years of kARm-yog & bhk`ti ...started initially by 5 FAMILIES OPENS GITA MANDIR ON SEPTEMBER 13-14, 2008.....IN PIETERSBURG, SOUTH AFRICA ....
Posted by Vishva News Reporter on September 8, 2008


Pietersburg, south africa
 Hindu Seva Samaj

invites you all to their Official Opening
Murti Sthapna Mahotsav
Shree Gita Mandir
September 13-14  2008
Pietersburg Hindu Seva Samaj,
P.O. Box 269, Polokwane, South Africa 0700

Tel: (015) 292 1380, (015) 297 1227,
(015) 292 0496, (015)297 5223

Fax: (015) 292 1381, 297 9999, 297 8483
Email :

This news item was contributed by Shree Dinesh Mistry, a medical doctor serving humanity with his practice in Golden, British Columbia, Canada who is a former resident of Pietersburg, South Africa where he grew up and got his medical degree... The news item was approved for publishing here by Jyotiben of Pietersburg Hindu Seva Samaj......

Please click on the next line to read the full invitation from Pietersburg Hindi Seva Samaj to the opening of their Shree Gita Mandir and to have a DARshan of DEvo who are gracing the Mandir to bless this humanity as per vED = SCIENCES OF CREATION AND LIFE.....


The Officials & Members of
Pietersburg, South Africa Hindu Seva Samaj

Cordially Invite You and Your family
to the Official Opening

shree Gita Mandir
Murti Stapna Mahotsav

Shree Gita Mandir
Cnr. Crescent and Monsoon Drive, Nirvana, Polokwane, Limpopo Province

Officiating Priests
Shree Jaydevbhai Shukla
(Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, Lenasia)
Shree Chetanbhai Shukla
(Radha Krishna Mandir, Benoni)
Shree Atulbhai Trivedi
(Rameshwar Mahadev Mandir, Lenasia)
Shree Bharatbhai Dave
Shree Mukeshbhai Joshi
(Shree Pretoria Hindu Seva Samaj Mandir)
Shree Arvindbhai Joshi
                                              PROGRAMME OF EVENTS

Saturday 13th September 2008

12H00 to 13H30             Lunch(Maha Prasad)
13H45 to 14H30             Welcome and Prayer
14H30 to 17H00             Mandir Vastu Shanti Poojan
17H30 to 19H00             Speech and Supper (Maha Prasad)
19H00                             Cultural Programme (Bhajans, Dance & Garba)

Sunday 14th September 2008

06H30 to 07H30             Breakfast
08H00 to 08H15             Welcome
08H30 to 09H30             Jal Yatra - Shobha Yatra  Murti Procession from 5 Himalaya Ave)
09H30 to 12H00             Sthapit Devta Poojan  Yagna Prarambh
12H00 to 12H30             Murti & Shikhar Snapan
12H30 to 13H15             Murti Stapna
13H15 to 14H00             Pradhan Hom
14H00 to 14H15             Purnahuti
14H15                             Maha Aarti & Ankutt Darshan 
                                       Vote of Thanks & Lunch (Maha Prasad)



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