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Valsaad is the largest town in valsaad district of gujaraat, India. There is a sizable population of prajaapatio in valsaad. Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) helped VALSAAD PRAJAAPATI PRAGATI MANDAL in setting up a COMPUTER CENTRE in September 2001 (see the news item in the news archive on the News Board on this web site).

In September 2001 Valsaad Prajaapati Pragati Mandal held their annual sammelan (communal gathering)....PVAF had received a report of this sammelan from shree Dr. kamlesh dineshchandra prajapati, President of SPIEA, bilimora, narendrabhai lad, Manager SPIEA & PIIT - bilimora, arvindbhai g. mehta and hargovindbhai intwala....PVAF publishes this report now with apologies to all valsaad prajaapatio....this report just got buried in the growing pile of volunteer work at PVAF.....

Along with the report PVAF is also publishing the correspondence from sharmir prajapati from valsad who has given out the email addresses for valsaad prajaapati pragati mandal..... 

From: Kamlesh D. Prajapati []
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2001 8:21 AM
To: CD Lad

Subject: Valsaad Prajapati Pragati Mandal's Sammelan

Hello Chandrakantbhai and Champakbhai,

The sammelan of , Valsad Prajapati Pragati Mandal (PPM) was held on 16 the, Septemeber,.2001. About 1500 samaaj people gathered on that day at PPM's GOKUL HALL in valsaad. 

PPM gave 10 minutes to President of Shree Prajapati International Education Association (SPIEA) to give a briefing  of activities that are run by the SPIEA on behalf of Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation. 

In his speech, Dr. kamlesh dineshchandra prajapati, President of SPIEA, explained the two programs - Gujaraat Internet Program and Gujaraat Education Scholarship Program - that run by the SPIEA on behalf of and with the help of Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF). PVAF belongs to all prajaapatio in the world. The prajaapatio who live in U.S.A., CANADA, U.K and other foreign countries donate for the two programs through PVAF.

 He informed his listeners about the Gujaraat Education Scholarships awarded by the PVAF and that complete details and application forms are available from SPIEA office in Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram in bilimora. 

In his speech he also appealed to all Computer Centers set up by SPIEA under the Gujaraat Internet Program of PVAF to submit their monthly reports on time to SPIEA. This enables SPIEA to submit these reports regularly and in timely manner to PVAF. If any of these Computer Centers have difficulties in operation then they are requested to contact shree narendrabhai lad, SPIEA and BIIT Manager or shree shaileshbhai mistry or himself (Dr. Kamlesh) or shree kiritbhai mistry from navasaari. This way SPIEA can help all the Computer Centers to run smoothly. 

shree kamlesh also stressed in his speech  that our samajo that live abroad are always worried about the present and future generations in gujaraat, which is their native place. That is why these foreign prajaapatio collect donations and sent to all samaajo in gujaraat so that we in gujaraat are able to create new and healthy samajo by using these donations in proper manner . 

He also told that in near future SPIEA is going to arrange a Prajaapati Youth World Conference in gujaraat in which all prajaapatio from all countries will participate.

shree kamlesh thanked the Committee members of PPM, valsaad and their team to have given few minutes to speak at the function on behalf of SPIEA and PVAF.
In particular he thanked shree lallubhai prajapati, President PPM - Valsad,  shree natwarlala intwala, President PVA-Bilimora, shree gulabbhai prajapati, vice-president of PPM-valsad and secretary shree pravinbhai intwala.

Reported by:     

Dr. kamlesh prajapati, President SPIEA, 

          narendrabhai lad, Manager SPIEA. PIIT - Bilimora
          arvindbhai g. mehta 

           hargovindbhai intwala

On Thu, 13 Sep 2001 CD Lad wrote :

Thanks Samirbhai for providing us the Email address. 

We are really happy satisfied and proud that valsaad prajaapati samaaj is on board with us all at SPIEA and PVAF. 

Also I am delighted to learn that many students of our community has taken the advantage of our computer learning program. Please keep up the encouragement and support to our community families without any prejudice - specially those who are financially strapped families. This will built the long term relationship and support for and among our prajaapati families and prajaapati friends to work together and build strong foundation of our world wide prajaapati samaaj

My message to all valsaad prajaapati elders is that they continue and support our young generations. Give them the opportunity to participate and make them take responsible leadership positions and guide them through the 21century. They are today's young generations but elders of tomorrow. My prayers for all prajaapatio's to have successful careers and to guide our community in the right directions towards a happy and prosperous life.


Chandrakant Dahyabhai Lad,

Volunteer Leader for Gujaraat Internet Program for Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation

Calgary, Canada

From: "samir prajapati" <>
To: <>

Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 9:14 PM
Subject: e-mail address

Hello Mr. Chandrakantbhai:

Hope you are fine and happy. I am sending you the e-mail addresses of Valsaad Computer Centre run by Shree Prajapati Pragati Mandal - Valsad. We are having Sammelan (yearly gathering) in valsaad at Prajapati wadi on 16th of September 2001. This is for you information. We are having the first batch of 40 students in our valsad centre. I will send you more details later on. Please note down the following e-mail address of Shree Prajapati Pragati Mandal - Valsad:


My personal e-mail address is


Samir Prajapati

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