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In 1997 Prajapati Vishva Asharm was self-created out of the need to provide all the 2.5 million prajaapatio around the world to come together on one platform. On this platform it is visioned that all prajaapatio will hold hands together to mutually help each to progress and prosper. From this platform it is also visioned that all prajaapatio will hold hands with the rest of the humanity for harmonious co-existence and exchange of mutual wishes, desires and benefits. 

How does one know that this is of the ways is for each prajaapati to let himself/herself express of what he/she sees happening to himself/herself in his/her community and beyond the community anywhere else. Prajapati Vishva Ashram is increasingly receiving all kinds of communications for all kinds of purposes from all over the world...communications are letters, emails, cash donations, volunteer services, suggestions, local samaaj info, help for life problems.....

...this makes the hearts of all the volunteers of Prajaapati Vishva Ashram glow with aanand that their selfless volunteering is bearing fruits with people they have never even met or talked to.....

Please read such a email from shree dineshbhai v. mistry of Preston, UK.......dineshbhai: we all at Prajaapati Vishva Ashram appreciate this...but you will feel the same joy as we do if you would participate with us on this platform.....and then we would feel really blessed.....       

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 Namaste Shree Champakbhai

Thank You very much for the regular update on the progress on SPIEA. This has been one of the most successful initiatives of recent years by Prajaapatio and actually has made rapid progress over the last year. My congratulations to you for initiating such an activity and best wishes for its continued success for years to come. 

Please also note that I have changed my email address to:
I will be more than pleased to receive regular update on SPIEA on this new email address.

Thank You Very Much
Dineshbhai V. Mistry
Preston - UK

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Thanks Shree Dineshbhai,

I will pass this message to Shree Champakbhai to put on our web site. 

We really need lots of publicity in UK and alos volunteers from UK to support Prajapati Vishva Ashram and its programs. I will request Shree Champakbhai to elaborate more on this subject. 

We need some help in creating a poster for our Prajaapati Vishva Asharm and SPIEA that can be distributed to each and every prajaapati samaaj in the world. This way many of our prajapati families will become aware of the social programs offered through Prajapati Vishva Ashram and start participating. A suggestion to design a poster is most welcome.

VISIT WEB site :www.

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#1 Posted by Sonjay Barek on 11/15/2005
Is Ravi Mistry the king of Preston, UK?


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