Posted by Prajapati News Reporter on December 26, 2001

Recently, Shree Chandrakantbhai Dahyabhai Lad of Calgary Alberta, the volunteer leader of Gujarat Internet Program of Prajaapati Vishva Ashram received a powerful message in the form of an handout published by three prajaapati samaajo in surat district of gujaraat, bhaarat. Shree Chandrakantbhai has visited these samaajo in surat district on his last three trips to India to establish Gujaraat Internet Program and also Shree Prajaapati International Education Association. He was extremely pleased to read the re-awaking message in the handout published on new year's day of savant 2058. The handout was published by three samajo - "shree navayug prajaapati samaaj baardoli", "shree surat jillaa prajaapati samaaj" and "shree prajaapati samaaj samuh lagna samiti"

And everybody at Prajaapati Vishva Ashram was pleased too to read this handout. We are sure that through this message you will also feel exhilaration for life as a prajaapati, have pride in being a prajaapati, be proud to be part of a 2.5 million collective and feel aanand (bliss) to know and realize that as a collective prajaapatio have a future of progress and prosperity for the generations alive today and for the generations to come......we pray that the message in the handout will awaken the prajaapati atma-jyot in one and all.......   

The handout in gujaraati from the three samaajo is included herewith in its original print format.  

The following is the English equivalent of the handout  is included herewith for those who are not well versed in gujaraati.....we did not wish anybody to miss the prajaapati spirit in every word of the message.


SUGNA GNATI-JANO : (knowledgeable, well-informed, well-versed, learned, judicious, wise, patient and forbearing members of the tribe (prajaapati):

                It is our prayers that the new year be fruitful to all of you in all your fields of endeavours. The three organizations - "shree navayug prajaapati samaaj baardoli", "shree surat jillaa prajaapati samaaj" and "shree prajaapati samaaj samuh lagna samiti" - based on mutual co-operation, is making this proposal regarding social programs which would be beneficial to our samaaj. In the new year, let all of us resolve to  be full and equal participants in all these social programs and to showcase the path leading to progress and prosperity in our samaaj. And for that let us all resolve to donate the whole of ourselves in forming the greatest unity among us. We must endeavour to bring unity in prajaapati samaaj, we must endeavour to make advances in educational and social fields, and we must endeavour to ensure prosperity for our future generations. Therefore, let us look at such social programs and services that are being performed by these three organizations.             

                navayug prajaapati samaaj has made the Cultural Centre building a reality in baardoli. But for the operation of this Navayug Cultural Centre large amount of funds are still urgently required for the purchase of the internal furnishings . These include the ceremonial platform for marriage functions, mattresses, kitchenware, banquette serving hardware, chairs, etc. We are expecting your help in realizing these funds and furnishings. The operators of this Navayug Cultural Centre are also worried about the funds for purchase of the additional lands. navayug prajaapati samaj organizes and manages all the samaaj programs and services with an intent to serve equally all prajaapatio.

               Education fund is collected through navayug prajaapati samaaj. Out of this education fund notebooks are provided to students who cannot afford them. Also this education fund is used to recognize and appreciate those students who shine like stars by succeeding in board matriculation examinations. There are many request from bright and deserving students for financial assistance to pursue higher education at university levels. But we have not been able to offer any assistance in this regard due to lack of funds. We humbly request generous contributions from donors who wish to make this higher education possible in our children and especially knowledge as employable education. Our representative shree bhagubhai chhitubhai prajaapati travels around to all villages for fund-raising for education. We humbly request you to help him in his efforts. We also humbly request you to donate to this education fund.

                We must ensure that our children do not lack computer education. Nowadays the computer education is needed in all aspects of education. Thus, presently at Navayug Cultural Centre computers are provided. Therfore, it is important that more and more of our samaaj children take advantage of this computer education. 

                samuh lagna samiti annually organizes samuh lagna and also "pasandagi melo" (literally self-selection fair) where prospective prajaapatio looking for marriage partners can meet. In prajaapati samaaj we have many concerns about how prospective young men and women should find their marriage partners. We request you humbly to give your support by participating in the "pasandagi melo" and thus help us all to remove the concerns prevailing in the methodology to find marriage partners. It will be beneficial to our samaaj if more couples would participate in samuh lagna; thereby saving ourselves from the unnecessary wastage of money in performing individual marriages.  Presently kanyaa-daan from donors is taken on the day of samuh lagna. Instead, kanyaa-daan donations in advance is more convenient. If more of our samaaj members participate in this samuh lagna then we would be able to reduce marriage costs further. Therefore, we humbly request all to co-operate with and assist the samuh lagna samiti.

                Under the banner of shree surat jillaa prajaapati samaj, all prajaapatio can unite and cultivate mutual co-operation as one collective membership. This way we can undertake to render efficiently samaaj programs and services  that are needed by us all. We have to be in tune with the changing times. But for this it is necessary for us to maintain a collective unity among us. We must be responsible for our own progress and prosperity. For this we must also create the necessary treasury and provide mutual assistance therefrom. A conference of the entire surat jillaa prajaapatio is being planned for the near future through shree surat jillaa prajaapati samaaj. It is expected that you all will co-operate to make a success of this conference by your presence at the conference.

We are:

shree navayug prajaapati samaaj bardoli

shree surat jillaa prajaapati samaaj

shree prajaapati samaaj samuh lagna samiti

(The above English equivalent of the handout was developed by shree champaklal dajibhai mistry of Edmonton, Canada. He is a volunteer leader for Gujarat Education Fund and web site and social program development for Prajaapati Vishva Ashram. We all pray for bhagvaan's blessings on shree champaklal and his continuing sevaa on this international platform called Prajaapati Vishva Ashram since its inception in 1997.) 




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