"SAVE" YOURSELF FROM aDHaaARmik YOUSELF by observing EkaaDshii in kli-yug....start with moHinii EkaaDshii Essence Knowledge....
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on July 3, 2013

.....SHRii kRUSH~AN showing HIS viSH~va s~vruup in mHaaBHaart War....
......moHinni EkaaDshi vRt ESSENCE....
moHinii EkaaDshii vRt can be observed on the 11th day of the first fortnight in the vEDik calendar's lunar month of  vaishaaKH....which falls on May 21, 2013 = the vEDik year svNt 2069....
As part of continual learning of Life-sciences called of vEDik lifestyle living and expounded in the extant corpus of sNskRUt language texts....PVAF today is presenting the above subject-topic in English language..Please click on the next line to study-pursue this Knowledge in your vEDik lifestyle living.... 

Hyperlinks to current internet Knowledge sources have been provided to the Knowledge below for words/texts in the sharing below....with a qualification that these sources have vEDik-Knowledge limitations ascribed to the editors of the write-ups and for the Truth original extant vED texts in sNskRUt language should be studies/referenced.
......moHinni EkaaDshi vRt ESSENCE....

This English “equivalent translation”  is of chapter 49 of 6th Section: uttrKHNd of pD~m puraaAN titled “moHinii EkaaDshii” vRt  in sNskRUt language….of which the first 9 sh~lok (verses-stanza) explains the essence of when-what-why of observing “moHinii EkaaDshii”…Its essence is  it saved SHRii raam, the 7th avtaar of SHRii viSH~ANu from the love-loss suffering resulting from separation from his wife siitaa….The morale also is if SHRii raam with total divinity can benefit from this :moHinii EkaaDshiivRt…then what to say the badly needed panacea for human life-travel in current vEDik time era called kli-yug in which upholding DHARm is 75% of the time "impossible due to effects of kli-yug " at the best….

yuDHiSH~THir said: 

jNaaARDn (aka SHRii kRUSH~AN),  tell me what is the name of EkaaDshii in the suk~l pKSH (first fortnight) of the month of vaishaaKH and what is the benefit obtained from it and how is it to be observed? (1)

 SHRii kRUSH~AN replied:

King of Kings, the same question you are asking me was asked by wise raamchNDR of vsiSH~TH. (2) raam asked: BHgvN (Glossary 1), I wish to hear about the best vRt (Glossary 2) which destroys all paap (Glossary 3) and which averts stops and destroys all DuKH (Glossary 4).  I am experiencing DuKH  due to my reckoning of my love-loss love-longing  separation and ensuing  loneliness from siitaa which creates pangs of love bound emotions thereof (expressed as virH Glossary 5).  And mHaamuni (venerable senior sage), thus, gripped with fear I am asking you this. (3-4).

vsiSH~TH replied:  

raam, you have asked a good question because you are suffering from a calamity but still have steady and steadfast mind-heart with knowledge, intelligence-wisdom, understanding, intent and wistfulness and power of realizing all intents-wishes with imaginative and creative though-out plans; and you are (a divinity) such that just by invoking your name humans can become purified as if they performed shaasTR (Glossary 6) prescribed pRaayschitt (Glossary 7) and yGN (Glossary 8).  (5)  And I will tell you with an intent of benefitting all humanity for realizing their well-being and wants-wish-desires the vRt which is the best among all vRt which if observed makes one pviTRm meaning creates  DHARm-complying mind and thus makes one sinless and affords paavNm  meaning absolves from paap and thus makes one of pure mind-heart-body. (6)

 raam,  this EkaaDshii happens in the sit (shuk~l)  pKSH (first fortnight) of vaishaaKH month and is named  moHinii and is said to destroy all paap formerly committed. (7) It frees one from moH-jaal (Glossary 9) and this moH-web and ties up and de-activates to harmlessness paatk (major paap). All this is nothing but st~y (Truth) I am telling you. (8) Thus, raam, do as I have told you and it will destroy paatk as well as destroy mHaa-DuKH (DuKH of extreme magnitude) (9) …….    


1.       sNskRUt language words are in italics with equivalent English meanings in parenthesis;

2.       The sNskRUt language words are spelt so as to leave the sNskRUt phonetics intact with equivalent English alphabets and capital letters are used where there is no equivalent English alphabets …and to empower transliteration pronunciation as done in sNskRUt language sNskRUt words are given in parenthesis;  

3.       The symbol ~ is used in sNskRUt words to denote joining of two sNskRUt letters as per sNskRUt grammar; the rest of the letters in a word are self-standing and pronounced as prescribe in sNskRUt alphabet –grammar;

4.       There is no capital letter for any sNskRUt letters transliterated into English language equivalent except for sNskRUt letters which do not have equivalent English alphabets;

5.       The proper nouns are not translated;

6.       Numbers in parenthesis at the end of a sentence is the designated numbering of sh~lok (verse-stanza) in sNskRUt language text;

7.       Fundamental “vEDik lifestyle life-process-activities” conveying sNskRUt language words are used in italics and have no one-word equivalent in English language because of the lack of similar life-process-activities  English language  lifestyle.

8.       The above is a “preliminary draft” which will be “finalized” with blessings of all creations in due course…but this preliminary draft empowers and blesses with continual learning of vEDik life-sciences and its use in daily living to make tomorrow happier than today simply because we bless ourselves with True Life-sciences Knowledge…. .

