Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on January 1, 2002

All the belief systems on this planet earth celebrates a New Year every 12 months or so. Most of the new year dates and the year systems have came about from the birth dates of the persons who started the belief systems or some other important ceremonial dates along the way. There is not known system in the world to acknowledge time in terms of start of creation of universe except for vedik system. The current science has estimated the universe we know to be about 4 to 5 billion years old starting with the Big Bang

The primary mandate of Prajapati Vishva Ashram is to search for and spread knowledge This researched knowledge will be presented on this web site on Ved page starting with the knowledge of time in ved . This will be through a series of articles of knowledge compilations from the currently available ved texts. For a starter, please review the following to get your imagination and search for truth going... ..."This year in time point is the 195,588,103rd year in the present kalpa (1 brhmah's day in the present creation cycle) which has a total of 4.32 billion on.....  

    "This year in time point is the 195,588,103rd year in the present kalpa (1 brhmah's day in present creation cycle) which has a total of 4.32 billion years. This year is in the 28th mahaa-yug of in the 7th manvantra (called vaivasvat) of the total of 14 manvantra in this kalpa. A manvantra has 71 mahaa-yug. A mahaa-yug is of 4.32 million years comprising of four yug - krut or satya-yug (1,728,000 years), tretaa-yug (1,296,000 years), dvaapar-yug (864,000 years) and kali-yug (432,000 years). Presently we are in the 5103rd year of kali-yug which started on February 13, 3102 BC. 

As against above, look at the calendar system in practice among peoples on this planet earth:  peoples in India from 5000 years to 2058 years, Christians -2002 years, Muslims -1421 years, Paarsi (Persians settled in India)  -1991 years; Egyptian and Maayaan cultures - would have about 3000 years.....

When one starts to grasp the above, it will make our life time of say 50 to 100 years in present kali-yug not even a blimp in the creation why are we so busy and always rushing around????.......and not to be busy and rushing around is where the ved knowledge on transmigration of one's aatmaa (soul) through many many lives through each kalpa of creation cycle will make sense along with the science of karma on which the continuing life travels are based on.....we pray the Creator will enlighten us...and the knowledge will set us free...not to be busy or busy!!!!! is said in every belief system on this planet earth.......    

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