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prajaapatio in UK has been donating to the GUJARAAT INTERNET CONNECTION PROGRAM  of Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF)  in the first three years of program implementation. Now they have started to donate to GUJARAAT UNIVERSAL EDUCATION PROGRAM with a year 2000 contribution of 115,000 Rupees

In the year 2001, a total of 641,000 Rupees have been donated by prajaapatio and others in UK, USA and Canada to this GUJARAAT UNIVERSAL EDUCATION PROGRAM of PVAF.  

By universal education is meant access to education to all those who presently cannot have education because of any kind of life barriers. The main life barrier is poverty due to lack of education and skills to be employable in the current knowledge based economy. This UNIVERSAL EDUCATION PROGRAM is being sponsored under the umbrella of  PVAF with the participation of all prajaapatio in the world. 

We all pray that bhagvaan to bless all these donors and volunteers who fund-raised to date. We keep praying that the donations for this GUJARAAT UNIVERSAL EDUCATION PROGRAM will keep on flowing in forever for all prajaapatio in gujaraat who cannot afford education because of life barriers....OM TAT SAT....  

Please read the report in the main story......   

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From: PVAF-B-:Calgary: Chandrakant Lad 
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2002 12:35 AM
To: PVAF-B-:Calgary: Chandrakant Lad

Namaste Vadilo, Bhaio, Baheno and Yuvako:


You all have done it..... exceeded  the target. 

It is with great pleasure and happiness to announce the final total donation received to the end of 2001 for the Gujaraat Computer Internet/Universal Education Program a is about 641,646 Indian rupees

For complete list of the donors please visit the new FUND-RAISING page on this web site. Also you will read this web site the latest news concerning the historic PVAF/Gujaraat taalukaa meeting at Billimora on Sunday, February 10, 2002.

All the donations received are from their heart, aatmajyot... it is these donations that is working for all our fellow prajaapatio in gujaraat. On behalf of PVAF, I do promise that every penny of the received as donations will be made to work for the promoting education for gujaraat prajaapatio who are not able to get education because of life barriers. The main life barrier is poverty due to lack of education and skills for the current knowledge based economy. I would like to thank you all for donating for these wonderful cause. I take this opportunity to thank following for assisting to raise the funds in the recently received funds: 

Shree Kalyanjibhai (Toronto, Canada)
Shree Ishwarbhai (Sanjose, USA)
Shree Vithalbhai (Winnipeg, Canada)
Shree Balwantbhai Lad (Dallas, USA)
My wife Shreemati Pravati Lad (Calgary, Canada)

The list of the latest UK donors is included at the end of this message.  


For Gujaraat Internet Connection and Universal Education Program:

Pounds= 1696.75 @ 68.87025 = 116,855.60 Indian Rupees
US $= $2492.00 @48.675 = 121,298.10 Indian Rupees
Canadian= $5348.00 @30.43328 = 162,757.21 Indian Rupees
Indian rupees= 736.00 = 736.00 Indian Rupees
TOTAL = 401646.91 Indian Rupees

For 2001 University Education Scholarship ( 4-year scholarships For 3 students): 

 Total Commitment for 4 years = 240,000 Indian Rupees

GRAND TOTAL TO DECEMBER 2001:  641, 646.91 Indian Rupees 

Once again thank you all and namaskaar......may bhagvaan bless you all...

Chandrakant Dahyabhai Lad, Calgary, Canada
Volunteer Leader for Gujaraat Internet and Universal Education Programs
Prajapaati Vishva Aashram Foundation


