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Prajaapati Vishva Ashram, on behalf of all prajaapatio in the world, congratulates the prajaapatio in bilimora, gujaraat, India for their 3 year old social program for elders and widows in the community who have no means to support themselves. Through the program called NIRAADAHAAR VRUDDH FUND bilimora has raised Rs 10,000 this year. The program has helped 15 widows this year. The chairperson of this program is shreemati shuhilaben rameshbhai lad.....and continuing with the social programs....

....Bilimora Vidhyarthi Asharm has also awarded this year 3 scholarships, each worth Rs. 3,000 to students in engineering undergraduate and master of science studies at  universities in gujaraat.... please read the full report from bilimora ........ 

Bilimora is also the headquarters for Shree Prajapati International Education Association which runs the social programs for Prajapaati Vishva Ashram in gujaraat... bilimora is alos hosting samuh lagna in navasaari district for the second year..... we pray that bilimora becomes a guiding light for all prajapati samajo in the world...... 



December 21, 2001


The past year has been a challenging and developing one. We celebrated our GOLDEN JUBILEE this year and DR. Chimanbhai Devjibhai Lad, visiting from California, U.S.A, was our PRESIDENT OF this function. The presence of samaajo people in large numbers making it an even more memorable and commemorative year.  

All past Presidents and Secretary of PVA- BILIMORA were present in that function. Volunteers of PVA- BILIMORA saluted them by awarding them mementos for their dedication, politeness and modesty for putting the samaj in front raw. 

On completing the fifty-year PVA BILIMORA also put in place a new plan to construct a new building for samaajo people. The scheme for the new building will be announced within short period.




 From last three years, PVA- BILIMORA has been helping to niraadhaar widows (widows who have no means of support) through NIRAADHAAR VRUDDH FUND.  This program has helped  fifteen samaaj mahilaao (women) this year. The demand for service of this program is increasing every year. 

Presently, this fund is valued at Rs 25,000 is comprised of donation and interest thereof by late shrimati gangaben maganbhai mistry  of kasba gaam and London, UK.

If you wish to donate to this program, then please send your demand draft to:

        Secretary, Niradhar Vruddh Fund


         Morarji Desai Marg, Mahadev Nagar, 

        Bilimora 396 321, District Navasari, Gujarat, India

Mrs. Shushilaben Rameshbhai Lad is the Chairman of this fund.

 The following is the listing of the financial assistance given to widow mahilaao this year:

1. Mrs. Hansaben D. Mistry                   Amalsad    Rs 1,000 = 00 .

2. Mrs.  Maniben Manilal Mistry             Bilimora         1,000 = 00

3. Mrs.  Ushaben  Babubhai Mistry      Bigri                 1,000 = 00

4. Mrs.  Somiben Kuvrji Mistry             Desra               1,000 =00

5. Mrs.  Maniben MAganbhai Mistry   Bigri                    500 = 00

6. Mrs.  Maniben Nagrjibhai mistry         Bigri                  500 = 00

7. Mrs.  Ambaben Dahyabhai Mistry   Bigri                     500 = 00

8. Mrs.  Diwaliben Ghelabhai Mistry   Bilimora                 500 = 00

9. Mrs.  Nandiben Gulabbhai Mistry    Bigri                     500 = 00

10. Mrs. Icchaben Gulabbhai  Mistry  Bamenvel              500 = 00

11. Mrs. Kamuben Ramanbhai  Lad    Sadkpor              500 = 00

12. Mrs. Dahiben Bhagubhai Mistry   Undach                  500 = 00

13. Mrs. Shantaben haribhai Mistry     Bigri                      500 = 00

14. Mrs. Ramilaben Bhagubhai Mistry  Bigri                     500 = 00

15. Mrs. Maniben MAnubhai Mistry    Bilimora               500 = 00


                                                                                    Rs 10,000= 00

Rupee ten thousand is funded by Niraadhaar Vruddh Fund.

Manager           : Shaileshbhai Misty

Chairman          :  Mrs. SHUSHILABEN LAD 

SCRETARY   : Dr. Kamlesh Prajapati

President     : Natvarlal Intwala

And all others volunteers


NEWS REPORTED BY:     Narendra Lad Manager PIIT BILIMORA..



Shree Prajapati Vidhyarthi Asharm, Bilimora, every year awards Gnandaan ( Vidhya Sahayak) (daan to education furthering knowledge) to bright and poor student of our community. This year we awarded this fund to following students of our community.

1.      Mistry  Kamalkumar Bhagubhai  - Gunsval , studied in B.E II  Semester  of Information  Technology Eng.

2.      Prajapati Chetankumar Hashmukhbhai Gadat , Master of Science in Chemistry.

3.      Lad Balvantkumar Dalpatbhai Desra , Master in Science in Chemistry.

      Each of the above student was awarded Rs. 3000. 

The  fund has been set up with donations from Mr. & Mrs. Chandrakantbhai Morarbhai Lad of Tankal gaam and presently of London, UK & their family and late shrimati  Sitaben & Morarbhai Lalbhai Lad. The interest of fund each year donated to poor student.

If you wish to donate any amount to this fund then please, send a demand draft to Secretary,  Shree Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram, Bilimora.


If you wish to donate to this program, then please send your demand draft to:

        Secretary, Shri Vidhya Sahayak Fund, 


        Morarji Desai Marg, Mahadev Nagar,

        Bilimora 396 321, District Navasari, Gujarat, India



President : Mr. Natvarlal G. Intwala
Secretary : Dr. Kamleshbhai Prajapati
Mr. Narendra N. Lad (PIIT Manager)
Mr. Shailesh H. Mistry (PVA Manager)

Head Office : Shree Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram, Bilimora
E-mail :





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#1 Posted by Dhansukhbhai Haribhai Lad on 2/24/2006
Nice to see Prajapati doing good for the community.

#2 Posted by Dhansukhbhai Haribhai Lad on 2/24/2006
Nice to see Prajapati doing good for the community.

#3 Posted by Dhansukhbhai Haribhai Lad on 2/24/2006
Nice to see Prajapati doing good for the community.


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