October 16, 2012: USA 2012 Presidential Election Debate No.2: Pundits say it is "do or die" for incumbent President Obama...is it the Truth or media s
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The United States holds a presidential election every four years. While only American citizens get to vote, the outcome has global implications. Here is how an American presidential election works. Click on the hyperlink above to learn/study the details...
.....for the election of
the most powerful earthling among 6,973 billion and counting
for next four years 2013-2017....


In the USA 2012 Presidential Debate No.1 on October 3, 2012 watched live on TV by some 60 million USA citizens and millions-billions on this planet Earth....some amazing facts about human behaviour was revealed...some of it for the first time in human known history:
-   10.3 million tweets were fired off during the first of three presidential debates. That’s 10.3 million messages in 140-characters or less sent out over 1.5-hour period. Twitter says it is the most tweeted event in recent U.S. political history, beating out any of the 2012 convention speeches. (ABCNewsGoCom)
-  But beyond the sheer volume of information and humor, there was genuine discussion happening on the social platform. As people watched they clung to phones, tablets, laptops to share their reactions. Some voiced their frustration with a particular candidate, while others remarked on the style of the debate. -  Yes, in the end it amounted to more than 10 million tweets, but each on its own represents the impact of social media on this election:
...Every one of those tweets gave
someone a public voice....
But then these tweeters were also watching and listening to the debate....meaning people were mutli-tasking....which has been proved by social and mind sciences that...multi-tasking really screws up human mind and body...because mind is most efficient when doing one thing at a time....
....and this showed up next day in
 all media reporting and all media all surveys and polls....
......which universally had a consensus that:
....Romney won the debate on "style" by the margin of 2 to 1...
...and not only nobody was listening to "substance" put out by Romney or Obama...

....and thus all USA citizens failed to discern the Truth and False
which they were looking for in each leadership candidate....

....Not knowing the Truth or False is usually "fatal" for
an individual and also  for any nation regardless of type of governance...
as exhibited in the entire known current history of earthlings...

....universally regardless of
race, belief, culture, literacy, developed or developing status
the following human experiences about
Truth and False
has applied to daily lives of
 individual earthlings and their communities and their nations:
Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.
Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth
- Marcus Aurlius, Roman Emperor (Lived: April 26, 121 CE. – March 17, 180 CE)

Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters
cannot be trusted in large ones either..

- Albert Einstein, (Lived: 14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955);
A German-born theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity, effecting a revolution in physics in 20th century, regarded as the father of modern physics; and the most influential physicist of the 20th century. While best known for his formula E = mc2, received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for  the law of the photoelectric effect which has been pivotal in current evolution of  quantum theory.

A lie gets halfway around the world
before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

- Winston Churchill (Lived: 30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965).
A British Conservative politician and statesman and Prime Minister twice (1940–45 and 1951–55);an orator; officer in the British Army, a historian, a writer, and an artist. the only British prime minister receiving the Nobel Prize (Literature); the first person to be made an Honorary Citizen of USA.

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.
Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

- Oscar Wilde  (Lived: 16 October 1854 – 30 November 1900)
An Irish write and poet famous for his epigrams and plays

The truth is incontrovertible.
 Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it,
bbut in the end, there it is.
- Winston Churchill ((Lived: 30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965).
A British Conservative politician and statesman and Prime Minister twice (1940–45 and 1951–55);an orator; officer in the British Army, a historian, a writer, and an artist. the only British prime minister receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature, and was the first person to be made an Honorary Citizen of USA.

is eternally true....

 The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy,
but the best weapon of a democracy
should be the weapon of openness.

(you see why some "politicians/leaders" would not  give out the details of
how they are going to do what they envision/claim would do)
- Niels Bohr (Lived: 7 October 1885 – 18 November 1962)

A Danish physicist who made foundational contributions to understanding atomic structure as a nucleus of protons and neutrons around which revolves electrons and in quantum mechanics that electrons move from one energy level to another in discrete steps, not continuously, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922; was part of the British team of physicists working on the Manhattan Project; one of their sons, Aage Bohr,, was also a physicist and in 1975 also received the Nobel Prize.
he opposite of a fact is falsehood,
but the opposite of one profound truth
may very well be another profound truth
- Niels Bohr
It is becoming a universal fact of our recent history...that more something appears to change it remains more the same.....strange but a fact...as real changes are very few in recent history...and mostly they come from the Truth of Sciences that has been repeated/replicated universally....

Saying this please click on the next line to read
......how this 2012 USA Presidential Election is very similar to the 1858 USA Presidential Election of Abraham Lincoln who profoundly changed human emancipation concept by freeing USA Slaves
...which human concept still has not been fully "digested" by USA citizens in their frequent revelations of human racialism among themselves....even though the greatness of the American citizenry is showcase for all earthlings by electing in 2009 their first black citizen as USA President.....

.....plus to learn about the capitalism of marketing politics in 2012......

