Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on January 26, 2001

Prajapati Vishva Asharm is dedicated to serving Prajpatio around the world by Prajapatio themselves in bringing total prosperity in their lives. A Prajapati really means one who is a descendant of a Prajapati, that is as defined in Ved, the Creator and all his mind-born creators. All humans are. But presently there are about 2.8 million human tribe on this planet earth who call themselves Prajapatio. Thus, in order to serve the entire humanity, Prajapati Vishva Ashram, has taken the first baby step of serving those who call themselves Prajapatio. In this microcosm scenario, Prajapati Vishva Asharm is further focussing on those who need the most service - Prajapatio in Gujarat.

This samaj seva (social service) needs donation of time from willing volunteers and donations of resources from willing donors. Presently Prajapati Vishva Asharm needs the following:


‒ graphics; sound and video animations; database designers and all other talents which will help to make the web site serve at its best.

‒ persons at each local samaj to host each locale’s web page from within the community.

GENEROUS DONORS: Cash and other resources donations for ‒ the web site operation and maintenance, ‒ internet computers for all Prajapatis in Gujarat estimated at about 100 or more ‒ the student cash scholarships for attending university for those who have financial hardships. WRITERS, EDITORS, INFORMATION COMPILERS: For all pages and topics on the web site.

This is a very personally and communally satisfying and rewarding volunteerism - so says all those who have participated in the Prajapati Vishva Asharm for the last 3 years since its inception.

For you to participate, please contact Prajapati Vishva Asharm at

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