Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on January 9, 2002

Today is about 3.00 am, Sunday of February 10, 2002 when it is about 3.00 pm in Edmonton on Saturday of February 9, 2002. 

I was studying brhmah-sutra bhaasya of shree shankaraa-chaarya. And in studying Chapter 2.1.33-34-35, shree shankaraa-chaarya asked me to refer to slok 4.11 of bhagvad gitaa. The combination of all these studies inspired me to convey the bhagvad gitaa slok 4.11 as a prayer for the entire duration of the PVAF/gujaraat taalukaa conference which will start about 10.00 am on Sunday, February 10, 2001 in bilimoraa

As an after thought I will pray for shree chandrakantbhai and his wife shreemati pravatiben and for all those who will be meeting him during his 17-day trip....on this trip on behalf of PVAF, shree chandrakantbhai is to listen to his fellow prajaapatio as to how they wish to educate their children and themselves to remove all the life barriers they are facing in their daily lives...some of these life barriers appear to be eternally continuing from generation to generation...but as shree krishna bhagvan advised us in bhagvad gitaa that knowledge is the only thing that we will possess eternally and knowledge is the only thing that will remove all the dukh of our life barriers in our today at the start of this conference let us all pray in our own different ways but with the theme stated in slok 4.11 of bhagvad receive knowledge through education which will free us all from life barriers and empower us to have dharmik and prosperous lives as per our individual wishes.....    

The prayer for today's conference and eternity to come is from slok 4.11 of bhagvad gitaa: 

        ye yathaa maan pra-pad-yante taan-sta-thaivya bhjaa-mya-ham |

       mama vartamaa-nu-vart-nante manushya: paartha sarvash: ||

        Whoever in whatever way will approach me, I will reward them in the same way they approach me; 

        humans follow paths which lead to me, arjun. 

  shree shankaraa-chaarya has the following commentary to explain this slok to us. The commentary is converted in easy prose form and with additional input without corrupting the meaning of the original commentary:

bhagvaan says:

Humans can approach me for refuge in whatsoever manner that suits their individual guno. They can ask me for whatever fruits they wish. I will bless them and grant them the fruits they wish. 

I know most of them will ask Me for fruits they can use in this sansaar. But very few will  ask Me for moksh which will free them from sansaar. sansaar only gives humans cycles of sukh and dukh. But moksh will give them eternal aanand

But one cannot ask Me for both fruits for sansaar and moksh at the same time. 

I know that every human has his/her own life aims and needs. And I satisfy their personal aims and needs. 

However, a few of the humans wish for fruits or needs. These few humans wish only moksh. To those who seek moksh I grant gnan (knowledge). To those who have gnan I grant them moksh

To those who suffer dukh in life I grant them relief by removing their suffering by removing dukh. Thus, I grant my devotees whatever they wish. I grant them their wish in whatever way they approach me. 

The ways of approaching me are many and infinite. The paths leading to me are many and infinite. One can approach me through any dev or and devi. These devo and devio are my own svarup (manifestation of different kinds). One can also approach me directly. 

When various humans approach me I have no partiality towards any of them. 

I also do not have any moh (illusory love), raag (physical or emotional attachment) or dvesh (aversion) to any of them. 

What bhagvaan is saying is that we all are different, with different ideas, different views and attitudes and with different want and needs. But at the end of the day we all are His children. He treats us all without any discrimination. As His children we must live together in harmony and helping each other as sevaa to Him. 

That is in essence what Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF)  is about. PVAF is meant to bring us all together under the one house of bhagvaan. In this bhagvaan's house we should help each other to learn how to make a rotlo we must eat every day....sometime we have to share our rotlo with others as sevaa to bhagvaan.... this sharing of rotlo is with our own family, relatives, samaj and with all other peoples of different gnati (tribes), races and faiths.....and let us remember that this is why we are all gathered here today in the house of bhagvaan.. we must also remember that His krupaa has brought us all together here today....let us pray that He will  always keep us together under his surakshaa (refuge)..       




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