GLOSSARY TO THE ABOVE: (Hyperlinks to current internet Knowledge sources have been provided to Glossary words/texts with a qualification that these sources have vEDik-Knowledge limitations ascribed to the editors of the write-ups and for the Truth original extant vED texts in sNskRUt language should be studies/referenced.)

1.       BHgvN: a metaphysician having full life-sciences knowledge and having humanly  and divine-metaphysical powers derived from thereof,

2.       vRt: a vow observance offered to any DEv (330 million gods and goddesses which are Natures designated –specific-powers-functionaries to auto-run our universe) as prescribed in vED = Life-sciences extant corpus of texts in sNskRUt language to appease-please-boon asking-BHk~ti (devotion)  for human’s needs-wants-desires fulfillment with self-endeavour but observing-upholding the DEv-human DHARm….

3.       paap: meaning crime-sins of breaking DHARm (Glossary 10), being cruel and non-compassionate, destructive, creating life-difficulties-suffering-pain-injury-forced acts upon others at individual-community-national levels including unpatriotic-treason acts. paatk is major paap which are enumerated as 5 in human-DHARm texts: 1) Murdering a bRaaH~mAN (the priestly class among humans; 2) drinking alcohol; 3) stealing; 4) infidelity with one’s guru’s (teacher) wife; 5) having relations with persons who commit paatk –even having a meal or even shaking a hand.

4.       DuKH:  life-difficulties-tragedies-ruination causing suffering, pain, sorrow, life-poverties et al.

5.       virH:  is a condition of a human being when a man and  woman as spouses and thus faithful lovers are separated physically-mentally by whatsoever reason  which produces in each or either severe feelings and emotions of love-loss and  love-longing  due to separation from each other  and ensuing  feelings and emotions of loneliness which creates pangs of love bound emotions thereof.

6.       shaaSTR:  sections of vED = life-sciences corpus of extant sNskRUt language texts which prescribes what-how-when-why of vEDik rites performance.

7.        pRaays~chit~t: repentance with restorative kARm as prescribed by vEDik life-sciences texts.

8.       yGN:  shaasTR prescribed offerings through fire-rites to appease-contend-please 330 million DEv (gods-goddesses created by Creator to be designate-specific-functionaries in creation-sustenance-cyclic re-creation of all creations in an universe. yGN are infinite purposes, types and time duration and are to be performed by  qualified purohit (priests).

9.       moH-jaal:   the web (jaal) of delusion created by moH in life-travels of all creations. moH is one of the infinite creation shk~ti (power) of maayaa which affects all creations into deluding into not seeing the Truth of any worldly activities (just like the fate of USA Republicans since Barack Obama became their President. moH is a one of the shk~ti  (powers) deludes creations to unnecessarily chase  worldly subjects-objects which ultimately cause them untold DuKH through, at best, temporary worldly joy-pleasures-profits which are not DHARm-complaint (Glossary 10). moH-web (jaal) is like the spider’s web – the more you struggle to get out of it the more you get trapped. maayaa is one of 2 fundamental powers of creation-sustenance –cyclic re-creation of pr-bRHm = The One God, maayaa is activated as pRkRUti –the creative algorithms with algorithmic powers to create all creations and their activities in our universe ; the other power being omnipotent-omniscient-omnipresent chaitn~y with additional power in the form of pRkaash (infinite potency multi-light-energy-mass spectrum) which becomes aat~maa = soul in every living being through its reflection image in maayaa)

10.   DHARm: is the universal laws of ethics-morality conduct prescribed in vED texts based on which the all the process algorithms of creation-sustenance-cyclic re-creation of our universe and all creations in the universe is founded on and operated with. DHARm also prescribes the laws, rules, regulations and code of conduct for each creation and between all creations for harmonious and inter-dependent co-existence. DHARm is like the Microsoft Operating System which operates the majority of current computer hardware. Any creations, not living their life in compliances with DHARm,  suffers malfunctions in life’s living processes including disease causatives which causes DuKH to themselves and also to the fellow creations in the matrix of universal co-existence of all creations. Thus breaking DHARm results in what is called paap (Glossary 1) and the Creator has DHARm-break-specific legislations-prescriptions of “punishment” of restorative payback to the injured parties and/or Self- suffering the same DuKH” for a specified time by the DHARm-breaker in a life-travel and/or nrk (hell) and/or being born as living beings in the form of plants, animals or lower forms of life or “inanimate” creations.     


The above,  “I”, Champak Mistry, have compiled for my own daily svaaDHyaay (self-study of Life-sciences Knowledge in vED and translating it into currently usable life-sciences supplemented by evolving Earthling's life-sciences research and life-application and use in daily stsNg (volunteer lifecoaching and mentoring and learning wisdom thereof)….with an expression from my Being of eternal gratitude to all my evergreen vEDik teachers in all puraaAN texts…. and especially the Sanskrit-Hindi-English Dictionary created circa 1890 by  V. S Apte supplemented with the authors of other Sanskrit/Hind/English dictionaries and grammar books, without whom connecting me/us to puraaAN texts would be just impossible…..If you have any questions and/or comments regarding the above please contact Champak Mistry at champak@zirconprojects.com....and  you will have a stsNg for whatever is your want-need-desire….

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