Posted by Ashram News Reporter on July 12, 2001

"Namaste all:

The pictures of Vaapi Samaj are posted on web site as part of the ongoing reporting of the very successful Gujarat Internet Program of Prajapati Vishva Ashram. More pictures are on it's way to be posted on Web Site..... The success belongs to all donors to date and those who continue to donate......Please visit this site and also visit the Message board to provide your comments regarding any subject......

May, June, July had been very busy month for me. Now I am gradually settling in to my regular routine..........This was an inspiring experience for me in community unity and kinship far away from India.....and I wish to share it with you......in the hope of inspiring you to volunteer for all Prajapatio in the world......means volunteering for yourself.......also to unite and volunteer for the FIRST PRAJAPATI WORLD YOUTH CONFERENCE.........

Shree Chandrakantbhai Dahyabhai Lad is a volunteer leader of the Gujarat Internet Program and still finds time to volunteer for Maratha Mandal of Canada and USA as seen from his report:

"Namaste all:

Last week BMM Samaj, a Maratha Mandal Community in USA and Canada whose members are from Maharashtra State, India, hosted their 10th USA/Canada conference in Calgary. There were about 2000 Maharahstrian living in USA and Canada attending this conference which they hold every two years somewhere in USA or Canada. I was volunteer at this Calgary conference. While helping in taking video of this conference, I saw lots of workshops organized for the youth and for the adults. The ones I really liked were workshops on Eyesight; Life after 55 The New Direction; and Yoga; Challenge facing the Marathi youths, youth direction, youth program, and the opening ceremony speech by Dr. Bhang, the inventor of Super Computer made in India and sold to Germany, New Zealand, Singapore and New Brunswick.

They have lots of community based program in India to assist under-privileged families and also students loan Trust fund. Many programs at this conference were also based on VED. Their religious faith and philosophy is identical to our Prajapatio's and also they were emphasizing more on youths and how to carry on our generation without loosing the Marathi identity. There were many doctors and lawyers who gave the speeches. They had an excellent approach and unity towards all their programs. All the program at this conference were organized by Western Canada Martha Association, which consists of 14 families from Manitoba to BC.

I will be mailing their conference agenda to many of you to receive the feed back on its content and how we Prajapatio can do the same thing for our unity and samaj seva. I believe it is very important for all of us to organize the very first Prajapati World Youth Conference. I have called and talked to many Prajapatio. All have agreed that we should have one and all agreed it is a good idea. How do we take off from ground zero and get organized?....... It is not one man job or dream...... We all have to support each other unite and do what is the best for our Prajapati community. We all are one big community regardless where ever we have settled. I will be sending another mail concerning the magic word "UNITY". So look out for it...... In the mean time let us have suggestion and participation for this Prajapati World Youth Conference. I will request our webmaster, Bhavin Champaklal Mistry, of Edmonton , Alberta to create a special Web page for this FIRST PRAJAPATI WORLD YOUTH CONFERENCE.

All those interested in participating in any manner of form in the FIRST PRJAPATI WORLD YOUTH CONFERENCE are requested to contact Shree Chandrakant Dahyabhai Lad, Volunteer of Prajapati Vishva Asharm


CD LAD (Chandrakant Dahyabhai Lad)

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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