Today is birthday of PRAJAAPATIO'S ishta-dev: VISHVA-KARMA-DEV
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on February 25, 2002

Historically, prajaapatio has believed in vishva-karma-dev as their ishta-dev, meaning the presiding dev over the entire set of people who call themselves as prajaapati. This is for a very simple reason. vishva-karma-dev is the architect and the engineer supreme of the world of devo.  He is also the ruup (form) and naam (name) of the shakti of brhmah in the prakruti (nature) by which prajaapati brahmaa-dev is able to give form and motion to his creations. 

Historically prajaapatio have a tradition of being in the architectural and engineering fields by which they create and construct the buildings their fellow humans require. prajaapatio have also been in the trades of manufacturing the household items required by humans in their daily lives. In the vedik lifestyle, it is believed that one's talents are empowered by the presiding dev (deity) of that talent. Thus, vishva-karma-dev is naturally the ishta-dev of prajaapati race. 

Prajaapati Vishva Asharm Foundation (PVAF), in its continuing aim to spread the knowledge of the sciences of creation, has posted a backgrounder on vishva-karma-dev in the Ved page under DEV AND DEVIO on this web site. Please go this page and enlighten yourself about the force of nature which empowers architecture and engineering in humans....


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