Posted by Prajapati News Reporter on January 12, 2002

Prajaapati Vishva Ashram Foundation (PVAF) installed a new very interactive message board in early 2001. This upgrade was greeted by all with a lot of enthusiasm and lots of praises for our web master bhaavin champaklal mistry. For about six months or so the message board had many posting of variety of interests...some dialogues were very intense.... and then suddenly the message board is gone quiet silent for about a month or so now....

...but then it can never go dead...can it... no chance...there is always a prajaapati out there whose aatmaa (soul) will call out to rest of his brother souls....this time around it is MITESH MISTRY, an IT consultant from UK....he has not only sent a wake up call on January 10, 2002 but also thinks.......

Hi all:
I am a new member and I thought i would say i am new to this so be gentle... I think what you have done here is brilliant... it enables Prajapatio around to world to communicate their ideas and meet and discus issues small or large or even just to have fun.
I will definitely tell more people about this site.

Keep up the good work.

OK here goes my first post to try and see who is out there. So what did every give up for their new resolution?... I have decided to flirt less but its not working at the moment. What about all you other people out there????
(this posting is in YOUTH section)


Please respond to Mitesh on the Message not let him down...and of course be gentle.....

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