Monday Truth Series....IN kli-yug MONEY IS THE RULER.....and the money rulers ensure that they have all the money they can get...legally and otherwise
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......The wealthiest 1 per cent of Americans
now pocket nearly one-quarter of the country’s income....

....They also control as much half of total wealth of USA,
including property, bank accounts, investments, art and the like....
 ...Their share of the wealth pie
has roughly doubled in the past four decades.....
.....vEDik Take On
the TRUTH OF Today's News Sharing...
(by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada....) 
The above news makes you think what is the real meaning of democracy in USA or as a matter of fact anywhere in the world compared to dictatorship and/or communism-socialism where the state owns all the wealth.....

The following knowledge is summarized on how a country-nation-citizenry is to be governed in the corpus of sNskRUt language texts called puraaAN, smRUti, mHaaBHaart, raamaayAN, shaasTR, aARth-shaasTR extant for current humankind in the 4-yug vEDik time cycle of which we currently are in the 5112 year of the 432,000 year duration kli-yug:

-  The governing body headed by a raajaa or king or any other leader's name we have in current use is to tax all who produce wealth that is created through trade or natural resource development including farming of any kind would pay a tax to the governance of 1/6 of the earning and/or value of any resource production;
-   The wealth created is used to pay for services by the entire citizenry by the wage system set up by the government for each profession/trade/service;
-  On a individual basis, a person's earning is to be spent in the following manner:
        -  1/3 for one's personal, family and societal needs for entire life-journey;
        -  1/3 for upholding one's DHARm; and
        -  1/3 for giving of Daan
&      (there is another 4-equal split alternative to the above but when compared to above the objectives by 3-way or 4-way split approximates the same in meeting the DHARm of using one's income).
-  The lifestyle and the cost of living the lifestyle of the entire citizenry conforms to DHARm of each of the 4-vARn and the non-vARAN and/or mixed-vARAN category and the DHARm of each of the 4-aaSHRm life-stages of a life-journey that has been ordained as per the design of humankind in pRUthvii-lok by pRjaapti bRH`maa. Thus the wealth of a country-nation is distributed among its citizenry as noted in the preceding lifestyle living concept and there is no economic struggle as is expressed in today's news sharing......

But in the vEDik time era called kli-yug of the 4-yug time cycle that we are living in by DHARm as noted above is at best 25 percent at the start of kli-yug and would degenerate to may be 10 percent at the end of kli-yug.....

What this means is that as majority of the government and its citizenry will break DHARm in their daily life to create wealth by any means and any cost for the few....which could be expressed as a lifestyle of "dog eat dog" resulting in the few mightiest dog gets all the other dogs regardless of dictator or democratic or communist or socialist regime of government and citizenry.....

If you read today's news story in this context then you would start grasping what is wrong even in USA which is the most democratic country on the planet Earth today with full rule of constitutional law and jurisprudence which is still evolving to truly uphold the spirit and meaning of the constitution and all governance laws thereof.....
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......Now Today's News Story About
Capitalism in Democracy....

Gap between rich and poor
won’t be closing any time soon

(From: Globe and Mail : October 4, 2010:  By Barrie McKenna)
(Barrie McKenna (email) is correspondent and columnist in The Globe and Mail's Ottawa bureau. From 1997 until 2010, he covered Washington from The Globe's bureau in the U.S. capital. During his U.S. posting, he traveled widely, filing stories from more than 30 states. Mr. McKenna has also been a frequent visitor to Japan and South Korea on reporting assignments. A native Montrealer, he has degrees from McGill University (history) and Carleton University (journalism). He is also a two-time finalist for Canada's National Newspaper Award)

It is what economist Paul Krugman calls “the Great Divergence” – the growing gap between rich and poor in America.

Countless studies assure us it’s real. The rich, as measured by income or net worth, have been steadily and impressively growing more affluent since the 1970s. By some measures, the moneyed class may be richer than it has ever been.

The wealthiest 1 per cent of Americans, for example, now pocket nearly one-quarter of the country’s income. They also control as much half of total wealth, including property, bank accounts, investments, art and the like. And their share of the pie has roughly doubled in the past four decades.

Income is more evenly shared in Canada. But not by much, and the trend toward greater concentration at the top is identical. Between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s, income inequality grew faster in Canada than in all but one of 17 leading developed countries, according to the Conference Board of Canada’s 2010 performance report.

And yet we don’t like to acknowledge inequality, in spite of its obvious link to poverty, crime and other social problems. Many people may be oblivious to the fact that it even exists.

Nor are people inclined to redistribute wealth, Robin Hood-style. Voters generally aren’t fond of politicians who would tax millions of us more to engineer a more egalitarian society.

The inequality debate prompted Harvard University marketing professor Michael Norton and Duke University behavioural economist Dan Ariely to explore Americans’ perceptions of income utopia. And the two have come up with some surprising and provocative answers in a new study: Building a Better America, One Wealth Quintile at a Time.

Their conclusion: Americans don’t have a clue about how unfairly wealth is shared in their country. And their utopian model is Sweden – one of the developed countries that looks the least like their own.

The academics drew their data from 5,522 respondents, matching the demographic makeup of the country.

Participants were asked to look at three pie charts with wealth distributed between chunks of 20 per cent of the population. One chart showed wealth distributed equally between the five pieces of the pie; another showed the U.S. reality; and a third matched Sweden, where roughly 32 per cent of the country’s wealth is in the hands of the richest 20 per cent.

A startling 92 per cent of American respondents, including more than nine out of 10 Republicans who voted for former president George W. Bush, picked the Swedish model as the ideal. Even the rich agreed that wealth should be more evenly shared.

“Americans seem to prefer to live in a country more like Sweden than the United States,” the authors said.

Respondents also failed to recognize their own reality. They estimated that the richest 20 per cent of Americans probably control 59 per cent of the wealth. The actual figure they control is 84 per cent.

The authors argued that “Americans prefer some inequality to perfect equality, but not to the degree currently present in the United States.”

That said, professors Norton and Ariely acknowledged there is a disconnect between what people say they want for their society and the kinds of policies they would actually embrace. “Americans may remain unlikely to advocate for policies that would narrow this gap,” they concluded.

Consider the current U.S. political landscape. Americans appear poised to toss out dozens of Democrats in the November midterm elections. The result could be significantly less equality as Republican gains make it more likely that Congress will renew a batch of expiring Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy, slash government spending and perhaps even roll back the recent expansion of health care.

Canadians also appear to be drifting to the right – and toward fiscal austerity – as the country digs itself out of the recession. Liberal governments in British Columbia and Ontario are facing challenges from the right. New Brunswick went Conservative last week.

In Ottawa, the Harper government is shifting its priorities, too, dialing back on fiscal stimulus and turning its attention to deficit reduction as it prepares its next budget.

The concentration of wealth grew worse during the boom years. Narrowing the wealth gap is likely to prove even more challenging as the economy enters an era of slow growth, flat wages and unusually grumpy voters.

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