born of them because of the shakti that the son would get from Shiv-bhagvaan. And Shiv-dev agreed to do so.

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