Posted by Ashram News Reporter on July 31, 2001

This web site has been appreciated by many Prajapatio around the world since its major re-construction in March, 2001. The re-construction to makes it a interactive and dynamic site serving the needs of Prajapatio. All this has been possible because of the continuing seva by our dynamic web master Bhavin Champaklal Mistry of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.......Bhavin created this site as a static site in December 1996.......

Also this web site is preserved in dynamic mode by our Prajapati volunteer writers, reporters, scholars, visitors to message board....from around the world...... who every day contribute hours of their lives to update the site practically daily.......Here is a appreciation of this web site from Shree Bharat Ravajibhai Mistry, the Hon. Secretary of Bolton Prajapati Samaj in UK......

This message was received on July 25, 2001:

Thank you for surfing Bolton Web-Site.

I must congratulate the Web-master of the forwell designed web-pages and the educational and informative articles on your web site.

We will be creating a Link page with selected web addresses and will include your site by end of July 2001.
Please keep us updated about the activities of samaj in Canada and pass my Namaskaar to all.
With regards,
Bharat Ravjibhai Mistry
Hon Secretary
Spa (Bolton)

Namaste Bharatbhai:

Sukriya, Bharatbhai for your kind words. We all pray that the educational material will bring you all at Bolton a happier tomorrow.

Also please request all your members to participate in the international programs of Prajapati Vishva Ashram which is to help our fellow Prajapatio who are in need of help to better their lives all around the world.

Also all of you are welcome to volunteer as writers, reporters on this web site. Please send in your writing material to News Room, Prajapati Vishva Ashram

Prajapati Vishva Ashram will be making a link with the Bolton web site shortly.

Bhavin Mistry, Webmaster.

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