YOU CAN KNOW ABOUT HOW YOUR OWN "MICROBIOME" COULD AFFECT YOU...from others by global networking with your earthlings....
Posted by Vishva News Reporter on October 11, 2011


Microbes live in, on and around us all the time, contributing approximately 2 kilograms to our body masses. Most of them are essential for our health and live in equilibrium with our bodies. The vast majority of these microbes live in our guts and breaking this balance may have various consequences such as obesity or inflammatory bowel diseases. Knowing which microbes live in us can lead to better, personalized diets, early diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.
Thus, the original discoverers of enterotypes launched my.microbes to coordinate a large-scale scientific study open to everyone. The study aims to provide new ways of analyzing any person's gut microbes in the context of samples from many individuals around the world.
If you would be willing to participate, please download our information package and join today. You can also contribute without direct participation, through a generous donation.
...Please click on the next line to know about this program and your participation for making your tomorrow "livable harmoniously" with 90 trillion "alien organisms" that you host/support in a symbiotic relationship in your body of your own 10 trillion cells .....all info in this sharing is copy-pasted from my.microbes  website....

We will analyze the microbial composition and its related functions from samples that are collected non-invasively from participants. Our goal is to better understand both the similarities/differences between microbiota from different individuals and interactions between microbes and ourselves.

Participants will have an option to see how their sample is used and obtain a subset of their personal results in the context of all the others.
Participants can optionally contact people with similar microbial profiles around the world to directly share experiences, remedies, health and diet tips.
Latest News

Study is now open to public. We are happy to announce that the second stage of my.microbes study is now open to general public. Please visit our How to participate page for more details.

People can be classified into one of three gut microbial types called enterotypes. Read more...

Help expand a growing network
If you are ready to (anonymously) make your data available to the scientific community, join the study now. Donations without direct participation are also welcome.

Please click  my.microbes  to visit the website and participate....
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