  DONATION AMOUNT (£) British Pounds DONORS’  NAME CITY / TOWN Funds Received
1 £101.25 Mr. Chandrakant D. Lad & Pravati Lad (In memory of Late Dahyabhai & Dahiben Lad) Calgary           (Lingad) Yes
2 £100.00 Mr. Khandubhai Mohanlal Mistry Bradford          (Endhal) Yes
3 £15.00 Mr. Nilesh Lad for in memory of Late Pragjibhai D Lad Bradford       (Jalalpore) Yes
4 £125.00 Mr. Kantilal J. Mistry (Kusum) Leeds             (Sarjaan Vadoli) Yes
5 £25.25 Mr. Anil J. Vishvakarma London             (Endhal-Dungari) Yes
6 £15.25 Mr. Umesh S. Mistry London Yes
7 £11.00 Mr. Dipak J. Vishvakarma London             (Endhal-Dungari) Yes
8 £15.25 Mr. Jayshree Shah London Yes
9 £50.00 Mr. Narendra K. Mistry Harrow London Yes
10 £25.25 Mr. J. M. Vishvakarma Wembley London Yes
11 £51.00 Mr. Lallubhai Vasantbhai Mistry Wembley London Yes
12 £51.00 Mr. BhagwanJ Chhanabhai Mistry Bradford       (Gandeva) Yes
13 £51.00 Mr. Chhotubhai Govind bhai Mistry Halifax             (Maroli) Yes
14 £21.00 Mr. R. P. Gopal Bradford           (Nanod Bigri) Yes
15 £125.00 Mr. C. P. Gopal Bradford           (Nanod Bigri) Yes
16 £51.00 Mr. Ajay Khandubhai Mistry Bradford          (Endhal) Yes
17 £21.00 Mr. Jivan P. Mistry London         (Ambada) Yes
18 £51.00 Mr. Sharad C. Mistry Leicester          (Lajpor) Yes
19 £10.00 Mr. Dhanjibhai N. Mistry Leicester            (Dihen) Yes
20 £11.00 Mr. Chandrakant Hirabhai Mistry Leicester            (Degam) Yes
21 £5.25 Ms. Pushpaben N. Mistry Leicester            (Vesma) Yes
22 £10.00 Mr. Ambubhai Hirabhai Mistry Leicester            (Kasba Par) Yes
23 £10.00 Mr. Bhikhubhai Dahyabhai Prajapati Leicester            (Amri) Yes
24 £10.00 Mr. Jivanbhai Narsibhai Mistry Leicester            (Gadat) Yes
25 £5.00 Mr. Ratilal Ambaram Mistry Leicester               (Mota Varachha) Yes
26 £5.00 Mr. Ambaram Pema Mistry Leicester               (Mota Varachha) Yes
27 £20.00 Mr. Thakorbhai Hargovanbhai Lad Leicester           Yes
28 £25.00 Mr. Gopalbhai R. Mistry Leicester            (Amalsad) Yes
29 £5.00 Mr. Shashibhai R. Mistry Leicester            (Vesma) Yes
30 £11.00 Mr. N. Mistry Leicester            (Vesma) Yes
31 £25.00 Mrs. P. M. Lad Leicester            (Degam) Yes
32 £10.00 Mr & Mrs. C. C. Mistry Leicester            (Ambada) Yes
33 £30.00 Mr. Shashikant Jagjivandas Mistry Leicester            (Karchelia) Yes
34 £10.00 Mr. Himmatlal Hirabhai Mistry Leicester            (Navsari) Yes
35 £10.00 Mr. Sureshbhai Ratanji Mistry Leicester            (Karchelia) Yes
36 £25.00 Mr. Naginbhai Rambhai Mistry Leicester            (Karchelia) Yes
37 £5.00 Mr. Chhaganbhai Chhibabhai Lad Leicester            (Degam) Yes
38 £10.00 Ms. Gita Mistry Oldham Yes
39 £10.00 Mr. Bhimbhai Lalbhai Mistry Bradford          (Endhal) Yes
40 £5.00 Mr. Bhagubhai Naranbhai Mistry Bradford          (Rupvel) Yes
41 £51.00 Mr. Ishwarlal Lad (Chhibabhai) Bradford       (Vanzana) Yes
42 £10.00 Mr. Mangubhai Dahyabhai Lad Bradford Yes
43 £5.00 Mr. Mohanbhai Paragbhai Mistry Bradford       (Gandeva) Yes
44 £51.25 Mr. & Mrs. Chhaganlal M.  Mistry Halifax          (Sarbhon) Yes
45 £10.00 Mr. Thaker M. Lad Bradford      (Vanzana) Yes
46 £20.00 Mr. Shantilal Kikubhai Ghadiali Halifax           (Navsari) Yes
47 £40.00 Mr. Ishver Mistry Bradford            (Nalod Bigri) Yes
48 £10.00 Mr. B. P. Lad Bradford      (JalalPore) Yes
49 £10.00 Mr. S. V. Mistry Bradford             (Amri) Yes
50 £10.00 Mr. G. G. Chhiba Bradford      (Gandeva) Yes
51 £10.00 Mr. M. B. Mistry Bradford        (Matwad) Yes
52 £10.00 Ms. Maniben P. Lad Bradford Yes
53 £5.00 Mr. K. G. Mistry Bradford Yes
54 £100.00 Mr. P. M. Lad Bradford         (Lilapore) Yes
55 £25.00 Mr. Rameshbhai Hargovind Bhikha Bradford        (Lilapore) Yes
56 £5.00 Ms. Induben Dahyabhai Mistry Bradford           (Vadoli) Yes
57 £50.00 Mr. Zinabhai Natha Wembley          (Dihan) Yes
58 £51.00 Ms. Bhartiben Chhaganbhai Mistry Rugby            (Sarbhon-Vadoli) Yes
59 £51.00 Ms. Gajraben Chhaganbhai Mistry Rugby            (Sarbhon-Vadoli) Yes
  £1,696.75 Grand Total    

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#1 Posted by Umesh Mistry on 11/4/2007
Well i am happy that our society has a web
Good effotts
we are doing the same at Ankleshwar (India)
umesh Mistry


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