Posted by Ashram News Reporter on September 15, 2001

Shree Prajapati International Education Association (SPIEA) had its working committee meeting on September 9, 2001....and reports heartening progress in establishing and operating the computer centers sponsored by Prajapati Vishva Ashram through its Gujarat Internet Connect Program....

.....birth is always eternally painful...the baby steps are always faltering and full of painful bruises starting from the first turnover and a crawl...

.....but shrddhaa in bhagvaan that the growth will continue keeps us crawling, falling down, getting up, bearing the pain and going for one that day of joy ....when we realize our vision....

.....may bhagvaan bless all the prajaapatio volunteers in SPIEA and at the computer centers for their shrddhaa in bhagvaan and their fellow prajaapatio and their dharma of samaaj sevaa...we all are eternally indebted to them.... may bhagvaan guide us all with His blessing of artha and kaam tempered always with dharma........

Please read the report from SPIEA........

The following report on the working committee meeting of SPIEA at Bilimora, Gujarat, India was submitted on September 12, 2001 for posting on this News Board:

Namaste Chandrakantbhai and Champakbhai:

The meeting of working committee of SPIEA was held on 09-09-2001. About 20-22 members of SPIEA attend the meeting.

The manager and chairman of Baardoli and Killaapaardi Prajapati Samaj did not attend the meeting. All other computer centre managers of ashram were present at this meeting. They presented their reports to the President and Secretary of SPIEA.

Presently there is good management and operating strength in ashram of Bilimora, Surat, Navasari, and Vaapi. There is some what worries of managment and operational difficulties at Chikhli, Baardoli and Valsad centers.

We all discussed the difficulties at each centre and brainstormed about how to solve the difficulties. Finally we decided that each computer centre has to advertise for centre and contact the samajo people to take advantage of computer education and use offered.

We all also discussed about how to raise the funds from Gujarat. We also discussed the registration of SPIEA as a charitable organization. On next Saturday or Sunday we are going to meet the registry staff and finalize the matter. It takes some 60-80 days to get the registration. After receiving the Charity Trust Number we will be able to raise the funds from India. Presently, Kamleshbhai and Kiritbhai have tried to raise the funds from South Gujarat.

President, Vice President Prajapati Vidyaarthi Ashram, Bilimora and Chairman of Prajapati Institute of Information Technology, Bilimora also attend the meeting and presented their views.

At the end of the meeting a lunch was shared by all members. The lunch was sponsored by Dr. Kamlesh Prajapati, President of SPIEA. The whole function was arranged at a very short notice by Narendrabhai & Shaileshbhai.

Reported By.

Dr. Kamlesh D. Prajapati (President of SPIEA)

Mr. Kiritbhai Mistry (Secretary of SPIEA)

Mr. Narendra N. Lad ( Manager, Prajapati Institute of Information Technology)

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