Message From PVAF Youth in Western Canada to Praajapati in India
Posted by Dipesh Champaklal Mistry on February 8, 2002

This weekend promises to be exiting with PVAF volunteer leader Shree Chandrakantbhai Lad of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, visiting many Prajaapatio who are gathering for a taalukaa conference in Billimora, Gujarat. Read on for the message from PVAF Youth in Western Canada to our Prajaapatio gathered in Billimora.

Message from PVAF Youth In Western Canada to Prajaapati in India


Om Brahman Namah



It gives us great pleasure to be able to have this message read out to our respected Prajapaati vadilo, bhaiyo ane baheno of India.

Over the past 5 years, we, Youth, of Western Canada have learned that Participation is the key to any Success. We have been active in our community, organizing events, registering the Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) and now applying for a charitable status for PVAF. The Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation  operating board consists of youth from ages 21 to 31 who are mentored and guided by Elders.

But we did not know how to do all of this in the beginning. We asked for our elders (vadilo) to teach and guide us in these activities. But, by becoming active we have benefited greatly. We have gained experience and life skills which will help us become successful in our professional working life.


The key is Participation.


But how did we participate? We were able to do all this because 4 years ago our Elders had the foresight and wisdom to take a step back and give us the chance to participate. If our elders did all the work, when would we learn how to do it? And when our elders are gone, what will we do?

So, our elders have created opportunities for us to take leading roles in our Samaj. And by using that opportunity, we have brought a fresh perspective and unique skills to our Samaj, helping it grow and evolve as the world around us also grows and evolves.

And as we take on more and more leadership positions and become more and more active in our Samaj, our elders will also take on a greater role. Our elders will begin to teach us and share their great wisdom to make our successes shine even brighter.

It is their wisdom of the True Prajapaati Spirit which energizes our Youth and ultimately the growth of our community.

So I ask all of you, both youth and elders. Lets work together and create a new and higher growth and prosperity for our community. Let our Elders shine their wisdom and activate our young Prajaapati spirits. And from Youth and Elders harmoniously working together, the greatest good, the Brightest Blessings of Prosperity will shine down on our Community.



Om Tat Sat.


Message from the Youth of Western Canada of the Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation


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#1 Posted by CD LAD on 2/12/2002
Thanks for great encouragement and I will convey this message to Prajapati Navsaari Ashram. Hope fully they will recognize your strong message. Two meetings have been set to address the concerns of centralizing the Education assistance. I believe although Navsaari Ashram receives lots of fund in the name of Education assistance it is not being used in manner of good management distribution practices. I sincerely hope that they will recognize their weaknesses and come forward with other samaj to take a leadership to lead in the right direction.


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