Posted by Ashram News Reporter on July 12, 2001

Prajapati Vishva Asharm had one of its proudest moment on July 1, 2001 when a start-up compilation of the Sanskrit Glossary was hosted on the Message Board in the Prayer Forum. Today we have completed moving this Sanskrit Glossary to the new web page titled Sanskrit Glossary. This new page gives you access to the Glossary in alphabetical format and easily readable style.....We pray that this Sanskrit Glossary is expanded every day.......But we need your contribution ... please help to help generations to come they may prosper with this Brhmah-gnan....

Another milestone today for Prajapati Vishva pursuit of its primary mandate to spread knowledge....But again, like all the three other social programs of Prajapati Vishva Ashram (Gujarat Internet Program, Education Scholarship Program and the Web Site Development) this Sanskrit Glossary compilation is not a one person human project. Shree Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry has, of his own free will, initiated this project in the pujya memory of his late father Shree Dajibhai Makanji Mistry and as his love for his mother pujya Kunverba - both of whom nourished him and are still nourishing him to always search for knowledge and spread the knowledge as seva to Bhagvaan. Shree Champakbhai has promised to provide leadership for this program to continue and evolve and will make his own contribution.... but he has said previously:

"This task is not a one person task. All Prajapatio and others who are interested in Ved and living by Ved, which is pure knowledge of creation, are welcome to participate in this compilation. Compilers, writers, proof-readers are needed. The Glossary in itself will transmit a lot of knowledge as this compilation is beyond what a dictionary gives. The compilation is referenced to all the possible Ved and all the knowledge based writing available. This means a once in a life time chance forgnanio (scholars) to do their daily Brhmah-yagna on a universal platform called Prajapati Vishva Ashram. My prayers to you all to join in and create a prosperous lifestyle based on pure knowledge for our progeny.

This attempt to create a Sanskrit Glossary for the study of creation and life in it, which is by acquisition of knowledge, is not meant to create a dictionary. But this attempt is to create a unique documentation of knowledge in its entirety possible at a moment in time for each human to understand each of his Karma (action) in context with this creation in all its aspects holistically. Of course this compilation will not be ever complete as the Truth is infinite and will only be revealed to us to the extent we are ready to receive it......The preparedness to receive it is again dependent on how much we have received it.... which means every attempt by us now will be a blessing to our progeny whom we would have blessed with the greatest gift of prosperity ...... preparedness with gnan (knowledge) to live dharmically with ritt and satya...... and pass on to their progeny........OM TAT SAT"

We pray to Brhmah that through his shakti Sarasvati-devi who is Gayatri-maata, the mother of ved, bestow His and Her krupa (grace) on all of us that this Sanskrit Glossary be compiled enough at all times to come for us to understand ritt and satya of His creation. This understanding will enable us all to co-exist harmoniously and enable each one of us to walk on our path with free will to serve Him forever through gnan which creates the entire srusthi.

Prajapati Vishva Ashram appreciates this show of this aatmic leadership by Shree Champakbhai. Also many many blessings to our Webmaster Bhavin Mistry who has created the database for this Glossary and who would be actively involved in expanding the features in the Glossary such as search functions and publishing pictures and maintaining the glossary in use.

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