Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on May 11, 2002

The vedik peoples and prajaapatio around the world will complete the celebrations in chaitra maas tomorrow. Monday, May 12, 2002 ushers in the seventh month of vikram savant 2058, the vaishaakh maas.

In the vedik lunar calendar system of keeping track of yearly time, chaitra is the 6th of the 12 lunar months in the  vikram savant 2058. savant means year and in the calendar system started in the reign of vikram raajaa 2058 years ago

vaishaakh maas has many celebrations to remind of what happened in the creation history....knowledge given to us as shruti (revelation) by brhmah and as smruti (remembrance) by rushio and munio (sages) and gnaanio (scholars). 

Please read about shree parshu-raam jayanti, shree shankaraa-chaarya jayanti, shree raamaa-nuj-chaarya jayanti, buddh jayanti, kurma jayanti, nar-sinh jayanti and  a sun eclipse at the end of vaishaakh maas and more in TODAY'S CALENDAR and VED PAGE on this PVAF web site.

PVAF also welcomes your contributions through your knowledge sharing with your fellow creations to bring about prosperity for yourself and the others you live with.....PVAF will be blessed to post this knowledge sharing on this web site......please contact us regarding this by sending email by clicking on the next two words AASHRAM NEWS

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