Posted by Ashram News Reporter on January 12, 2002

shree chandrakant dahyabhai laad of Calgary, Canada is a volunteer leader for the Gujarat Internet Connection Program of PVAF and is a very active fund-raiser for education programs of PVAF. PVAF education programs cover teaching computer technology at Computer Centers set up in gujaraat to granting scholarships to...... cash strapped students who wishes to pursue university education for getting out of family poverty and have improved life prosperity to..... the newly talked about primary and secondary school education assistance in gujaraat.  

 The 2001 year target of fund-raising is still short of Rs 200,000. Please open your heart for our future's sake....read on in the appeal from shree chandrakantbhai....

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From:: Chandrakant Lad 
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 12:29 AM
To: All Prajaapatio and Mankind

Namaste all,

It is great pleasure to inform you that Bhavin has put nice pictures of inauguration of Computer Centre at Chikhli which was made possible with donations from your generous hearts. Please visit the site to see the picture of inauguration and the donors name plaque which is at the Chikhli Computer Center. 

As promised next month you will also find the names of all the donors to date on the wall plaques at each location in Gujarat at Computer Centers.

Our fund-raising target for 2001 of 4.5 lakh rupees is still prayed for. To date we have collected 2.5 lakh rupees. Be generous open your heart and help and share with all families in gujaraat who are in need of cash for education. It is with your blessed feelings and your true atma jyot that will help these families to attain through education a better life with a prosperous future. YOU should feel proud that you have contributed towards this great education cause where every penny you have donated will be at work as per PVAF and my personal promise as a prajaapati.. And please be reminded that I only promise the promises that PVAF and I can keep.

Please send your donations to CD LAD, 3243 Boulton road NW, Calgary T2L1M2 Canada.  

It is a very encouraging sign that many of you are publicizing our international prajaapati front's only organization - PVAF and are also making great effort to keep all prajaapatio informed. Thanks...

VISIT:   www.prajapati-samaj.ca   and click on complete story of Chikhli. This is where your penny is at works.

I'm going to India at the end of January 2001 for continuing establishment of SPIEA and to review educational needs in gujaraat where PVAF can make a difference. I will keep all of informed of the trip.


Chandrakant Dahyabhai LAD, Calgary, Canada 
Volunteer Leader for Gujaraat Internet Program and Fund-raiser For Education Programs of 
Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation

VISIT:  www.prajapati-samaj.ca  for our most popular daily prayers

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