NEW VED PAGE: has LIFE SCIENCES posting for your learning to PROSPER IN LIFE
Posted by Ashram News Reporter on December 9, 2001

With bhagvaan's krupaa (grace) Prajaapati Vishva Ashram (PVA) has had a very dynamic growth since its birth some 4 years ago. PVA has started social programs to empower prajaapatio and mankind to proper by themselves along with their families and communities on this planet earth. The driving and empowering force behind PVA is ved in sanskrit which means knowledge. The primary mandate of PVA is also bringing this knowledge to all who are willing to receive the knowledge. The carrier of this knowledge is this web site of PVA.

Saying the above, PVA's web site has been, once again, upgraded through expansion of VED page. Now the VED page will have subject driven articles to learn LIFE SCIENCES. Please visit the VED page regularly to prosper in life through gaining more and more knowledge......

PVA appreciates the efforts of shree champaklal dajibhai mistry of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who is the volunteer leader for establishing the VED page. Also as usual, PVA's web master bhavin champaklal mistry gets blessing from one and all for enabling the expansion of the VED page......

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