.....Keep on scrolling
to prepare yourself for today evening (9 pm EST USA)
to watch the Debate No. 2 of a total of 3 debates.....
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney during their first US presidential election TV debate earlier this month. Photograph: Jim Bourg/Reuters
What does the above photo say
 taken at the end of the first USA 2012 Presidential Debate
on October 3, 2012 in Denver, Colorado, USA...
May be...

"When push comes to shove....in the next debate....
I am going to......"not so polite""

....You can watch the entire debate on YouTube by clicking here....
President Obama faces the the greatest task of his re-election campaign: making voters forget about his lacklustre debate performance two weeks ago. (Larry Downing /REUTERS)
(Larry Downing /REUTERS)/span>
President Obama faces the the greatest task of his re-election campaign:
...making voters forget about
his lacklustre debate performance two weeks ago....

America divided, like it was 1858
....Even in the President Obama's home state
there are pockets of Republican support.
There is Ottawa, Illinois, USA, for example,
where President Lincoln in 1858 practices Law.
In this town there is no doubt
even today the country is split.
Just as it was for Honest Abe....
(From: Canadian The Globe and Mail: October 15, 2012; Konrad Yakabuski: Ottawa, Illinois, USA)
(Hyperlinks provided by PVAF volunteers for your increasing life-sciences knowledge for a happier tomorrow)

In Ottawa, Illinois, USA, a Rockwellesque city of 18,000 about 150 kilometres west of Chicago, the “debate” invariably refers to the marathon face-off between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas that occurred here in 1858. After all, the downtown statues of the six-foot-four Republican and diminutive Democrat testify to Ottawa’s main claim to fame.

The 1858 Ottawa encounter, which drew 12,000 outdoors despite the 32-degree heat, was the first of the seven Lincoln-Douglas debates that launched Honest Abe’s national career, won him the White House in 1860 and established the format for presidential debates to come. (Though candidates now speak for two minutes at a time, not 60.)

“It took Lincoln from being a very well known lawyer in Illinois to being a national figure,” explains Mr. Reed, 54, whose full-time job is selling potato chips. “Because of how well he took on Douglas in the debate, it got him invitations to speak across the country. It gave him a national platform that helped him two years later.”

Now, with the country about as divided as it was on the eve of the Civil War, Mr. Obama faces the greatest task of his re-election campaign: making voters forget about his lacklustre performance against Mr. Romney two weeks ago. Campaign aides promised a more aggressive President will turn up to challenge the Republican nominee’s newly moderate positions in the town-hall-style debate set to take place on Long Island, N.Y.

Mr. Reed, however, will not be among those cheering on Illinois’s native son on Tuesday. Indeed, in Ottawa, where Republican roots run deep and a young Lincoln practised law in the 1840s, there are few signs of enthusiasm for the President. Instead, the front page of the local newspaper bears a story on Mr. Romney's local ties, as tenuous as they are (his great-great grandfather once scouted the area to build a Mormon temple.)

“The problem I have with Obama is that he had an opportunity when he came in, with Democrats holding the Senate, House [of Representatives] and the White House, to do so much. The USA economy was going off a cliff and all he wanted to do was health care,” says Mr. Reed. “That really turned me off. I don’t think his priorities were right.”

Retired casino worker Stan Dziedzic, 70, begrudges the Obama administration’s move to deny cost-of-living increases in 2010 and 2011 for pensioners receiving Social Security benefits. (They got a 3.6 per cent increase this election year, however.)

“I am going to get Obama out any which way I can,” insists Mr. Dziedzic, a past president of the historical society.

With greater Chicago and its Democratic core accounting for about two-thirds of Illinois’ population, Mr. Obama is expected to easily win his home state next month, albeit by much less than the 25-percentage-point margin he did in 2008.

The real contest in Illinois is for a majority of the state’s 18 House seats, down from 19 in the current Congress. Republicans swept 11 of the seats in the Tea Party wave of 2010. But Democrats last year used their majority in the state legislature to push through new district boundaries aimed at helping their party regain a majority of the House seats.

“We have some really weird-shaped districts,” Mr. Reed offers.

“Can you say gerrymandering?” adds Mr. Dziedzic.

The main result of the redistricting – other than the fact that no one seems to know what district they now live in – has been to throw at least of six of the state’s seats into play. While Democrats had at first been favoured, most of the races have tightened.

One reason is Democratic Governor Pat Quinn’s anemic popularity. Republican governors elected in 2010 in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio have pushed through harsh anti-union reforms to tackle their budget deficits. But Mr. Quinn, who squeezed through in 2010, instead raised the state income tax by 67 per cent to deal with a massive deficit and public-sector pension liability, neither of which has been solved.

“Taxes are killing everybody,” says Mr. Reed. “I sell Doritos and Ruffles for a living. That is the first thing people cut out of their grocery bill when money is tight.”


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