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PVAF is publishing today's news story simply because it confirms and supports PVAF's primary mandate of MAKING YOUR TOMORROW HAPPIER THAN TODAY because you have acquired KNOWLEDGE to do so. KNOWLEDGE is power....and with this power YOU can do and achieve anything....

PVAF has already succeeded in this regard by financing education of 10 very poor students since 1999 in Gujarat, India which has finally removed poverty in their families for so many generations now simply because the families did not have education with which they can get well paying jobs in the current markets in their residence areas. The financing included PVAF providing lifecoaching, mentoring, life planning for the students in their school and their professional life and also for their entire families

PVAF's above noted financing for the above PVAF EDUCATION PROGRAM TO REMOVE POVERTY was through donations and volunteer time from so many of you around the world  who are blessed to be prosperous and progressive in life with their own education. You can read about PVAF and its programs and achievement in PVAF 2007 REPORT by clicking here.

You can read about PVAF Education Program To Remove Poverty by clicking here and going through a number of articles on this PVAF Education Program topics....

Both of the above readings should inspire you to volunteer yourself for PVAF Education Program or PVAF fundraising program or PVAF Board and Administration Program.....br />
And now continue enlightening yourself for a happier day tomorrow than today by reading about similarity of the PVAF Education Program To Remove Poverty and today's news about why you should have a CAREER PLAN in your life as explained in this news posting....with the simple advice from the newspaper article:

 “Without a plan, either you’ll get where you’re going and it’ll take you longer or you won’t get there at all”

TThis PVAF Education Program was initiated, developed and maintained into continual operation and development by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Champaklal is a professional civil engineer with his own consulting and project management business in developing community infrastructure.

Champaklal shares with all his fellow humanity his 40 years of life and professional experience in engineering, management, business, and entrepreneurship through his company's lifecoaching and mentoring program which is a volunteer service program for students, new graduates, those who are seeking career and life advancements and new immigrants to Canada.

For this volunteer service, Champaklal was awarded "2004 MENTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD" by the 50,000 member Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geoscientists of Alberta. You can read about his award by clicking here.  
This news story about the importance of having a CAREER PLAN has been contributed by Champaklal Mistry.

Using KNOWLEDGE OF EDUCATION AND LIFE EXPERIENCE in your life to realize all your life wishes  requires disciplined and structured use of knowledge to strategically plan your whole life and all the activities in your life in a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly strategic plan.
And the yearly life plan thus strategically planned should be for 3 to 5 year life blocks for the entire life starting from grade 7 to your graduation to your married life to your retirement.

In the above the word "strategic" means in your plan you for any life activity you should know three things in your strategic plan:

1.   span style="text-transform: uppercase"> what and Why you wish to do the life activity meaning you should know absolute specifics of what and you wish to achieve, for what purposes and for what gains for yourself, your family beyond your family in your relations, friends, community, province, nation and now a days internationally as human life is becoming increasingly global every day.

2. How you are going to undertake and complete this life activity you wish to do...including all the resources you will need to have of time, money, knowledge, mentoring, guiding and knowledge, expertise, and experience you do not have and which you will have to get from others, contingency measures to stay on course when things go wrong and/or ways and means to make "mid-course corrections" to keep on course.....all the factors should be worked out with their quantities to ensure success you wished for.

3.   KNOW YOU HAVE ARRIVED AT YOUR GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: When you complete this life activity, then how would you know that you have completed the activity together with achiving the objectives of the why you wished to do this life activity....

Now please click on the line at the end of this news item to read the newspaper article which says: 

"Do you have a career plan that maps out where your career is headed in the next five years? Do you know anyone else who has one? If you are wondering what a career plan is and how it can possibly benefit you, you are probably one of he 90 to 95 percent of careerists who don't have one.".....in its opening paragraphs and ends saying "“Without a plan, either you’ll get where you’re going and it’ll take you longer or you won’t get there at all"


Career plan can help chart path to success Start with your skills


Do you have a career plan that maps out where your career is headed in the next five years? Do you know anyone else who has one?

If you are wondering what a career plan is and how it can possibly benefit you, you are probably one of he 90 to 95 percent of careerists who don't have one.

That is louse Verreault's estimate.

"I would say a very small percentage of people have a career plan, at most between five and ten percent" said Verreault, managing director for the eastern district of DBM, a global career transition firm.

"It's not talked about at school. As a result, people leave college or university, find their first job, and they're like a leaf falling off a tree into a river. The current takes over from there."

To carry that metaphor a step further, that river current represents your career path. And you are not in charge of it. You have left it to fate or to your employer to decide where you are headed."

A career plan is simply a goal. You decide where you want to take your career and then make plans about how you will get there.

"I encourage everyone to have a plan", Verreault said. "Once you have been in the job market between five and seven years, you should have a feel of how far you want to go in your career, how ambitious you are and what you want from your professional life."

"In general, you need to ask yourself how you are going to get there."

"That is especially true if you are ambitious" said Verreault.

"Among senior leaders of organizations, not many got there by luck They got there by planning." he said.


Daryl Dagenais of Vertex Human Resources Solutions Inc. confesses that she did not believe in a career plan, but now sees the light.

“I interviewed a job candidate the other day who had studied biology for one year and engineering for another year before switching into finance,” said the human resources adviser. “He was sheepish about telling me that because he was afraid it would make him look indecisive. He felt bad about having a diverse background.”

In fact, Dagenais said, he was a candidate for a career plan, one that would position him in the financial department of a biotech firm.

“These are firms that are killing themselves to find people who understand the science while they work in finance,” she said.

Dagenais said the reason most people don’t craft career plans is that “they’re not able to connect the dots.”

Connecting the dots to create a career plan, she said, begins with understanding your skill set.

“You should start by doing an inventory. A career plan can be as simple as deciding what you want to do, whom you want to work for, where you want to work and what steps you need to take to fulfil that,” she said.

And while it might be a simple formula, most people need help, Verreault said.

“Most people cannot do that by themselves. They’re not trained to do it and they don’t have it instinctively. When you’re creating a career plan, it’s good to get a mentor or a career coach who can help you identify if your plan is realistic and what you have to do to get there,” he said.

Is it absolutely essential for everyone to have a career plan? Not necessarily, says Linda Cicuta, a career adviser in the McGill University Career Centre.

“A career is often experienced rather than planned,” she said. “It’s an individual thing. Some people are career-oriented and for others, job satisfaction is enough. Not everyone wants to keep moving up and advancing.”

Plan should fit your lifestyle

If you are going to create a plan, however, Cicuta said it should be holistic.

“I think it’s more about what you want to be in your life,” she said. “You should ask yourself what kind of lifestyle you want. Do you want a family lifestyle or high socio-economic status lifestyle?”

And when you do draft your plan, she said, it’s important to take into account that in the current work ethos, people change jobs every “three to seven years,” so it’s unlikely that your career will unfold with just one employer.

John Popovitch, the employment development officer at Vanier College, says sometimes the plan doesn’t work out.

“If the career plan doesn’t pan out, you have to ask yourself why,” said Verreault. “Ask yourself if you’re doing the right things. Am I networking properly? Do I perform properly? Do I have the right skills? Has the market changed since I made my plan? Am I with the right employer? Has my employer’s mission or culture changed? Reassess these things every year.”

Be prepared to redraft the plan in your changing environment. But have a plan.

“Without a plan, either you’ll get where you’re going and it’ll take you longer or you won’t get there at all,” Verreault said.

Canwest News Service

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